Saturday, December 31, 2011

Row Merrily Along!

“Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream!

Life is pointing you in the direction of your flow.
Are you following?
Or are you trying to row upstream?
Maybe you are wading in up to your neck!
Or swimming across the flow trying to get to the other side!
Life is supposed to be easy!
The only one who can make it difficult is YOU!
If you are tired, frustrated, angry or just puzzled, look at where you are in relation to the flow of life.
Begin rowing gently down the stream and let your life become your dream!
Love Papa.

Friday, December 30, 2011


You exist because you stand out against the back ground of nothing.
Your presence is noticed by virtue of your reflection against the nothingness.
There is no awareness of “what is” without the awareness of “what is not”!
“Nothing” is an imaginary thought.
What we perceive as nothing is actually our limited awareness of ourselves passing through “everything”
Observe nothing in your life!
See the nothingness of a flower, a bird, an object or your own body.
Collectively you are the sum of all your parts and you function because they work in harmony to create YOU.
However there is that “something” that exists within the “nothingness” of you, that really makes you who you are?
You complete the nothingness and reflect the perfection of something truly amazing!
The world would be nothing without YOU!
Love Papa.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Move On!

You know it feels different!
Something has changed.
Your life has taken a turn.
You have moved on!
Or perhaps you have stayed put and someone else has moved on!
We are not static creatures.
Rather we are bundles of energy requiring motion to activate us!
You always know when it is time to move on.
And you can certainly feel when someone else has moved on.
Don’t resist, allow yourself to move on.
It is always time for a change!
Move on!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On the Train.

Picture your life as a train moving down a track.
The rails guide you to your dreams.
You can watch the beautiful scenery pass by as you travel along.
You can stop anywhere along the way and explore the sites.
But you cannot pick up an entire train and suddenly drop it at the destination you have chosen.
You must ride the rails and follow the pathway chosen.
Often we want so badly to achieve the results that we are willing to forego the journey.
Be patient with your goals.
They will arrive at the appointed time.
Just as your train pulls into the station!
Wooo! Wooo!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Expect More!

When you sit down to meditate, expect more clarity!
When you open your heart, expect more passion!
As you release your pain, expect more pleasure!
What are you expecting?
If your expectations reflect anything < (less than) perfection, then don’t be surprised by the results!
What you expect is what you will receive.
Increase your expectation to match your greatest dreams and your fulfillment will become a reality.
Are you asking for more, and if so more what?
Listen to yourself!
What do you expect?
Expect more love and you will receive more!
Because you certainly deserve more!
And you are absolutely entitled to more!
Love Papa.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Take the Time!

You bothered to show up!
You scheduled your time!
You went out of your way!
When you make an effort, people notice.
Take the time for yourself as well.
When you take the time to care.....the caring returns to you!
So take the time to treat yourself with:
A quiet meditation!
Some peaceful music!
A warm fire and a good book!
Or perhaps a walk in nature with a faithful companion!
Take the time to enjoy your rewards.
Take the Time for YOU!
After all, YOU are most deserving!
Love Papa.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


With the culmination of effort.
And the fulfillment of dreams.
Comes the celebration of achievement.
And the awakening of new beginnings.
The time for gratitude is upon us.
With tomorrow behind us and the realization that today is the beginning of the next chapter.
We have begun!
Open your awareness to the universe.
Allow your heart to fill with joy!
And your spirit to soar with the angels!
YOU are but one, but all are YOU!
Love Papa.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

No One Said!

No one said life has to be painful!
Or that things have to be difficult.
You don’t have to struggle or toil every day to succeed.
But there you are beating yourself up again because you did not reach your goal or meet some standard of achievement that you set in your mind.
We set the bar for what is acceptable based on vague beliefs that we often learned as children.
But that example is history and today is NOW!
We think there is someone standing over us every movement and telling us to accept the pain or struggle.
But no one is saying those things.............except perhaps YOU!
Accept the success in your life and reject the lack.
No one said you had to suffer.
No one said it has to hurt.
No one said you need to struggle.
And no one said you had to do it alone.
The pain in this life cannot hold a candle to the well being that we receive.
Spend your time in celebration not regret!
You are most deserving of all!
Love Papa.

Friday, December 23, 2011


Cherish that which makes you smile!
For it is but a fleeting moment in your time.
Cherish a full breath of air!
For it may reduce and become laboured one day.
Cherish what you see!
For it may fade with time.
Cherish all things that you experience on this physical plane!
For one day they will be gone from your moment.
And you will glide with the angels once again!
Cherish this life that you have chosen, knowing that the illusion is all of your design.
And you have chosen well!
Cherish YOU, the source from which all eminates!
Love Papa.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Enough is Enough!

The perfection of a flower is never just average.
The size, colour and taste of an apple is just right for you to bite into.
The sky reflects the correct amount of light to allow us to see.
Nature is not overdone.
The Universe knows when enough is enough!
Why then, are we constantly seeking more?
Can we not observe the Universe in action and know when we have taken enough or created enough or amassed enough?
When is enough, enough?
The decision lies within.
And the definition of enough is personal.
But the example of enough is always before us!
Observe YOUR enough!
And choose when enough is enough!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Notice that the pain you receive is in direct proportion to the pain that you inflict.
Perhaps not with the same participants, but none the less equal!
Likewise the love, money, accolades and respect are similarly in equal proportion.
Therefore the measurement of what you receive lies solely within your control.
And becomes purely a gauge of your desires.
Observe your results and you clearly see a reflection of your actions and desires!
Simply put what you also receive!
Love Papa!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Look Within.

I know you are searching.
Seeking answers to your questions.
You listen but sometimes you don’t hear.
And you watch but sometimes you don’t see.
Pause for just a moment.
Close your eyes, your ears and your mouth.
Take deep cleansing breathes and just relax.
You need search no further.
You are there!...the answer is at hand.
Look Within and feel the guidance that is always present.
You are never alone or stranded.
Guidance is all around all times!
You are the living embodiment of all that is.
Therefore look within yourself for what you seek.
Love Papa.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Choice is a Constant!

Stress is imaginary!
It is not a physical reality, just a figment of your imagination!
Bold statement, no less!
But true............if not, bring me a handful of stress?
We bring upon ourselves a complicated reality.
By allowing our belief system to engage in stressful behaviour we come to believe this is now our life.
However, if you believed that stress was imaginary, along with its friends, grief, anxiety and overwhelm then you would automatically release these often unwanted conditions.
And life would be different.
Of course, if you actually desire these conditions and seek to believe they represent a part of you, then releasing them may less appealing!
The choice is yours!
But understand that you DO have a choice to release your stress.
Choice is a constant in every moment of your life.
Don’t be afraid to use it!
Love Papa.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Get To It!

You’ve put it off!
Danced around it!
Procrastinated long enough!
Staring at it won’t make it happen!
It’s time to act.
It’s not going to go away on its own.
And you can’t move on until it’s done.
So what are you waiting for?
Get To It!
Love Papa.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Are you staying within the lines?
Are your colours all coordinated?
Does your life resemble a detailed creative art display?
Or does it look like a jumble of colours splattered all over the paper?
Either way, lean back and look at it for a while and see the patterns that are created.
Your artistic talents are driven by your momentary direction.
You cannot avoid your own ego, so why bother.
You have been given a box of crayons in your life and your challenge is to draw YOUR picture YOUR way!
If you find yourself trying extra hard to stay within the lines.........then close your eyes!
And if you find that your colours are getting blurred and bland then, sharpen your crayons!
The rules of your art exist only within your heart...............hmmmm, I think that rhymes!!
Love Papa.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Too Late?

I am too old!
I have too much invested!
I have been doing this for years!
It’s what I know!
When you find yourself thinking that it is too late to change is exactly when you should be considering that change!
Life presents us with options precisely to show us that the skills and knowledge that we have acquired to date are transferable to numerous other possibilities.
What you have to offer is much, much more than what you do!
Or perhaps much more than who you are with!
Don’t forget to measure what you DO know, not just what you think you DON”T know!
Your value is measured by diversity not conformity!
It is never Too Late!
Love Papa.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Are You Really Listening?

The words are being spoken.
The vibration is surrounding you.
You keep asking the question.
And the answer is being given.
But do you hear it, No?
Are you really listening?
You have asked.
Your source has responded.
But rather than listen to the answer given,
You choose to ask again, and again, and again and.............?
Know that IF you have asked!
It has been answered!
The question really is..............have you prepared yourself to receive the answer!
In other words:
Are You Really Listening?
Love Papa.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Over Your Shoulder!

Take a glimpse behind you, at where you have been.
Pause for a moment and reflect on the path taken.
Allow yourself to feel gratitude for the experiences that you have had.
In our constant quest to see what is next,
We often forget how much we have already accomplished.
Take a few moments and look back over your shoulder and express gratitude for what has led you to this point in your life.
You have travelled a long and winding road and at each twist or turn you have lived......really lived through that experience.
Rather than exhaustion or frustration, see your journey from the perspective of wonder and gratefulness.
You are the most amazing creature and the pathway you follow is unique and wondrous.
Don’t forget to glance over your shoulder from time to time and see the results of your journey!
For you truly will only pass this way, in this very manner, one time!
And you will want to savour the vision forever.
Love Papa.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

See it for what it is!

When someone acts completely out of context and treats you in a manner which you are not prepared for.
And you are so close to the problem that all you can do is feel the pain.
It is difficult to see what the source really is.
Because.....” the reason is never the reason”,
You often are not privy to the real reason behind the actions of another.
Therefore what you are observing is not emanating from the truth,
Rather from the veil being cast by them to protect some secret or reason they do not want you to know.
When you realize that this is true, you can allow the other party to pretend and continue their charade,
Knowing full well that this has nothing to do with you.
Sometimes you have to set your feelings aside and
See it for what it is!
Not YOUR Stuff!
Love Papa.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Home is a feeling!
Seek the safety and comfort of Home.
Home warms you from within.
Home bonds your physical self with your spiritual self.
Home is that place within you that feels ``All is well``.
Home smells good!
Home is when you are in alignment with the Universe.
Home keeps you warm on a chilly day.
Home is your heart shining through the darkness!
Find peace in your Home.

Re-post #124.

Love Papa

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Be flexible,
You’ll still get there!
Maybe the trip will be more interesting?
Resistance is the root of stress.
Flexibility is the antidote!
Let the wind blow you!
Let the waves carry you!
Allow yourself to bend and stretch.
I remember this song from when I was a small child:
“Bend and stretch
Reach for the stars
Stand on tippy toes
Oh! So far!”
Still seems appropriate!
Love Papa.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Ever present, always flowing, calm and gentle or rough and stormy.
Be like the water.
Life source of all beings.
Melt into the background,
Yet remain always present.
Without water you would not exist.
Without you there would be no need for water.
Like an invisible cloak, you cannot grasp it, yet it makes up most of who you are.
You can pass through water with ease and it can pass through you the same way.
Be like water.
Water can create stunning views, magnificent waterfalls, evoke calmness and fear.
Yet without it, all would disappear!
Be like water.
Silently, calmly become part of the all that is.
And flow like a gentle stream while others pause to gaze upon your amazing beauty.
Look at your reflection in the water and know that you are one.
Love Papa.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Accept guidance from all that you encounter.
Guidance may come in many forms.
See guidance from those whom you look up to,
But also from those who may seem smaller in comparison to you.
The greatest among us seek guidance from all things.
And accept guidance as a sign bestowed upon us from the Universe.
Observe the guidance that you receive today from quiet, perhaps hidden sources.
And be aware of the oneness of all.
You are the creator and receiver of much guidance every day.
Open your awareness and embrace it.
Love Papa.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Step in Time.

Step in time with your source!
The rhythm of the Universe is apparent.
You just have to watch!
Nothing happens in a hurry!
But everything gets done on time!
Plants grows effortlessly,
The sun rises and sets every day.
Seasons change and life recycles.
When you race ahead, lag behind or get distracted
You may lose pace and feel disconnected.
Relax and go to a quiet space to observe the pace of life!
Step in time with your source.
As You reconnect, peace will overcome adversity.
You are truly a part of all that is.
Love Papa.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


There is nothing to chase.
There is nowhere to go.
The earth does not seek.
Oceans do not search.
You need look no further in your quest for the answer,
Than your own heart.
Remaining still and living in alignment can bring the same satisfaction as chasing your dreams all over the world.
If you stay quietly in one place you will see...........
That you need not go in search if IT!
IT comes in search of YOU!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

To Your Heart's Content!

And bask in the presence of the Universe that you are within!
All to your heart’s content!
You are equally as beautiful as the most amazing of all that is!
You are cast from the same mold!
And you are of the same energy flow.
Therefore you cannot be less than the most magnificent among you!
Seek your heart's content and all will be revealed.

Love Papa.

Monday, December 5, 2011

While You are Here!

You enter this realm with nothing and you will eventually leave with nothing.
What you accumulate in between those two events therefore only has meaning to you, while you are here.
If you accumulate material objects then they should be ones that please you, while you are here.
If you accumulate relationships then they should be ones that have meaning to you, while you are here.
If you attract illness and suffering then it only has meaning, while you are here.
If you are greedy, angry, fearful and dispassionate, while you are here, then you might want to take another run at it.
If you fill your life with LOVE, while you are here, you will face what life has to offer with ease and grace.
You will enjoy your time and become a beacon to others both in this physical realm and beyond.
You are being observed, but not judged.
Therefore the score card only matters to you.......WHILE YOU ARE HERE!

Love Papa
Re-post #120

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Let Love Lead!

When you let love to lead you into your decisions,
You allow all the choices of the Universe to become available to you.
Love does not discern your choices for you,
Rather it opens a window through which you can see what lies ahead.
Allowance is the action Love!
The verb of Love is being!
Let Love Lead YOU into all temptation!
Love Papa.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


You are in the midst of the flow of your life.
Pause and observe it passing along.
Feel the flow surrounding you.
Are you going along with it?
Or are you standing in resistance?
Perhaps you are trying to move upstream?
Maybe you are looking for a way out of the stream?
The direction you choose will determine all your outcomes!
Well Being is always within the flow!
Choose wisely!
Love Papa.

Friday, December 2, 2011

When it Felt Right!

Remember when you felt great?
Not necessarily the circumstances.
But the feeling!
What exactly did you feel?
Joy, euphoria, Peace?
Get in touch with that feeling!
Remember all the things about it.
How your mind felt?
How your body felt?
What freedom did the feeling allow you?
Now ask for that feeling to come into your current situation!
Don’t think about whether or not it can happen!
Just ask for the feeling that you desire!
Forget all the “yeah buts’” in your mind.
Just say “I want to feel like that!”
As you are able to allow this to happen............miracles occur!
You begin to see the Universe unfold before you.
Providing all the answers you could not see before.
It is not your responsibility to create your world!
You need only ask for the feeling that you desire.
And watch your amazing power manifest!
Love Papa.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

In Your Face!

Sometimes it is the tiniest shift!
You move just a little and there it is.
Sometimes it is just a glimpse.
Maybe you have been looking hard to find it.
And all the time, there it was.............right in front of you!
Destiny’s can be such funny things?
Just when you thought it would never show up
All of a sudden............You are staring it right in the face!
Pause for just a moment and look.........
What is, “In Your Face”, right now?
You are looking at a pure reflection of what is inside of you!
I hope you like what you see????
Love Papa.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What is!

Your acceptance and allowance of “what is” is much more powerful than your determination of “what should be.”
In your efforts to prove “what should be” you remove the possibilities of “what is.”
“What is” is you stepping forth into the flow of the universal energy that creates all things.
“What should be” is you trying to stop that flow or change its direction to satisfy your own ego.
Although you may try very hard and you may appear to be gaining ground in your position, the flow of the universe will always overcome your efforts.
Surrendering to "what is" is something your ego cannot tolerate, however all your attempts to force “what should be” to occur will ultimately come up short.
Though ego would wish for it not to be so, “what is” will always prevail.
Allow “what is” to flow through you...............perhaps your ego will thank you one day!!!
Love Papa.
Re-post of #248

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

At Peace!

Find the place within you, where you are at peace.
Settle yourself into that place.
Absorb all the feelings that you feel.
Relax into peace.
Become one with your breathing.
Allow everything else to retreat.
Feel the sensation of peace roll over your body.
This is your core essence!
This is the real YOU!
See how beautiful you really are.
You are truly amazing!
Allow yourself to be At Peace!
Love Papa.

Monday, November 28, 2011


It’s genetic!
I get that from my mother!
It runs in our family!
We are all like that!
Do you hide behind your belief systems?
Are you convinced that you are the way you are because of something outside of you?
If that is the case then you may be missing an important part of your life.
You can change the way you are.............regardless of your family history!
How about words like:
If it is going around I’ll probably catch it!
Or it’s “Flu Season”, so it is only a matter of time before I get sick!
Perhaps you think your kids can bring something home with them from school!
These long standing beliefs have been planted in our minds to convince us that we are separate beings.
How many subtle beliefs do you think of each day that disable you?
Close your eyes for just a moment and see yourself as whole, complete and connected!
Let your limitations fall away.
And allow yourself to see who YOU really are!
Love Papa.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Beginnings!

It is time for a change?
Are you ready to move on?
Can you feel the shift coming?
New beginnings start as a feeling.
You sense within yourself that you are ready for change.
You begin to see the world from a different perspective.
Your reactions to events in your life change.
And you sense a shift is under way.
Anticipation grows.
Expectations change.
Manifestations begin.
Are you ready for a new beginning?
Love Papa.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


To those with hearts awakened.
And spirits flying high.
The presence of mind is shadowed.
By the brilliance of the sky.

Once opened, your heart will propel you beyond your wildest dreams.
Leave your mind to rest, for but a moment,
And experience bliss........ within each breath!
YOU are so much more than you think!
Love Papa.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Feel Your Way Back.

You put forth your dream to the Universe.
You have now waited for that dream to evolve.
The results you see are not consistent with what you want.
You recognize the lack of fulfillment of your dream.
And you transfer your focus from the belief to the lack.
It is so subtle, so discrete that you barely notice at first.
But the shift is made.
And you begin to repel the very dream that you want to come true.
Transfer the power back.
Re-focus on what you really want!
It will always involve a feeling!
Get back in touch with that feeling!
Feel your way back to your dream.
It is always there.
You just have to trust and believe.
You did not come here to fail!
You only came here to remember!
Love Papa.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

In Pursuit.....?

What are you chasing?
How far have you come?
How close are you now?
When will you get there?
If you see your life being in pursuit of anything,
You will always be in the chase!
And chasing something only brings about more chasing!
It is when you pause and realize,
That you have already caught what you need,
That the pursuit can cease
And the rewards can be cherished!
You are already there!
You must only accept and the pursuit will be over.
Love Papa.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wrong or Right?

You are never wrong!
But you can’t get it right!
There is nothing to prove, nothing to win, nothing to lose!
You came here to explore, to investigate, to learn!
But you cannot win!
Because the prize is the same for everyone!
That doesn’t mean you don’t sample everything!
It just means the reward is in the being not only in the doing!
Being here now and aware is the greatest reward of all!
Savour every moment,
And know that you can never get it right!
But you will never be wrong either!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Step forward!
Address the group!
State your name!
Tell us why you are here!
And what your intentions are!
Once everyone has had their will begin!
Are you waiting your turn before you begin?
No one said you couldn’t all speak at once!
And everyone is not listening at once anyway!
So get on with your life!!
Besides.......... it’s always your turn!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Just around the next corner, or over the next hill.
Lies the answers you have been seeking.
A new chapter in your life is about to unfold.
The next stage of your life will be amazing.
You are always on the threshold of your dreams.
And your only job is to keep dreaming!
Always be in wonder of what is coming next.
Next, Please!
Love Papa.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


That feeling of sliding into a warm bath!
Or the first sip of your favourite beverage as you sit down to relax.
Perhaps a nice snuggle with a friendly pet.
Or a giant hug from someone you really love.
Remember the feeling and share it today.
You deserve nothing less than the very best.
And so does everyone you encounter!
Love Papa.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blink of an Eye!

In the blink of an eye!
Within the beat of your heart!
On the point of a pin!
In the flash of an atom!
By the measurement of the Universe we are only here but a moment.
But within that moment lies your Eternity!
You are ultimately wise beyond any measure.
Use that wisdom, enjoy your visit, make an impression!
YOUR Eternity lies within the blink of an eye!
Love Papa.

Re-post #227

Friday, November 18, 2011

Step into Silence!

Stop where you are!
Pause for just a minute!
Wait for a second!
Step into Silence.
Close out the world.
Release yourself into the void.
And just breathe for a moment.
You are surrounded by Love.
Encased in Peace.
And enveloped into the silence of All That Is.
This too is part of YOU!
Step into Silence.
Love Papa.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

They Know!

The birds know.
The animals know.
The trees, the flowers, rivers and the mountains all know.
There is no requirement to do!
We have only ever been asked to just be!
Be as one with all living things.
Be good to the birds and the animals and the earth
And you shall flourish in all things!
Be one with yourself and with all whom you encounter.
Love Papa.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


When you look at yourself in a mirror, you see a reflection of yourself, Right?
And when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a window as you pass by?
How about when you see yourself gazing into a body of calm water?
All reflections of YOU!
But did you think that watching a beautiful sunset, or staring at snow capped mountain peaks or maybe petting your favourite animal, were also reflections of you.
Indeed everything that you see or do or have in your life is a direct reflection of you!
Therefore it is really easy to see what others see in you........all you need do is pay attention to how you feel about the things that you encounter every day.
When you see the beauty in what surrounds are seeing a true reflection of who you really are!
And when you see things around you that do not please you?...... Yup! ........Also a reflection!  
It is going to be a beautiful day!
Love Papa.
re-post #176

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You Have All the Tools.

You were born with the skills.
You developed your habits over time.
You possess everything you require.
You have all the tools.
Implementation, however!
That’s another story!!!
You were born with the natural ability to “Feel” your way through your life.
So why attempt to think it through?
If it feels good, do it!
If it doesn’t feel good, move on!
You have all the tools!
Love Papa.

Monday, November 14, 2011

You Chose This!

You chose this!
It was all your doing!
No one else had anything to do with it!
You may try to blame others or circumstances if you like.
But the truth is YOU chose this!
Look around you!
Take a real good look!
You and you alone created your world.
Every decision and every choice was yours.
But! But! But! You say.
No But’ was you!
If you are happy, congratulate yourself!
If you are disappointed, choose again!
Be grateful that you will always have the choice!
Love Papa.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trust Yourself!

Trust that you are in a safe and loving Universe and that Well Being surrounds you.
You did not come here to be placed in some maze of fear and uncertainty.
Your life is supposed to be easy and simple.
Have faith in yourself and in the Source that you originate from.
You are here to experience contrast and it is ok to experience things that are enjoyable and pleasing to you.
You have the ability to discern what feels good to you and what feels not so good.
You may always choose what feels good!
Otherwise you would not be offered the choice.
Trust Yourself!
What feels right to You………… IS Right for You!

Love Papa
Re-post of #99

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Know You are There!

I can feel your presence.
I can’t see you but I know you are there.
When I connect with you it makes me feel warm inside.
Knowing that you are always with me when I need you.
When I allow you in, I can see you everywhere.
You are in everything that I experience.
I know it's not me alone.
You make it all happen.
Thank you for always being there.
And thank you for allowing me to know that!
Love Papa.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Lesson of Patience.

Be aware of patience!
Often we jump too soon,
Overreact, move too fast.
We want the result and we want it immediately.
But often the big payoff is just ahead
And if we wait a few moments longer
The results are greater than we ever dreamed.
Bring patience into your day.
Become the quiet observer.
Relax for just a moment before you act.
You may be rewarded with immense benefit!
Love Papa.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Believe IN You!

If a belief is just a thought that you keep thinking.
And I believe what you are saying
Then the energy that passes between us is alive.
But what if I believe something different from you?
What if I believe the exact opposite of you?
What if I absolutely oppose what you believe?
What happens to the energy?
What would happen if you were allowed to believe what you wanted to believe?
And I was allowed to believe what I wanted to believe?
Then what would happen to our collective energy?
I would only have to believe IN you!
And you would only have to believe IN me!
I will always believe IN you!
And I will always Love you no matter what either one of us believes!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blank Slate!

Today is a new beginning.
A blank slate,
A fresh canvas,
A new page.
Today is your opportunity to start with your NOW.
As you turn the page to today, become aware of your NOW.
Everything begins NOW!
Remain in NOW and you see your blank slate transform into a magnificent work of art!
All that has come before will fall away
And all that is yet to come is completely open to your creation!
You are here and NOW!
Expand your awareness to NOW!
And your blank slate will become the most incredible piece of art ever seen!
You are the great master of your NOW!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Step into your dream!

Take the first step.
Make the first move.
Begin to live what you imagine.
Step into your dream.
Life will always throw curves your way,
But you are designed to adapt.
Move with the flow of life,
Change with the rhythm of that flow.
Correct and continue.
Adjust to the changes.
Picture what can BE!
And remember to paint yourself into the picture.
You are amazing beyond all measure!
You belong here now!
You are the destiny of the planet!
Step into your dream!
Love Papa. 

Monday, November 7, 2011


Conformity rolls over us like a disease……… is the enemy of all things creative! When we conform to the standards set by others or by our societies we disallow our connection to our source and choose rather to blindly follow the masses.
The very point of conformity is giving up! It is refusing to seek our own pathway. It is the choice of most resistance.
When we choose to follow our hearts we step into our power and leave conformity behind. We acknowledge that the power to change worlds lives within us, not by giving in to conformity.
You are an absolutely amazing being! You possess the ability to change everything and everyone that you encounter during your life. Conformity is a waste of your time!


Do not conform to anyone else’s standard!

Love Papa
Re-post #59

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Think Think Think!

Think Think Think!
Do Do Do!
Be Be Be!
You are a Human BEEEEEEing!
Are You Thinking your way into the DoDo?
Love Papa.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Amidst the chaos and confusion.
And the frustration and the agony.
Lies the answer you are seeking.
And the beauty within.
Keep looking and IT will find YOU!
Love Papa.

Friday, November 4, 2011

How Do You Want to be Treated?

Do you want people to smile?
How about laugh?
Maybe a little courtesy?
Or perhaps just a kind thought?
You get back in direct proportion to what you give out!
Except you receive much more than you give!
Well Now.............!
Isn’t that easy?
Love Papa.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Around the Corner!

What lies just beyond your reach?
What is around the next bend in the road?
Which direction will life draw you toward next?
Life is a twisting journey of desires.
Each one a little different than the last.
Ever shifting to compensate for your insatiable requirement for change.
Always just out of your grasp.
But close enough to feel its presence.
Seeking what is around the corner is what keeps you young, inspired and curious.
Life is a full and amazing journey!
Stay curious and enjoy the trip!
Love Papa. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Go Time!

You are on the doorstep!
Standing on the threshold of eternity!
There you are in your Sunday best.
With a goofy grin on your face!
Ready to step into your destiny.
You’ve got a bundle of flowers or a box of chocolates in your hands.
You are sweating in places you didn’t know you could sweat!
All of the things that you have ever imagined and dreamed have brought you to this place.
You are terrified but ready to do whatever it takes!
One last check of your outfit and its “Go Time!”
I knew you could do it!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Whispers and Shouts!

You may hear it...........or you may not!
It will grow within you.
Over time it may get louder.
But for some it remains the same.
Some learn to shout, to tell the world!
Where many chose to show rather than shout.
Within you lies the answer to YOUR passion.
And the choice of how you expose it remains yours alone.
But know, always, that it exists.........lying in wait!
For that very moment when you can no longer contain it....
And you become who you truly are!
Be it from a whisper or a shout!
You will expose who you really are!
It is why you came here!
So rejoice in who YOU are.
And whisper or SHOUT your message to the world.
You will always be heard.
Love Papa.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Who's Listening

When you speak.........who listens?
When you cry ..........who listens?
When you cheer.........who listens?
Your voice, your pain, your happiness and your sadness are always being heard!
Every message that you send creates a vibration in the Universe that reverberates across all time and space.
You ARE being heard!
You DO matter!
Your voice makes a difference!
You are important!
And beyond that you are a critical part of all that is!
Without you this world would cease to function!
You make the difference in everything!
Look around you and enjoy the fruits or your creation!
You are amazing!
Love Papa.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


We often use the word How to describe ways for us to solve our problems or overcome issues or adversity!
How can I get more money?
How can I find the right relationship?
How can I get a better job?
But How, is not your choice, when asking on behalf of yourself.
It is the responsibility of the Universe to provide the How when answering your prayers!
You may however, play a large part in the How of another!
By being the provider of the answer or part of the puzzle to someone else’s How.
“But How you ask?”
The answer is a simple one...............just ask:
“How May I Serve YOU!”
Use it daily and your own HOW will be answered!
Love Papa.

Friday, October 28, 2011

What's Your View?

Do you watch from the sidelines or run with the team?
Do you warm the bench or are you in the huddle?
Do you scream from the nosebleed seats or take a bow on the field?
Are you cheering from the stands or belting it out on the stage?
Are you listening with headphones or in front of the microphone?
Are you reading the book or writing the story?
We all have talents.
Are you using yours to the best of your ability?
If you can see yourself in the opposite position then you can do it!
So what is YOUR view like, right now?
Love Papa.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Why presume that you are correct?
On the other hand why presume that the other person is correct?
We often make presumptions based on facts or data that we have not corroborated.
Sometimes these presumptions don’t hurt us and sometimes they do!
What are you presuming right now?
Do you presume what you read and hear is true?
What about listening to the voices in your head and presuming they are correct?
There is only one presumption that you can make and believe!
“Your heart knows the way!”
Listening to your heart is like feeling the guiding hand of your spirit walking you through the world.
Presume that when it feels “right” it is right!
Presume that you are loved deeply!
Presume that you are never alone!
Presume that there is a reason why you are here!
Presume that you fulfill the mystery of life!
YOU are the greatest presumption of all!
And you are most deserving of the honour!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


What happens today becomes the unfolding of the rest of your life.
You become what you think about, so what you focus on today becomes your tomorrow.
And the unfolding of this day is the result of what you have already thought.
If you want to know what tomorrow will bring, begin to focus on what you are now thinking about.
To observe the unfolding of your new world begins with your thoughts of today.
You have power beyond measure and ability beyond all expectation.
Watch what you think and allow the unfolding of tomorrow to be the miracle you imagine.
Love Papa.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Treasure Hunt!

When your amazement at watching the Universe fulfill your every intention,
Becomes greater than the fear that it won’t happen!
Miracles occur!
And your life becomes one great big Treasure Hunt!
Happy Hunting!
Love Papa.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shine Through!

Like an uncut diamond.
Or a lump of clay in a potters hand.
YOU shine through your current exterior!
We can see your possibilities.
The potential that exists within each of us is just below the surface.
And all that is required to expose, Your Diamond, is allowance!
What you allow to shine though, completes you!
Let me see you shine!
Love Papa.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Worry? I Doubt It!

Like two little creatures scurrying around.
Never stopping for long.
Popping up here and there, without any reason.
Following you everywhere you go.
But always just out of reach.
Worry and Doubt never seem far away.
Creeping into your thoughts.
Probing everything that you do.
Nosing into your daily life.
And despite all your efforts to ignore them.
They remain in at the edge of your peripheral vision.
But don’t despair!
Think of them as the guardians of danger!
Keeping you from falling into a dangerous abyss!
By avoiding them you can stay on your pathway,
and away from the darkness!
You may constantly try to avoid them.
But I doubt you will succeed!
Love Papa.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hurt My Feelings!

Your actions and words belong to you!
Unless I allow what you do or say to become my pain, you cannot hurt my feelings!
My Feelings belong exclusively to me.
I cannot even clearly describe my feelings to you in words you will completely understand!
Because all you can understand are your own feelings.
Love however, can override all fear!
Creating a bond through which no feelings can be hurt.
In the presence of true LOVE, everything IS feeling!
And you can never be hurt!
Love Papa.

Friday, October 21, 2011


I don’t feel the lack.
I won’t rally against those with what I don’t have.
And taking up the challenge of others who feel repressed,
is like adding fuel to a fire burning out of control.
But allowing myself to see what I am truly grateful for brings peace not just to me but to all who I encounter.
There is no oppression placed upon me by those I do not know.
The only oppression I can feel comes from my own fear,
and that I can control through my gratitude for what I have now received.
I am truly thankful for all that I have in my life!
And that very much includes YOU and ME!
Thank You!
Love Papa.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who Are You Watching?

Are YOU Watching:
What they say?
Who they associate with?
Where they go?
What they eat?
Where they work?
Why they did that?
So who is watching YOU:
Your money?
Your job?
Your relationships?
Your clothes?
Your body?
Your car?
Who Are YOU Watching???
And who should YOU be Watching?
Just asking?
Love Papa.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Talk to the Face!

“It hurts!”
“I am sure it does.”
“I don’t know how to fix it.”
“That’s not your job.”
“But they have to change!”
“Why, because you want them too?”
“Because I want to feel better!”
“Ahhh! Then look in the mirror!”
“That’s who has to change!”
“Why me?”
“Because, that’s who hurts!!”
All pain, anger, frustration, sickness, disease, war..........etc,
Comes from a failure of each of us to align with who we truly are.......
The face in the mirror!
When you talk to the face, you talk to the soul!
Have a good look!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In or Out?

Like a cat standing at an open door on a chilly day,
Are you in or out?
Indecision delays the inevitable,
Prolongs the pain,
And creates unwanted stress.
Deciding to do something doesn’t mean you cannot change your mind later.
But just make up your mind!
And when your mind is is often can be!
Let your heart decide!
Just Do Something!
Remember indecision is the major cause of road kill!
Are you IN or OUT?
Love Papa.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Where you came from does not determine who you will become!
Where you are now is not where you will end up!
Where you are going is not the end!
Where you can go is immeasurable!
Where you have been is irrelevant!
But where your heart is matters!
And where you take it changes everything!
Where is YOUR heart Right Now?
Love Papa.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Physical death is stationary,
Otherwise you are in motion!
So get in or get out,
Where, when, what, how and why you move is up to you!
Attempts to remain still are futile,
It may be, that you only pass this way but once.
But you have no choice other than to MOVE!
You are a body in motion,
Which must remain in motion!
So your only choice is to MOVE!
You are starting to block the way for others!
Please MOVE!
Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing,
And MOVE! Just MOVE!
Love Papa.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Listen twice as much as you speak!
You were given two ears and one mouth for a reason.
Listen to what is being said, both to you, and around you!
What do the words truly mean?
The person speaking has a valid point
And what they say is important to them.
Are you really listening?
Or are you thinking about what you are going to say next?
Listen to what you say!
Are you speaking from a place of truth?
Or are you simply trying to overtake the other person?
Our words mean something!
Practise listening!
Start by listening to your own words!
I'm Listening!
Love Papa!

Friday, October 14, 2011

What If?

What if I had $20,000, $50,000, $100,000, One Million dollars in my bank account right now?
What if I had the perfect relationships with my spouse, family, boss, employees, partner?
What if I lived in the perfect home, in the perfect community, in the perfect place in the world?
What if I had the perfect job, doing the perfect thing I liked, earning the perfect living that I desired?
What if I was able to drive my dream car, travel to my dream locations and see all the things I wanted to see?
What if everyone smiled back at me when I passed them on the street?
What if my body attained the perfect size and shape and I lived in excellent health?
What if? What if? What if?
Change one letter of one word in each statement and all your dreams become your reality!
When “What if” becomes “What is” become your dream!
See how close you are?
Just one tiny letter away from everything you desire!
And no one deserves it more than YOU!
Love Papa.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

So Now What?

Ok! I focused on it.
Then I studied about it.
I read everything I could find.
Watched some streaming videos.
Asked a bunch of questions.
I think I understand.
I am ready to move forward.....maybe!
Commitment?........ Oh right!
So now what?
Ahhhhhhhh.......of course!
Why didn’t I think of that!!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Think Clearly!

The elimination of thinking from consciousness allows for the awareness of being!
And the awareness of being allows for the presence of clear thought!
So if you stop thinking long enough to become conscious of who you are................
You’ll actually be able to think clearly!!!
Sure sounds simple enough!!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Listen Carefully!

Listen carefully!
Sometimes it is only a whisper,
And sometimes it is a scream.
But if you take a moment to listen
You can hear your heart telling you;
Which way to turn.
Whose advice to follow.
And what decision is best for you to make.
It doesn’t take action or doing!
It only takes patience and being!
Listen Carefully!
Love Papa.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Well........ its safe!
I’m not likely going to get hurt!
I can pretend that I am happy.............most of the time!
It pays the bills!
The troubles only happen once in a while!
I dream of what could be.............but is that “really” possible?
For the most part, “I AM COMFORTABLE”.
Why rock the boat?
Can you move yourself out of your comfort zone?
Do you want to?
What is out there calling to you?
Comfort is, after all............complacent!
And the opposite of complacent is “Success!”
Love Papa.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Upon “awakening” all things will seem new to you!
Like waking up in a new bed, within a new home, in a new land.
When you “awaken” you will be a new YOU!
So sleep now.............
And call upon those who guide you,
To accompany you on your journey to be reborn.
For when you “awaken”,
YOU will be reborn among those, who never walk these paths alone!
You are an amazing being!
One whose presence is felt everywhere and whose light shines so bright!
You are reborn into, and will become “Who you came here to be!”
Source, as always, is patiently waiting!
Love Papa.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Found It!

I knew it was here..... somewhere.
I searched high and low!
I looked everywhere but it just seemed to be hiding!
Then I stopped searching.
And wouldn’t you know it, there it was!
I Found It!
It had been with me the whole time.
A Purpose......... can be a tricky thing to locate!
But once you stop searching, it really stands out!
Love Papa.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Gettin By!

“How you doing?”
“Gettin by!......You?”
“Yeah! Might be a long winter”
“I hear ya............hope I make it!”
“How you doing?”
“Amazing! I am so grateful for everything in my life, how about you”
“Me too......I Love My Life!”
“I can wait for what comes next!”
“I know...........I am so excited!”
That was easy!
Love Papa.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Save the World!

It is not your job to Save the World…..
Or for that matter any one in it!
It is only your job to save yourself.
Without saving yourself all the effort you expel to save others can be in vain.
We did not come to this physical experience to fix it.
We came to experience all that life has to offer from our own perspective.
This does not mean that you allow others to suffer unnecessarily but be aware that your interjection into their experience may alter the pathway they came here to walk!
Removing the burden from others and shouldering their load is different than offering guidance and support for those on their own path.
Focus on yourself and become the example to all that the journey of life can be wonderful and exciting.
If we all Saved ourselves then we would indeed Save the World!

Love Papa re-post #92

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Small Steps!

Each step you take brings you closer.
Every change in direction is predetermined.
You are on a journey.
And the journey has a destination and a purpose.
Perhaps you think you know what they are.
And perhaps you don’t.
But each step is leading you toward that eventual end.
There will be many roadside attractions along the way.
A few detours, perhaps some road blocks or other mishaps.
But at the end of the day you will still be taking small steps,
And you will still be heading toward your eventual goal.
You are always on your way back home!
Enjoy every step along the way.
Love Papa.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Follow the Plan!

It is simple..........
Easy to do.........
Like a trail of bread crumbs.......
Or a well marked pathway........
Just follow the plan!
But no!
For some, that’s not the way!
They would rather hack their way through the bush!
Stumbling this way and that way!
Blazing their own trail!
Defiantly going their own way!
Perhaps that IS their Plan!!
Either way.............just get on with it!
You didn’t come here to sit and watch!
Love Papa.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Welcome to Now!

STOP!.......whatever you are doing right now!
I want you to focus on the next breath you take!
C’mon follow along with me.
Feel it start deep within you.
Listen to the sound as it fills your lungs.
Suck it all the way in!
Right to the top!
Take in that last little bit!
Now release it and let it go!
Feel it leave your body!
Listen to the “whoosh”!
All the way out!
Even that last little bit!
You have just entered the “Now” moment.
When you focus on your breathing, you cannot think of anything else!
Welcome to Now!
Love Papa.