Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dark Side of the Moon!

Good follows Bad,
Prosperity follows Poverty,
Happiness follows Sorrow,
Peace follows War!
For every moment you spend on the Dark Side of the Moon remember that the light will return and you will bask in the glory of Love!
Love Papa
Re-post #181

Friday, April 6, 2012

Silent Scream!

Sometimes words are not enough!
It is the look in their eye.
The cut of their clothes.
Or perhaps the style of their hair.
Expression of who you really are is never far from the surface.
But sometimes that surface is ornately decorated with a beautiful mask or an elaborate costume.
What is seen in the mirror and what is presented to the world may have startling differences.
But when our eyes are closed the true beauty appears.
The magnificence of the true spirit materializes and magic happens!
Listen to those who appear different from you.
See the beauty in all beings.
Resist the urge to judge!
For what is hidden beneath the surface reveals the truth more readily than the silent scream of appearance.
Love Papa.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Let the conversation begin.
You know this stuff, you really do!
Begin to talk about your spirit to others.
Express what you believe to be true, but listen to your words!
It need only be a discussion, no one is going to be right or wrong.
The perspective of others will open your mind to new possibilities, new worlds, a new Universe!
Contained within each of us are the answers to all questions, but without some discussion many of those answers remain hidden.
With conversation more is revealed.
We do know much more than we realize.
We are connected to our source.
We are all one together.
When we engage in conversation, miracles occur!
Worlds change!
The Universe adjusts to our thought and voices!
It all begins with YOU!
Begin to say what you know to be true!
Not the story you tell yourself!
But the truth within YOU!
What you have to say matters and the Universe is waiting to hear it!
Let the conversation begin.
Love Papa.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Like debris scattered on the beach following the crash of a big wave in the ocean.
Our lives can sometimes appear shattered and random.
Pieces of our past washed up on shore, broken or drenched.
Just lying there covered in sand and seaweed, drying in the sun and wind.
We often carry the burdens of our lives like waves of stress and struggle, literally dragging them with us wherever we go.
With time and pressure they build into those giant waves that we haul along through the never ending of the ocean of our lives.
Until one day we reach the shore and we crash mercilessly onto the beach, scattering all our troubles into just so much debris!
In the light of day it is revealed just how insignificant most of our burdens really are.
Nothing but a few bits of random memories sloshing back and forth in the surf or bleaching in the sun.
What once seemed so huge is shown to be something small and insignificant.
Yet like a shipwrecked survivor we have persevered.
We stand up, leave our destroyed burdens behind and walk away.
Into a new life.
The ability to change is inherent to each of us.
Your beach is out there somewhere and all waves eventually reach the shore.
Love Papa.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Good Child!

We walk through this physical life seeking a pathway to the divine.
We follow in the footsteps of those great and small who have journeyed before us.
Our attentions are drawn to many distractions, but we cannot lose our way.
For we are guided by a spirit greater than we can imagine from this physical plane.
While we never lose our connection we often feel alone.
But there is no need for despair or melancholy because we cannot ever stray.
We are the good children of a source of well being that never ends.
And while our paths will always vary and our journey will take many turns.
We will always return in the end to that which we are from.
For we are the good children of a loving source from which all is re-born.
You are a good child!
Love Papa.

Monday, April 2, 2012


“Who are you?”
“I Am”
“What do you do?”
“I Am”
“Where do you come from?
“I Am”
“When did you arrive?”
“I Am”
“Why are you here?”
“Because I Am; aware, grateful, happy, beautiful, amazing, peaceful, forgiving, inspired, present, and I Am that I Am! ”
Love Papa.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Write it Down!

The physical act of writing something down causes you to connect with your feelings about a topic or subject.
When you write something you transmit your thoughts from the imaginary to the physical.
This action confirms the reality of the thought and produces evidence to the world that all can see.
Your evidence then becomes part of your legacy.
Like a trail of bread crumbs you would leave behind you to mark your path, your writings become the means by which others may follow where you have gone.
Read any good book and think about what the author was feeling when they wrote the words.
As I write down these words and send them, you see evidence of my thoughts and you may feel some of my feelings.
Because we all originate from one source, we can relate to words written by someone else.
The words we write are part of what connects us to each other.
Write down what you think!
Re-post #118
Love Papa