Saturday, August 28, 2010

Denying your foot!

We are all connected as one energy!

There is only one of us! Therefore excluding something from all that is, is like denying your foot!!

You cannot exclude something from yourself that is an integral part of your existence.

Well you can live without a foot….but you cannot deny that it is a part of who you are, and having a foot is handy for getting around.

Denying the views, beliefs, perspectives and choices of others as wrong because they do not coincide with yours is like denying your foot.

You can still survive but the journey is a bit bumpy.

Inclusion of all things into your life allows you more contrast and contrast provides you more choices, choices increase your desires, desires expand your life and your life is an amazing journey. Enjoy the ride!

Use both feet!!!!

Love Papa

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Truth Within YOU!

Speaking your truth is powerful.

Verbally acknowledging what you believe to be true is a confirmation of your alignment with the Universe.

When you say what you really believe, to yourself and to others, you grow exponentially.

Your words mean something!

What are you saying?

Say your truth with conviction and passion!

Let the words come from your heart.

Your truth will literally set you free.

Speak up and they will listen…….

Stay silent and they may never know The Truth Within YOU.

Love Papa

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Have you ever found yourself saying that to someone? Either out loud or in your head?

Many times we are trained to “go it alone” and do it all ourselves. Working independently has become a badge of honor that me must wear.

Carrying the whole load of anything can be very difficult and it can sometimes overwhelm you.

It is perfectly acceptable to allow others to support you, but for some it can be a challenge to learn to do so.

Accepting support may require retraining so start small. Find someone you trust to coach you and listen to their advice.

Take small steps and watch how you react. Learn to avoid diving into your independent self and move toward a collective approach to solving things in your life.

Become a good teacher and you can share your skills and share the work load without feeling compelled to do it all yourself.

Allow yourself to be supported and you will feel amazing!

Love Papa

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

But…where do I begin?

Sometimes when we desire change in our lives, we don’t know where to start.

Know that you are always at the beginning of the next big thing in your life because NOW is where you are.

Accept that you are where you are! So this IS the starting point.

If you are unhealthy then you must start NOW on the path to wellness.

If you are unhappy with something or someone in your life, you must start NOW on the road to happiness.

If you are financially stressed, you must begin NOW to change your methods and improve your net worth.

You must acknowledge that you are where you are. It may not be where you want to be, but it is the beginning of what you will become!

Remember you are the designer of your universe and you are always allowed to choose.

Love Papa

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Go with the Flow………..

Our lives are like a flowing stream of water, constantly in motion, always flowing from somewhere and flowing toward something new.

The flow is continuous and we cannot stop it. We can however, attempt to resist the flow. Often we try to stop the flow by anchoring ourselves in one place.

We feel the force of this flowing river of life push against us when we resist or attempt to block the flow.

We feel it in our fear, our anger, our suffering and our anguish.

The flow is so powerful that we can never fully resist its power no matter how hard we try.

When we release ourselves and go with the flow we feel genuine relief.

It is this relief that you should seek!

Letting go is a beautiful feeling.

Allow yourself to Go with the Flow!

Love Papa

Monday, August 23, 2010

Small Steps Lead to Big Dreams!

Accomplishing the first small steps in anything you do is critical.

Even though they may feel unimportant or trivial at the time.

Completing a task or job is accompanied by a sense of satisfaction.

The more little things that you complete the more that satisfaction grows.

With satisfaction comes confidence to complete more and greater tasks.

Confidence in turn causes you to think new thoughts of desire.

Desire propels you to dream bigger and attain higher levels of achievement.

You are in a constant state of desiring more for yourself.

The small steps are an important part of the process.

Small Steps Lead to Big Dreams!

Love Papa

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Living in your Higher Self.

You always have the choice to live in your Higher Self, in that place of Love, Gratitude and Peace.

Dwell not in fear, anger or resentment, rather lift yourself up to the highest levels.

When you are connected to your source and in alignment with the Universe you are in your Higher Self and all is well.

With all things in your life you may choose to be happy and live in your Higher Self.

Practice the skills that allow you to rise up!

Love Papa