Saturday, October 6, 2012


Love Papa.

As your body breathes,
And your heart beats
And your mind thinks
And your skin stretches and bends
So too does your connection to source continue.
We are never out of connection.
We only drift in and out of awareness!
In a seamless, constant way we never lose our connection!
By increasing our awareness we intensify our connection.
Thereby making the miraculous appear effortless!
You are the true connection to source.
All action on your part is a miracle!
And when you become aware
All life becomes effortless!
Love Papa.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Within the Silence!

Within the Silence!
Love Papa.

The words say Go!
But something inside you says no!
They make rules and say “You must”
But something inside you doesn’t agree!
Everyone is going to the right.
But something inside you wants to go left!
Something inside each of us is guiding us.
Directing us to follow the signs that we feel.
We are constantly bombarded with images and words,
Telling us what to do, where to go, how to think and who to believe.
Often these directions are in contradiction to what we feel inside.
Listen to the whispers!
Feel the gentle breeze!
Enjoy the aroma of life!
When the horns are blaring
The television is screaming
And the music is blasting
It’s time to tune into the silence!
Within the silence lies the answer
That we call Peace!
Love Papa.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

No Less!

No Less!
Love Papa.

You possess the power!
Within you lies the capacity for love, peace and greatness.
Along with the ability to ignore that capacity!
Your capacity also includes violence, hatred and damage!
Fortunately most of us usually ignore that as well.
But you still possess the same power.
You and You alone are no less than the greatest among us,
While possessing the equal capacity of being no greater than the weakest of all!
Such power, such choice, such diversity!
You possess it all!
And No Less!        
Love Papa.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Love Papa.

Stop looking in the obvious places for the answers you’re seeking!
Rather, open yourself to answers from the places that you are not looking at!
Our desire to focus on logical solutions to problems or questions in our lives is often the source of our greatest stress.
When you allow the unseen to enter your world, miracles happen!
You can create as many “miracles” as you like by just allowing “all of YOU” to work on the solution.
Take time to meditate, to relax and to breathe.
Allow your spiritual awareness to come forth and assist in your everyday life.
After all, if you can conceive the problem, then you can also conceive the solution!
The answer to your problem always exists, but you must let it present itself to you.
Be as open to the solution as you were to the problem!
Love Papa.
Re-post #271

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Into the Abyss!

Into the Abyss!
Love Papa.

It is dark and frightening.
But completely necessary!
Life begins at the point of entry.
The adventure awaits.
Excitement mingles with fear!
Enthusiasm merges with terror!
You were born for this moment.
All paths have led to this point.
You are ready or you could not be here.
Prepare for the journey.
Step forth with confidence.
For you have all that is necessary within you!
You are ready.........
To step Into the Abyss!
Love Papa.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Gratitude Counts!

Gratitude Counts!
Love Papa.

It may not be today!
Or not even tomorrow.
Maybe not even this week or month or even this year!
But it is coming.
The forces you set in motion,
When you made known your desire.
Are orchestrating the result that you asked for,
At this very moment!
You need not ask again,
Nor change your request.
Your gratitude is what counts.
Not just a casual thank you,
But that deep down eternal gratitude that really shows you mean it.
That total belief gratitude that confirms that you know your desire is on its way.
Never wavering, never doubting, always there gratitude!
Who or what do you think you are communicating with?
There is no vengeance upon you!
Only your own ability to maintain focus upon that which you desire.
How badly do you want it?
Gratitude counts!
Love Papa.