Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air!

We are what we breathe!
With each breath you take you connect yourself to all that is.
The air that we breathe and the action of breathing connect us to spirit with each breath.
Therefore we can literally reinvent ourselves into whatever we want by the mere function of breathing!
As you consciously focus your attention on your breathing, all other awareness disappears.
You naturally align with your spiritual source and you relax.
By allowing yourself to align with spirit your clarity increases!
With increased clarity and alignment your problems disappear!!
Now isn’t that............ A Breath of Fresh Air!
Love Papa

Friday, November 12, 2010


You are the captain of your ship, And you are the ship!!
You are the director of the play, And you are all the characters!
You are the baker of your cake, And you are all the ingredients!
The thoughts you think cause the actions you take which result in the outcome you receive.
Sail On!
Love Papa

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Count each Blessing in your life today and feel the gratitude rise within you.
Pause from time to time and allow your Blessings to come forth.
Each thing in your life whether material or not is a Blessing for you to give thanks for.
All too often we forget to give thanks for all the Blessings we have received.
Take time and breathe in all the wonderful Blessings that are in your life.
Life is supposed to be good for you...............and it is.
Love Papa

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


For everything to exist there must also be its equal and opposite.
Up / Down, Left / Right, Hot / Cold.
In other words all things in your life have a polar opposite, otherwise they could not exist.
In fact you could not conceive of something without having its exact opposite existing as well.
Therefore what you truly want in your life is totally available to you, especially if you are now living the opposite of what you really want.
The more visibly obvious the lack of something in your life is, becomes your confirmation that the opposite abundance!
And the more passionately you complain about what is not in your life, or about what is in your life that you do not want, is your indicator of how powerful you are at attracting what you ask for.
Those who are describing with great passion what they do not want in their lives actually have the most ability to create what they do want!
If you are so powerful as to attract what you do not want into your life then you are at least that powerful in attracting what you do want into your life!
When you feel strongly about what you do not want........pause and ask yourself “What do I really want?”
You will find the answer at the polar opposite of what you now have.......................

Love Papa

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Break Free!

Just as the dawn breaks free from the darkness each morning, so are the opportunities for you to reawaken and bring forth change in your life that proves to yourself that you are connected to all that is!
Each morning brings a new day and with it the possibilities of greatness.
Focus on the great things in your life and ............Break Free!
You possess the power to alter life on this planet within you right now........... Break Free!
Break Free of the bonds you have tied yourself up with!
Break Free of the beliefs, that you have created, which hold you back!
Break Free of the burdens that you carry for others!
Your life belongs to you! Break Free and bask in the glory of YOU!
Love Papa

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wrap your words in Love!

When you greet the day, wrap your words in Love.
When you speak on the phone, wrap your words in Love.
When you type your first text, wrap your words in Love.
When you encounter a friend, wrap your words in Love.
When you speak of another, wrap your words in Love.
When you acknowledge your maker, wrap your words in Love.
When you talk to anyone, wrap your words in Love.
And especially when you look in the mirror.........wrap your words in Love.
Love Papa

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Failing all that.

You can fight,
You can struggle,
You can argue,
You can disagree,
You can diet, gorge, drink or smoke yourself,
You can search, you can dig, you can climb or you can fly,
You can run, you can hide, you can disguise or you can broadcast yourself,
You can pray, you can preach, you can prophesize or you can plagiarize,
Failing all that...............
You can align yourself with your internal  source of being, release yourself from all resistance, accept that well being is truly yours and RELAX!!
You are already perfect, just as you are!
Love Papa