Saturday, October 16, 2010

Any Questions?

Are you asking enough questions?
Are you curious enough about what goes on around you?
Or are you lazy, bored, not interested, overwhelmed, terrified or ??? by the changes in the world.
Innovation and transformation surround us constantly.
When you chose to ignore the changes going on around you, are you shutting down, retreating into the past or hiding from reality?
The world and the Universe are constantly expanding and although we cannot keep up to every change, shutting down and refusing to accept change can be a sign of other things.
Are you retreating into fear or refusing to participate?
Be aware of the changes you see, fuel your mind with changes.
Innovation comes from new thought!
Remain curious! Explore new worlds! Remove your blinders! Embrace change!
Any Questions?
Love Papa

Friday, October 15, 2010

Be Where You Are!

Did you show up today?
Are you really there?
Is it really you?
When you arrived at where ever you were going was it really you that showed up? Or was it only part of you that came?
Are you fully engaged in what you are doing or are you just going through the motions?
Many times we make an appearance but we are not really there.
It is important to show up fully and be prepared to interact completely.
If you are only partially engaged in what you are doing you will continue to get marginal results from your efforts!
If you want maximum benefit you must show up and participate fully!
Be Where You Are!

Love Papa

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Daily meditation creates balance in your life!

Find a meditation format that works for you and begin to meditate every day.

Release yourself from the multitude of things that flow through your mind.

Relax, breathe deeply, clear your mind of thought and allow yourself to connect with a deeper part of you.

Locate a place and a time to meditate and allow yourself the pleasure of meditation every day.

Feel the connection with the larger part of who you are.

Connect with the Universal energy.

Explore the outer reaches of your being.

Focusing on the inside of who you are expands the outside of who you are.

Now relax in a comfortable position, close your eyes, take a deep breath’re off.


Love Papa

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Allow your inspiration to flow through you!

Pay attention to your inspiration!

Inspiration is the Universe working through you.

Inspiration shows you when you are in alignment with all that is.

You feel inspiration each day in some way, but you must open yourself to it.

Feel yourself being guided along.

Notice the subtle motivation that you receive along the way....turn here, follow there, stop, act now!

Much of what you react to each day is inspiration!

Be aware of your inspiration and follow the guidance that it provides for you.

Allow your inspiration to flow through you and guide you to greatness.

Love Papa

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Play time?

Play time is important.

You can always find time for work.........but do you allow yourself enough time to play?

Life can be full of struggles and conflict but it can also be full of fun and play!

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Sometimes we make far too much of our lives and forget to have some fun along the way.

You are absolutely entitled to enjoy yourself every day.

Play with your family, play with your friends, play with a pet..............

Play, You deserve to have some fun!

Love Papa

Monday, October 11, 2010

Want what you already have!

Wanting what you already have is the key to getting more!

If you desire more of something in your life and find it difficult to obtain, it may be because you do not want what you already have.

If you want a new car, start by really feeling good about the one that you have now!

If you want another home put some effort into really appreciating the one that you live in today!

What you have already received brings forth an ongoing energy and when you discard or discount that energy, and no longer feel its value, you block new energy from coming to you.

You chose what you have in your life today for a reason, so reawaken the wanting of it again.

The material objects you now possess have served you well.

The personal relationships you have today are ones that you chose for a reason.

If you desire to move on from these, find the point of wanting that you first had and allow it back into your life.

Doing so will allow you to move on to what you now desire.

Want what you already have and you shall have whatever you want!

Love Papa

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just Read it!

Reading is an action that can spur thoughts which in turn can create worlds!

Reading can describe life and chronicle history!

To Read is to immerse yourself in another time & place.

Although most of us Read all the time, we often do not Read with intent!

Reading expands your perspective and opens you to further possibilities!

Reading connects you to the past, activates your present and propels you into the future!

Read something worthwhile today!

Read something trivial today!

Read something humorous today!

Just Read something..............

If you are Reading this you have only just begun............grab a good book!

Love Papa.