Saturday, February 19, 2011

Take Your Mind Out For A Run!

Your mind is like a puppy!
If you take it out and give it a good work out, it will  be your most loyal friend.
But if you leave it alone to its own devices, it will always find a way to get into trouble!
Exercise your mind and use it to your advantage.
Your mind is a wonderful friend and if you feed it well, exercise it regularly and love it constantly it will help you do amazing things.
However if you neglect your mind it can also dig up your lawn, ruin your furniture and pee on your carpet!!
Or perhaps roll in manure, chase stray cats, chew your shoes or bark at the neighbours!
Take your mind out for a good’ll both feel much better!
Love Papa

Friday, February 18, 2011


How many things do you just assume that you know?
How many actions do you take without any consideration of how they occur?
You assume the coffee maker will help start your day!
You assume your car will get you to the office!
Most of us assume we can breathe, walk, talk and manipulate our Blackberry’s!
Do you assume that you are the most powerful thing in the Universe?
Do you assume that you are connected to everything that surrounds you?
Do you assume that you are a walking, talking, Blackberry toting direct, connection to All that Is???
The assumption of man that we are all separate, alone and competing, is the basis for all pain and suffering in the world!
Assume that we are all one!
You have the ability to change someone’s life today......maybe even your own!!
Assume that you can!
Love Papa. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Take Hold!

Take Hold of your life!
Grasp it firmly.
Embrace every fibre of YOU!
Now give yourself a big hug!
And say, “I Love You”.
You are complete just the way you are.
All the answers to all the questions exist right within your grasp.
You possess everything that you need to succeed.
You are directly connected to All that Is!
So Take Hold, Hang on, and Dream the biggest Dream you can...............and then Dream even Bigger!
Love Papa.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Let Your Love Show!

Look them in the eye!
Feel them in your heart!
See them in your mind!
Draw them into your soul!
It can be the greatest moment of your life or the smallest point in time.
Either way..........Let Your Love Show!
Everyone deserves to see how beautiful you are!
Love Papa.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heart Strings!

Beneath the surface, deep within, there is a song.
Listen closely, beyond the wind, there is a song.
Quietly strumming, softly humming, there is a song.
Rising slowly, yet sounding clearly, there is a song.
Beyond your thoughts, before your breath, there is a song.
Listen, Listen, the strings of your heart.
Love Papa.