Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's Personal!

How you see the world is not right or’s personal.
What you understand and believe is not good or’s personal.
The direction your life has taken is not correct or’s personal.
Everything you encounter in your life becomes personal.
You add your own interpretation and perspective.
And from then on it becomes personal.
We are not provided with variation in our lives to cast judgement upon the issue, although many will choose that route.
We are also not required to express our personal opinion, although some may attempt to engage you to challenge your views.
What you experience becomes who you are and that’s personal!
The way you walk and talk!
The people you associate with!
The choices you make in your life!
All decisions made by you, once taken, become your personality!
And the wonderful thing about your personality is you can change it anytime you wish!
Now that’s personal!
Love Papa.

Friday, April 13, 2012

There I Was!

I’d thought about it!
Imagined the feeling!
Wondered what it would be like!
Then one day I decided to give it a try and before you knew it..............there I was!
Stepping out of my comfort zone.
Moving to another level.
Reaching for a new goal.
When I looked back I realized that I was always there, I just hadn’t taken my body with me yet!
Now it was different.
New, challenging, exciting and fun!
Who knew that a new world was waiting just a few steps away?
Make the move!
Step into your vision!
Live your dream!
And in no time.
You’ll be saying "there I was"!

Opportunity resides in the next breath you take!
Love Papa

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Allow Peace to Flow Over You

Sit in silence!
With only your breathing as your focus.
Release all thought.
Allow peace to flow over you.
Deep breaths in with a long exhale!
All the way out.
Feel the tingle rise from your toes to your nose!
Allow peace to flow over you.
Relax your body completely.
Give thanks for all that you have in your life right now.
Another deep breath in and out.
Allow peace to flow over you.
You are eternally connected to all that is!
YOU are the center of peace in the universe!
All peace radiates from you!
Allow peace to flow over you.
Love Papa!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Face It!

What are you afraid of?
What is your greatest fear?
What stops you in your tracks?
Fear is an illusion that stalks our mind.
Looking for ways to stop you from moving forward.
We use many methods to avert fear.
We back away, turn aside or divert our attention.
But until that fear is faced in the present tense, it will always remain an unavoidable illusion!
The only way to remove fear is to face it!
And that requires you to place it right in front of you, right now!
Fear seldom tolerates the light of day in the NOW moment!
And is therefore shown to be what it truly illusion!
Call forth your fear into now and see what becomes.
The wholeness of who you really are, has no fear!
So Face It.......................You are truly fearless!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Double Down!

When you know in your heart!
It is clear as a bell and you can’t miss!
Double Down!
Push yourself!
Visualize your prize!
See it already in your life!
Know that it is yours!
Go for the gusto!
And give it all you’ve got!
You didn’t just come here to win!
You came here to play!
But you can’t win if you don’t play!
So double down and play hard!
Love Papa!

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Thanks You Give!

Making way for more of anything in your life always begins with gratitude!
When you are truly grateful for what you already have you allow more of what you desire to come to you.
But gratitude is not always proportional!
What you give is not always what you receive!
Even the tiniest bit of gratitude can open the door to immense change in your life!
The universe is always looking for a crack in your armour!
Well being is always around you in massive abundance!
Just waiting for the opportunity to enter your presence and fill your life with joy!
And gratitude is the key to opening yourself to that abundance!
The thanks you give for what you already have received is the indicator to the universe that you are ready for more!
And everything begins to hum!
Vibrational energy rises and alignment begins to take place!
All manner of forces unseen to you are orchestrated to bring forth your desires!
You need only ask in a pure place of gratitude and you begin the process!
You are always worthy!
You are always entitled!
There is always enough!
The thanks you give is the entrance to your dreams!
Love Papa.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


You’ve always known but often ignored!
That space within you that seemed different.
The point of blankness that flashed by in your busy mind.
But it was always there.
Patiently waiting and watching.
Then one day you became curious and decided to explore.
You passed through the portal into the abyss and entered the realm of awareness.
Questions arose, curiosity was peaked and everything changed.
Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where did I come from?
Where am I going?
And so the search began.
Awareness opens new worlds and questions your concept of reality.
But know this.........
The answer lies within that very same space.
Patiently waiting and watching.
Love Papa.