Saturday, August 6, 2011



You require tranquility in your life.
Tranquility is found in the filing cabinet of your mind under the title:
Peace and.....
You access the filing cabinet through your breathing!
Close your eyes! Breathe in deeply...............and out!
And in again.................and out!
One more time........or perhaps many times!
You understand tranquility because you have been there before, you just may have misplaced it temporarily!
Sometimes the files get a little shaken up during excessive abuse and require refilling!
Enjoy your tranquility!

Love Papa.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Let Go of the Handle!

You have created the masterpiece.
You have finished the project.
You have dug the ditch.
You have hammered the last nail.
But you are standing there looking at it and can’t let go.
Afraid that when you release it, it won’t belong to you anymore.
Concerned that without your guidance and control it might flounder or fail.
Fearful of what the future might bring.
It no longer belongs to you........indeed it never did!
Time to let go of the handle and let it fly!
By the way this applies to family and friends as well!!!
Love Papa.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


The giggles of a small child.
Recognition on the face of an old friend.
The softness of a puppy’s tummy.
Helping someone achieve their goal.
Sitting round a warm fire on a cool night.
Getting over that final hurdle.
Viewing the sunset from your favourite spot.
The smell of the air after a rain shower.
Just being there when you were needed.
Happy is..........................?
Love Papa.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Allow That!

When faced with adversity...........Allow that!
When confronted with triumph........Allow that as well!
It is only your disallowance that causes you pain!
Your resistance causes adversity!
But your allowance creates miracles!
Allow what flows into and through your life to become your strength!
Become your allowance and you become one with the Universe!
Can you allow that to happen?
I know you can!
Allow that!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Get in the NOW!

Where are you?
Where are your thoughts?
Are you here right now?
Observe yourself and find out where your thoughts are!
Many spend most of their time in the past or future and don’t even notice.
Focus your attention on your thoughts.
Listen to the words you say.
Are you in the NOW?
Get in the NOW!
Love Papa.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Savour the wanting not the having.
Open your heart and dream BIG.
What are your true desires?
The wanting of your desire is the true pleasure.
Once you have attained your desire you immediately are compelled to seek more desires.
The wanting IS the journey. The having is just a milestone that we are passing.
We constantly place the next challenge before ourselves to expand the wanting.
In fact we often start on the next desire as soon as we can see the milestone of the previous desire come into our vision.
You get to choose every milestone along your journey.
The entire universe is at your disposal to help you along the way, so SAVOUR the journey.
You can choose ANYTHING that you want.
Dream as big as you can and never give up.
Love Papa.

Recycled Papa from June 2010

Sunday, July 31, 2011

“I Love You”

As you carry on your internal dialogue with yourself every day, do you address yourself directly?
Or do you ignore yourself, try to avoid eye contact and pretend that YOU are not real?
Often we avoid ourselves because what we “do” is not necessarily in alignment with who we really are.
Therefore we try to hide from ourselves to avoid the inevitable confrontation.
Facing up to our responsibility to ourself is not always easy.
So it is best to start with the basics.
Try telling yourself that you love yourself!
Finish your internal conversations with an “I Love You” at the end!
You do Love yourself............right?
Of course YOU do!!
Love Papa.