Saturday, December 15, 2012


Love Papa.

We share many things in life!
Few of which exceed the value of a hug!
Love Papa!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Clinging to the Wreckage!

Clinging to the Wreckage!
Love Papa.

Abandoned, lost, broken and hurt!
Perhaps discouraged and forsaken!
But none the less, still here!
Still whole (mostly) and still remembering how to smile!
Life throws curves!
Some extreme, some more sedate!
But we maintain the innate ability to hang on!
Persist, keep going!
Trudging ever forward!
Something inside you won’t give up!
Your mind is not in control!
No matter how much it wants to be.
YOU will overcome.
The wreckage of your life is nothing more than stuff you refuse to let go!
Release yourself and be free!
Love Papa.

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Say What?

Say What?
Love Papa.

Words are reflections of your beliefs.
“I am afraid I might catch a cold”
“There is a bug going around, you know”
“It’s not my problem, they did it to themselves”
Listen to what you say!
If you say those words out loud then the ones inside your head are at least that strong!
The answers lie close to home!
You are a product of your beliefs.
Fortunately you can change them if you choose.
Do you really believe that we all come from a different source?
And that each of our respective sources has the ability to pick and choose who and when to interact with another source?
Or do you believe that we all come from one source?
And that source emanates from within all beings?
And therefore what is occurring to one is occurring to all at the same time.
Judged only by belief.
Controlled by the choice granted to each of us!
You could not exist were there a punitive God that excluded your brother and sister!
What you say becomes your guide!
Say What?
Love Papa.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lift Up!

Lift Up!
Love Papa.

A hand to one who has fallen.
A voice to those who can’t speak.
A bite of food to the hungry.
Lift up your head.
Show us your smile.
Take a deep breath.
The blind are those who have forgotten that they once tread in the footsteps you walk!
There is but only one of us!
And You are not alone!
Hold vigil!
Seek Peace!
Lift Up!
The least among us is but the highest achievement of man!
And the greatest among us is a flyspeck of the potential we hold!
Lift Up!
Love Papa
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Me Me Me!

Me Me Me!
Love Papa.

You are of little value to others until you deal with yourself!
We are taught to avoid selfishness and focus on others.
But inside all we think about is ourselves!
And when things create resistance we seek to blame the outer world rather than look inside us.
The answer to all questions lies within you!
You can seek confirmation from that which surrounds you
But the answer lies within!
It is ALL about YOU!
Direct your focus internally and find the peace that you seek.
You are the answer, not the question!
You always have been and you always will!
Love Papa.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Beyond the Wall!

Beyond the Wall!
Love Papa.

Our beliefs can form barriers which can accumulate to create a wall!
For many that wall becomes the definition of who they are.
Safely behind the wall, the charade can continue.
Without the wall, everything changes!
But the wall ultimately prevents us from achieving what we desire.
For beyond the wall lies happiness!
The ultimate goal.
Look at your wall,
Survey it carefully.
For somewhere within lies the key block!
The one holding the wall up.
And once you remove that key block
The wall will come tumbling down!
It only takes one block!
And ironically you know exactly which one it is!
Because you placed it there!
Love Papa.

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