Saturday, June 30, 2012

Around the Next Bend!

Around the Next Bend!         
Love Papa.

At first you don’t notice,
But slowly the light gets brighter.
And you feel a bit lighter.
It is just around the next bend.
Then is starts to come into to view.
And the anticipation increases.
You feel it beginning to rise within you.
You want it now.
It’s just around the next bend.
Where just yesterday you weren’t sure.
Today it seems like a brand new idea.
Even though you have known it all along.
That which you have been seeking, has been following you!
But you were chasing it in a circle.
You just thought it was something new, around the next bend.
When in fact it never left you
And was waiting for you to turn toward it.
To see it for what it really is!
The real YOU!
Love Papa.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Love Papa.

Remember when you were a little child and you did something special and everyone was so proud of you?
And it made you feel proud of yourself as well?
Well, I am very proud of you!
And remember when you were going to school and you received a great report card or you did really well in a project?
Everyone was so proud and you felt pride in yourself too!
Well, I am very proud of you!
Now you are all grown up and making your own life choices and learning lessons that form who you become.
And I have to tell you.............. that I am still so very proud of you, every day!
I hope you feel pride in what you have done with your life.
Coming to this world and making the choices that you have made was not easy!
The decisions about what is right and what is wrong, for you, are huge!
But you keep going, and going and each decision makes you stronger!
I am so proud of who you have become!
YOU are incredibly special, for without you the world would be a completely different experience for everyone you have encountered!
You make me proud every day or your life and it is my only wish that you also feel that pride in yourself.
Love Papa.          

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Love Papa.

Sometimes you just have to laugh!
Not just a giggle or a snicker.
But a full on, over the top, completely blown out, belly laugh!
Life may bring trials and tribulations.
And it may bring heartache and pain.
But in the end all you can do is look at all the craziness that you create and just laugh!
We are amazing creatures with uncanny abilities to place ourselves in positions of great complication and then wonder why?
And often we attempt to find fault with others who have participated in our incredible charades!
But it always comes back to....just us
And the only solution is to laugh at yourself.
Life passes quickly!
Don’t take things too seriously!
We all enjoy a good laugh!
Love Papa.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hard Work!

Hard Work!
Love Papa.

Of course you must work hard to achieve your goals.......if that is what you believe!
And of course you must wait for your reward to arrive......if that is what you believe!
Naturally you must be educated in the correct studies to follow your dream.....if that is what you believe!
The result you desire is much more about your awareness of your belief than it is about the actual outcome.
Can you achieve a desired result without hard work?
Of course you can!
But only if you believe it possible.
Becoming aware of the programmed beliefs that you possess (or that possess you!) is the answer.
The “How” of your desire is not up to you!
You need only focus on your desired result for it to occur........... if that is what you believe!
Hard Work is optional! .......if that is what you believe!
Love Papa.

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Monday, June 25, 2012


Love Papa.
It might be your right,
But not your duty.
It may be your responsibility,
But not your burden.
It can be your choice,
But not your reason.
It may become your passion,
But not your purpose.
Love Papa.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Boiling Point!

Boiling Point!
Love Papa.

Reaching your boiling point is one of the most exciting things that can happen to you!
Wondering why?
Scientific principals show us that once something has reached its boiling point it is miraculously transformed into a new format and can never return to its exact former state!
Watch a pot of boiling water turn to steam and eventually disappear.
If you turn off the heat before it boils over, everything returns to its original state.
However, if you allow it to continue to the point of boiling over, it will miraculously be reinvented into something new.
If something (or someone!!) gets you to your boiling point AND you allow yourself to boil over, melt down, collapse into a puddle or any other massive transition, you will find that you no longer have the same feelings, thoughts or actions that you did before you boiled over.
You actually now have a different belief system than you did before and you can no longer go back to believing what you did previously and feel the same way.
This may not be the easiest way to create change in your life, but it can work if you need it!
I’ll be watching you for any signs of steam!

Love Papa.
Re-post of #106.
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