Saturday, March 17, 2012

Magnificent Creator!

If you were intended to be small, you could not conceive of big!
If you were intended to be mediocre, you could not imagine greatness!
If you were supposed to be insignificant, you could not perceive perfection!
YOU can choose to become whatever you can imagine!
Look at the precious beauty of a flower, or the detailed intricacies of an insect or the shear magnificence of a mountain!
All present beauty beyond words, but they pale by comparison to YOU!
You can transcend, recreate, reinvent yourself over and over in as many different ways as you can imagine.
Each recreation more amazing than the last!
It doesn’t matter what others think of what you have created.
It is the mere act of being able to create that is the marvel!
YOU are truly a Magnificent Creator!
Now show me your stuff!
Love Papa.
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Friday, March 16, 2012

A Simple Thank You Will Suffice!

When the urge to argue, resist, struggle or fight back wells up inside you.
Pause for just a moment and attempt to redirect your focus upon yourself.
Your reaction to others is just that, a “re”-action, which by its very nature requires choice.
And the observation of that choice within yourself gives you reason to be grateful.
So thank the person who cut you off in traffic, thereby causing you to slow down!
And thank the relationship that ended, thereby causing you to recognize how stifled your growth had become!
Thank the boss who delivered your pink slip, thereby allowing you to move on to greater opportunities!
All adversity masks opportunity!
And showing gratitude opens the doors to that opportunity!
Of course you can fight for what you have, struggle to maintain your status quo and oppose change.
But you can also embrace the unknown, release all struggle and accept new opportunities.
And when they occur............a simple thank you will suffice!
Love Papa.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Do you look exactly the same as you did as a child?
Of course not.
Do you act the same way you did as a child?
Presumably not!
Were all the people you met in your life good role models?
Probably not all!
Then why attempt to justify your life today based on actions and perspectives that occurred in the past.
What you said, saw or did years ago may have helped form your belief patterns,
But using those perspectives as an excuse for how your life is today, is not valid.
Just because you believed something in a previous version of your life, that does not justify your using that belief as an excuse for your life today!
You were created with free choice, regardless of the circumstances of your life!
So you need never justify your life today based on where you came from!
Justify your willingness to change!
Justify kindness, because it lives within you!
Justify peace, so that all may experience peace!
Justify love, and allow it to flow from within you!
You are the most amazing creature in the Universe!
Justify THAT!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Starting Point?

Where do I begin?
How do I start?
I want to change but I don’t know how?
Begin with observing what you “don’t want”
That should be easy!
Understand that in order for what you don’t want to exist, the opposite of it must also exist!
Once you know what you don’t want, begin to describe its opposite!
And then bring what you do want into the present tense!
In other words: “I don’t want to be overweight!” could translate to “I want to be slender and healthy”
Brought into the present tense it becomes “I AM slender and healthy”
The transition is not always one that our minds and ego wish to make without opposition!
So you will surely encounter a few noisy voices from within your head.
However, if you can believe that you became the way that you are because of what you currently believe, then you can become the way that you desire by changing your belief about what you want!
Therefore “I AM slender and healthy” becomes a reality rather than a possibility!
We all have to start at some point!
Where is your starting point?
Love Papa.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Contemplation is the act of doing nothing while it all gets done!
Silently observing and absorbing!
Being aware of what is happening while remaining quietly detached.
Contemplation allows understanding to emerge.
And patience to be rewarded.
Observe yourself in quiet contemplation.
Feel the rewards of this habit.
All things in your life can be enhanced through contemplation.
Silently observe your life and become aware of who you really are!
You live in a vibrant, exciting, incredible Universe, where there is a lot going on, all the time.
Take time to contemplate your life and really SEE what your source sees in YOU!
Because the Universe is in constant contemplation of YOU!
Love Papa.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Work It Out!

What’s your view?
Right or Wrong!
Us or Them!
Pick a side!
If you are not with us then you are against us!
Who’s Side Are You On?
Constantly we are compelled to choose to be on either side of an issue.
Often the choices are not ideal for either side.
Entering an argument for the sake of the fight is the reason chosen by many.
Perhaps standing back and remaining a calm influence will provide others with a different choice.
By choosing not to enter the fray you may create that choice.
Choose to see all parties in agreement, peacefully cooperating with one another.
See Peace and Tranquility as a choice and a resolution!
This doesn’t mean the hard answers are avoided!
It means the parties to the conflict face each other in peace and respect and work out a resolution that serves all involved.
Conflict breeds more conflict..........that should be obvious!
Work it out!
Love Papa.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Beyond the houses, the cars and the bank accounts.
And beyond the trips, the clothes and the country clubs.
Lies Prosperity!
It dwells in the heart of those who seek it’s truth.
Disguised as a flower, an insect or a bird.
Hidden within a smile, a glance or a whisper.
Prosperity is offered to all!
We need not pass through any gate, nor receive any permission to gain it’s virtue.
For prosperity has no cost and charges no fee.
While the measure of wealth may appear obvious.
The value of prosperity is known only to you.
Seek your prosperity within the confines of your heart.
And treasure the comfort it provides.
For only you can feel the truth within.
Love Papa.