Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Life, My Rules!

You decide!
It is your choice!
You make the rules!
NoBODY else can decide for you!
The agreement is between you and YOU!
Whether you say it out loud, scream it from the rooftops or sing it quietly in a mantra.
Just begin to say it:
My life, my rules,
My Life, My Rules,
You are in complete control of everything that happens in your life right now...........whether you know it or not!
So the moment you become aware that you are both the cause and the effect, everything changes!
YOU are the most amazing creature in the Universe!
Go ahead say it:
My life, my rules,
My Life, My Rules,
Love Papa.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Our ego often requires a title.
Mother, father, son, daughter, doctor, lawyer, truck driver, custodial engineer!
Providing ourselves with such descriptions allows others to describe themselves in relative terms.
Generally most of these titles describe actions or positions that are based on actions taken.
To describe who you really are requires a different understanding.
One of being, rather than doing.
To give name to your being requires contemplation of the inner you!
Which sometimes causes you to question your title??  
So who are YOU?
Love Papa.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Through the eyes of an eagle, high above the earth.
The world passing beneath you.
The wind blowing through your feathers.
Hearing the whispers of all you survey.
Know the presence of everything around you.
Wings outstretched in silent stealth.
Supported by invisible forces.
Always knowing you are within the space.
Soaring always soaring!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Into the Now Moment!

Smell the air!
See the bird!
Feel the rain!
As often as possible move yourself into the Now moment!
Just a tiny shift.
Forget, for however briefly, what you were thinking about and just be in the moment.
What you have to do later or what you forgot to do before will wait for just this one moment of Now!
All that has come before and all that is yet to come, do not actually exist beyond your mind.
There is really only the Now moment!
In our rush to keep up to our busy minds we often overlook the Now moment and in doing so we forsake it for an imaginary past or future!
Life is but a series of Now moments that we choose to link together.
And you may choose the manner in which you want them to appear.
When you choose to see them as individual links you begin to see how beautiful each one really is.
You deserve to see the beauty in all that is you.
Shift into the Now moment and begin.
Love Papa.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mind Blowing!

At the point when you know you know!
When you become aware that you are aware!
That it all becomes real!
And you can’t absorb it fast enough.
When you have an explosion of your mind!
At that very point you realize, how incredibly simple everything is.
And how amazingly complicate we have made it.
That is the truly mind blowing part!
Within the Universe we are as complicated as a particle of dust.
The same particle of dust that creates the stars in the sky.
For within each particle of dust resides the beginning, the end and all that lies between!
Love Papa!

Monday, March 26, 2012



We live in a constant state of well being that flows through us and around us continually.

But because of the belief systems that we inherited from our families and others we resist the SIMPLICITY of just allowing ourselves to go with that flow. We make our lives far too complicated by resisting the good feelings that we experience and focusing on the bad feelings that we feel.

Resistance is any feeling of negativity that we experience. If you just follow what feels good in your life you will attain a sense of peace and your life will become SIMPLE.

Listen to the birds sing, watch the sun set, smell the flowers, breathe deeply and LOVE your life.

Become good at enjoying SIMPLICITY.

Love Papa
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Silence Completes!

The pause before the next breath!
That moment when nothing is there!
The space between everything!
The silence is what completes the cycle!
Every action, every thought, every breath, every moment!
Requires the silence that follows it, to complete the process!
We are not finished anything until we acknowledge the silence.
For it is in that silence that our connection to divinity lies!
It is in the silence that we become aware of that greater, hidden part of who we are!
Contained within the silence is the answer to all questions, the solution to all problems and the reason behind the reasoning!
You are everything...........but you require NOthing to complete you!
Silence completes you!
Love Papa.