Saturday, July 17, 2010



When you first open your eyes In the morning. SAY THANK YOU!

When your feet hit the floor. SAY THANK YOU!

When you look at your surroundings. SAY THANK YOU!

When you first see the day outside. SAY THANK YOU!

When you look at others in your life. SAY THANK YOU!

Look at all the people, things and occurrences in your life and SAY THANK YOU!

Gratitude is a channel to more of the good things in your life. Be as grateful as you can and you will receive more of whatever you seek.

I am so grateful to have you in my life. THANK YOU, I love you.

Love Papa.

Friday, July 16, 2010


You can be RIGHT or you can be RICH!

RICHES and abundance come to us through asking for what we want, believing that we are worthy and allowing them into our life.

When we narrow the possibilities of our thoughts to allow for things to only occur in the way that we imagine, then we insist on being RIGHT!

We may become so concerned with being RIGHT about something that we block the possibility of these RICHES coming to us.

When you insist on being RIGHT you often fail to become RICH.

Be aware of your thoughts and actions surrounding things in your life that you are insisting on being RIGHT about, because you absolutely deserve to be RICH in every way.

Love Papa

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just Let Go

Just Let Go

Are you paddling upstream?

Hanging on to belief systems that no longer serve us or worse that actually are a disadvantage to us can cause great pain and suffering in our lives. I love the example of “Paddling a canoe upstream”. We often will turn our canoe upstream in a strong current and paddle as hard as we can for a long as we can in an effort to maintain our belief system that life has to be difficult and we must work hard to achieve anything we want. We are also struck by the fact that most people we know are going the same way so we assume that is the direction we are supposed to take.

Some become aware that if we “Just Let Go” of our incorrect beliefs and allow our canoe to turn down stream and follow the flow of the current we begin to see life from a completely different perspective and realize that we make our lives far too difficult.

Consider the beliefs that form the basis for your life and perhaps you can “Just Let Go”.

Love Papa

Wednesday, July 14, 2010



Your ability to COMMUNICATE is directly related to how WEATLTHY you become during your life. This is not just financial WEALTH but in all WEALTH in every aspect of your life.

The more effective you are at COMMUNICATING your perspective the more energy flows into your existence.

Literally abundance is drawn toward high energy.

If you want more of any kind of WEALTH in your life, COMMUNICATE your desires in an increasingly energetic way and you will feel more abundance (WEALTH) flow into your life.

Love Papa

Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Buying into someone else’s DRAMA adds to the problem not the solution.

When someone comes to you with a situation in their lives that is a DRAMA for them, in other words a relatively small issue that they have blown way out of proportion, be aware of the fact that this is as DRAMA that they have either created or bought into. It is their issue and not yours.

Observe whether or not you take up the charge of their DRAMA and make it your own!

As we buy into other people’s DRAMA we focus attention on things that are not really our concern and we add fuel to them and they can become bigger than life! This is literally how WAR’s begin.

Focus rather on solutions to real issues and do not add your energy to things that are not your concern.

Love Papa

Monday, July 12, 2010

You Deserve to be Rich!

You Deserve to be Rich!

Abundance and riches are not provided in limited amounts and then shared with only a chosen few. We each are 100% totally entitled to all the abundance the world has to offer. You were not born being worthy or unworthy. You were born into this place and time to experience ALL there is to offer.

Richness and abundance are yours to experience.

You only need to ASK for what you really want, then BELIEVE that it is coming your way and finally RECEIVE the gifts you have asked for.

Don’t question the process, just allow yourself to go with the flow.

You absolutely DESERVE TO BE RICH, in any way you can imagine.

Love Papa.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Seek Peace

Seek Peace in all things in your life. Peace reflects your alignment with your source. When you are at Peace you feel connected, compassionate and complete.
Sit beneath a large tree, lean against its trunk, feel its roots reaching deep within the earth, allow its branches to become one with you. Feel the connection to the Earth and to the Universe. Feel the Peace within the tree.
Now allow that Peace into your Heart.
Be at Peace always!
Love Papa.