Saturday, January 7, 2012


Our greatest lessons are always found in the things that irritate or bother us the most in our lives. This could be people places or events.
What is bothering you? Look at it closely and see if you can find the lesson.

Because there are no coincidences in this life, the Universe puts before us the things that we focus on. These things show us a reflection of who we are and what we think.

Therefore what you see before you, that troubles you the most in someone or something else, contains the lesson that YOU need to address in your own life.  

If someone cuts you off in traffic and it bothers you……..look at your own driving!
If someone continually complains to you about their relationships and you feel yourself drawn to their problem…………….listen to what you are saying about your relationships!
If someone complains to you about too little money in their life, and you agree with them………… much money are you allowing into your life?

Love Papa.
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Friday, January 6, 2012


Remember when you were a kid and something around the house got broken or lost?
And you mother would ask who did it?
The answer was often “Nobody”
When you couldn’t or wouldn’t admit to any guilt is was always easier to blame it on “Nobody”
It was often acceptable to get away with something when “Nobody” was watching.
Well now you know that just because there is no “body” in the room, it doesn’t mean that you are not being observed!
As part of the collective spirit that encompasses us, we are constantly in the presence of “Everybody”
You are being watched!
But not with judgement..........with LOVE!
Remember when Nobody is there.......... Everybody knows!
Love Papa.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It Comes!

It comes to all of us.
The pace changes.
Time slows.
Life becomes more about reflection than about progression.
I am not talking about your ultimate demise!
I am talking about your awareness of YOU!
Sometimes slowly and sometimes abruptly we come to realize that this physical reality is really the dream!
Our experiences are the game we play with our spirit to make all this interesting.
The grand illusion is that what we are experiencing in our physical lives is just a tiny portion of who we really are.
You are playing a giant game.............with no rules.............where no one loses...............and everybody plays!
“Game On!”
NOW the fun really begins!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How Does That Feel?

You said the words.
You painted the picture.
You did the deed.
Now it’s over.
How does that feel?
How often to you stop and assess your feelings?
Do you take time to really “feel” after you have accomplished something?
Good or bad, your action is irrelevant.
What’s important is how you feel!
Show me how you feel!
Feelings are invisible and sometimes illusive.
But just because we cannot see them doesn’t mean we don’t know they are there.
You always know what you are feeling..........if you stop and FEEL them.
Your feelings are your guidance system playing with you!
Did you feel that????
See I told you!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let Go!

It never belonged to you!
You just thought it did.
Ownership is an illusion.
We cannot possess another.
Nor can we totally possess objects.
We share this life with everything and with all others.
The only way to truly maintain connection,
Is to Love and Let go!
Release yourself from the need to possess, to protect and to control!
Let Go and Let God is truly the only way.
The direction life takes remains a mystery but the outcome is guaranteed.
Let Go and believe!
Love Papa.

Monday, January 2, 2012


With the completion of the day comes the prospects of tomorrow!
We cannot close any door without opening ourselves to many others.
Life is a perpetual series of openings through which we pass.
Our awareness (or lack thereof) of passing through them make them seamless.
But each breath, each thought, each point of light is separate.
And we string together these micro moments into the tapestry of our life.
The reason why we can change anything in our life is because at the passing of each moment we have choice.
The choice to redirect ourselves in a different direction!
To change anything or everything about ourselves!
To ponder and reflect!
Everything about you is in motion!
You open to new possibilities in a constant flow of change!
Allow your awareness of these openings to come into your view.
Choose which direction to take.
Decide what course to guide yourself toward.
And step through the opening to the new YOU!
Love Papa.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mirror Mirror!

All you see, do, feel and have in your life is a reflection of your thoughts.
Because the Law of Attraction is absolute, you draw toward yourself that which reflects your attraction.
Like a giant mirror what you focus upon materializes before you.
And like a giant moving jigsaw puzzle objects move about in your mirror forming the picture you see.
By changing your thoughts, you can rearrange the puzzle.
Often the same pieces will still be there, perhaps in different locations of the picture.
With focus you can bring things into the forefront of the picture.
Naturally what you are concentrating most on will reflect as the largest object in the puzzle.
Thereby telling you exactly what you are thinking about most.
Wouldn’t it be nice if your entire reflection was a sea of smiling faces cheering you on?
And you were reflecting the same happy face back at them!
I can see it now!!!!!
Love Papa.
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