Saturday, December 10, 2011


Ever present, always flowing, calm and gentle or rough and stormy.
Be like the water.
Life source of all beings.
Melt into the background,
Yet remain always present.
Without water you would not exist.
Without you there would be no need for water.
Like an invisible cloak, you cannot grasp it, yet it makes up most of who you are.
You can pass through water with ease and it can pass through you the same way.
Be like water.
Water can create stunning views, magnificent waterfalls, evoke calmness and fear.
Yet without it, all would disappear!
Be like water.
Silently, calmly become part of the all that is.
And flow like a gentle stream while others pause to gaze upon your amazing beauty.
Look at your reflection in the water and know that you are one.
Love Papa.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Accept guidance from all that you encounter.
Guidance may come in many forms.
See guidance from those whom you look up to,
But also from those who may seem smaller in comparison to you.
The greatest among us seek guidance from all things.
And accept guidance as a sign bestowed upon us from the Universe.
Observe the guidance that you receive today from quiet, perhaps hidden sources.
And be aware of the oneness of all.
You are the creator and receiver of much guidance every day.
Open your awareness and embrace it.
Love Papa.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Step in Time.

Step in time with your source!
The rhythm of the Universe is apparent.
You just have to watch!
Nothing happens in a hurry!
But everything gets done on time!
Plants grows effortlessly,
The sun rises and sets every day.
Seasons change and life recycles.
When you race ahead, lag behind or get distracted
You may lose pace and feel disconnected.
Relax and go to a quiet space to observe the pace of life!
Step in time with your source.
As You reconnect, peace will overcome adversity.
You are truly a part of all that is.
Love Papa.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


There is nothing to chase.
There is nowhere to go.
The earth does not seek.
Oceans do not search.
You need look no further in your quest for the answer,
Than your own heart.
Remaining still and living in alignment can bring the same satisfaction as chasing your dreams all over the world.
If you stay quietly in one place you will see...........
That you need not go in search if IT!
IT comes in search of YOU!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

To Your Heart's Content!

And bask in the presence of the Universe that you are within!
All to your heart’s content!
You are equally as beautiful as the most amazing of all that is!
You are cast from the same mold!
And you are of the same energy flow.
Therefore you cannot be less than the most magnificent among you!
Seek your heart's content and all will be revealed.

Love Papa.

Monday, December 5, 2011

While You are Here!

You enter this realm with nothing and you will eventually leave with nothing.
What you accumulate in between those two events therefore only has meaning to you, while you are here.
If you accumulate material objects then they should be ones that please you, while you are here.
If you accumulate relationships then they should be ones that have meaning to you, while you are here.
If you attract illness and suffering then it only has meaning, while you are here.
If you are greedy, angry, fearful and dispassionate, while you are here, then you might want to take another run at it.
If you fill your life with LOVE, while you are here, you will face what life has to offer with ease and grace.
You will enjoy your time and become a beacon to others both in this physical realm and beyond.
You are being observed, but not judged.
Therefore the score card only matters to you.......WHILE YOU ARE HERE!

Love Papa
Re-post #120

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Let Love Lead!

When you let love to lead you into your decisions,
You allow all the choices of the Universe to become available to you.
Love does not discern your choices for you,
Rather it opens a window through which you can see what lies ahead.
Allowance is the action Love!
The verb of Love is being!
Let Love Lead YOU into all temptation!
Love Papa.