Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good Grief!

It rolls in like a heavy cloud.
Overwhelming your senses.
Burdening you with sadness.
Grief is an all encompassing feeling that affects you entirely.
It can slow you to a crawl.
But grief is a sign of passing.
An awareness of transition.
The recycling of life.
The return to the earth of the old followed by the emergence of the new.
Grief brings forth the awareness of the rebirth!
You must pass through the moment of grieving to be reborn into that which you came here to become!
Your destiny lies beyond the passage of grief.
The world is waiting for the new you!
Allow grief to roll past and accept the reborn.
For now is the time for you!

Love Papa.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Imbedded within the tapestry of life is a rhythm.
It courses its way through the entire universe.
Connecting each molecule through its awareness of itself.
You are connected to this rhythm through the beat of your heart, through the intake of your breath and through your motion through time and space.
Like the strum of a chord your body resonates with the constant flow of the rhythm.
Your awareness of it is not necessary but your denial of it is impossible.
Contained within the rhythm is the source of your existence, the reason why you are here and the answers to all questions.
Choosing to align yourself with the rhythm allows you to flow easily with life, while denying it is akin to swimming upstream in a raging river.
Those who flow with the rhythm find peace and tranquility, but those who choose to stay out of rhythm may suffer.
Complete alignment is available to all but only few achieve that state.
But the journey is exciting and the adventures are wonderful.
Moments of alignment are manifest with complete bliss.
You will always know when you are in harmony with the rhythm of your life, for the direction you must take will be clear and all obstacles will be removed.
Flow with the rhythm.
Love Papa.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Seeds Have Been Sown!

You’ve said it yourself!
And made it be known!
For what you believe.
The seeds have been sown.

But questions remain unanswered?
A void exists within you.
The dots do not fully connect.
Ahhh!... but the seeds have been sown!

You know that something is missing yet you cannot find the source.
Searching and studying seem to bring more questions than answers.
It seems to be right there but just out of reach.
Yes.........the seeds have been sown.

Like searching for the one true nugget in the giant bargain bin of life.
Or seeking Waldo’s smiling face in the sea of bodies, you know it’s there, but just can’t quite see it yet.
Something deep inside says “Keep looking!”
And you know............ the seeds have been sown.

Solving the riddle of life is as ancient as mankind.
Yet the answer has always be frozen in time.
For the within you lies the answer that has always been known!
That the fruit will come to bear once the seeds have been sown!

Scattered throughout the Universe like diamonds upon eternity!
You constantly expand and create the answer every moment of every day!
For you contain the answer that has always been known!
When you become silent.............the seeds have been sown!

Love Papa.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Words escape from your mouth sometimes faster than your mind can create them.
Words can cuddle or curse, console or crucify, create or crush all in one breath!
The words you use to describe your feelings are the origins of your life path.
What spews from your mouth creates what will become in your reality.
Be cautious of the words you choose.
The words said in departing may be remembered forever.
Words said in anger may not be taken back.
Words used to encourage may shape the very pathway of a life.
Words originating in true love creates bonds that can never be broken.
All words mean something to us, but the meaning we attach may not always be the meaning taken by those who hear.
Observe the words that you say!
Think of the intention behind them.
Not just the ones you say with passion or expression.
But the little ones that leak out when you least expect it.
Often the words you say express more about “YOU” than “you” will ever know!
Words shape your world into what you see.
They are the building blocks of your thoughts!
That become the foundation of your world.
What you say everyone!

Love Papa. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Head Fake!

Why is it that just when you think you should be going to the left you sometimes suddenly change directions and go right?
When life is merrily moving along in a certain direction and you are compelled to take a sharp turn and change.
Your heart is the true operator of you, not your head!
And occasionally your heart will allow your head to fake in one direction so that everyone (including your head) thinks you are going that way.
Then just as suddenly jump you in another direction.
We make head fakes constantly!
Our egos require adjustment from time to time.
So the universe sends forth lessons that our hearts have requested but our heads don’t expect.
Thus we get a head fake!
Observe head fakes for what they truly are;
Guidance from within!
They always appear for a reason.
Take time to listen and recognize when you receive a head fake!
Love Papa.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pie In the Sky!

You’re a Dreamer!
That idea is a waste of time!
Get your feet back on the ground!
You are out of touch with Reality!
What were you thinking??
Where is your head at?
Get Real!
What kind of “Pie In the Sky” idea will you come up with next?
Ever hear any of this before?
Well....munch! munch! too.....munch! munch!.......mmmmmmmmmmmmm.........I love Pie!!!...munch! munch!......want some?
Love Papa
Re-post #207

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Silent Example!

Of course there is pain, cruelty and suffering in the world.
And of course there is violence, poverty and ignorance.
We cannot ignore what we see and hear.
However focusing attention upon the source rather than the cure or prevention adds no value.
Every moment spent wailing in opposition is precious time lost in the journey to recovery.
Events occur that cause us to observe contrast to what we believe.
In that observation we are often moved to action.
It is the choice of action that determines our destiny.
True leadership is by silent example.
Let your actions show the way out of pain!
Express your opposition to cruelty and suffering through kindness and compassion!
Allow Peace, generosity and education to be your champions!
What you do not want in the world should be crystal clear to you, so creating what you do want shall be equally so!
Lead through your example rather than adding to the voice of complaint!
You are a pure example of the power of the ultimate source within you!
Allow that beauty to radiate from everything you do!
Become the silent example!
Love Papa.