Saturday, June 4, 2011


All the thoughts,
All the dreams,
All the friends,
All the enemies,
All the good times,
All the bad times,
All the lonely days,
All the money,
All the choices,
All the understanding,
All the pain,
All the happiness,
All the fear,
And all the Love,
Have brought you to NOW!
Do you see how you get to chose what is next!
Love Papa.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Look Around!

Pause for just a moment,
Listen and watch.
Allow your senses to awaken.
Feel the presence!
You are surrounded.
When you stop looking at the problems in your life and focus on the well being that is ever present, you become one with your source.
Look Around........YOU are the center of perfection!
Love Papa.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trade Ya!

Value is measured by what you have to trade with someone else.
Everything that is part of YOU has value.
And all of that value can be exchanged with others.
Someone somewhere has something that you might desire,
And you possess that which they equally might desire.
Trading what you possess for something that you desire is a constant in your life.
You might trade your money for possessions or other things you desire.
You may trade your knowledge with another.
Perhaps you trade your time for a return that has value to you.
You are constantly in negotiation with everyone one you meet,
And your value is endless and boundless.
Only you, place limitations on your value!
Measure your value with LOVE!
And trade it with everyone you meet!
Love Papa. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And Then...........

And then I will be happy!
And then we can go!
And then my ship will come in!
And then there will be peace!
And then my body will heal!
And then I will be rich!
And then everything will be fine!
Waiting for something to happen before you get your reward?
Life is NOW! You are HERE! This is IT!
And then it is gone!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Voice!

We listen.
We wait.
We watch.
For the sound, the whisper, the calling.
We know not where it will come from.
But we instinctively know that it will come.
We don’t know what it will sound like.
Many seek it in the far reaches of the earth.
Some follow the path left by others.
Others seek devotion to that which they believe to be true.
Even more wait in ignorant bliss not knowing when it will arrive.
But we are born with the knowing that one day it will come.
That One Voice of Spirit!
Our reason for being.
Our true connection to all that is.
One Voice......YOUR Voice!
Your Voice, Your truth, Your purpose.
You are loved beyond all comprehension!
Love Papa. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Until you Decide!

Nothing means anything................
Until you Decide!
Until you give meaning to anything in your life, it has no meaning.
Only you can choose to add that meaning.
What you choose comes from your beliefs.
If you decide something is unpleasant or bad for you, then it will be.
On the other hand someone could choose the same thing and call it good or pleasant and it will be so, for them.
Your choices are derived from what you have learned along the way, but you still have a choice each time you encounter the opportunity.
Nothing has meaning until you decide what that meaning is for you!
Love Papa. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Evolution is the gradual transition into what you believe to be true.
Our bodies don’t suddenly become old and frail, they evolve slowly, because that is what we believe!
We don’t instantly develop diseases within ourselves, they evolve over time!
You don’t immediately understand complex theories or complicated equations, because we believe that takes time to learn.
Although we are pure spiritual beings, we are living in a physical realm and therefore require evolution to visualize change.
Otherwise we would only experience NOW and we would not recognize change.
Observing your evolution is like watching a constant series of miracles unfold.
Whatever you think, becomes the direction that you will evolve into!
You evolve into whatever you believe to be true!
Therefore you may allow your evolution to follow any path that you choose.
You were not born with the body you have now, it evolved over your lifetime.
You did not have the same beliefs last year as you do now, they have evolved.
And you will continue to evolve into a new and different YOU every moment that you remain on this earth.
What will be your Evolution?
The choice belongs only to you!
Love Papa.