Saturday, January 26, 2013


Love Papa.

When you look in the mirror!
Or you’re face to face with your mother!
Perhaps talking to a small child!
It’s really you?
You might still attempt to cover it up!
Perhaps put on a happy face.
Maybe tell a little white one!
But you’re really there!
The actual you!
Not the you that you take to work!
Or the you that parties with your friends!
Or even the you that rolls your eyes when talking to your lover!
The true, real, naked YOU!
So take a deep breath.
Lower the veil.
Step from behind the screen.
And accept who you are.
It’s what everyone has been waiting for!
And they deserve to see the authentic YOU
For as you become YOU and you will lead me to ME!
Love Papa.

Jim McKillop
Notes From Papa

Friday, January 25, 2013

Of Course!

Of Course!
Love Papa.

Of course there is a reason!
Of course you deserve it!
Of course it always happens to you!
What did you expect?
But what if the reason was the miracle you have been waiting for?
And you truly did deserve it.
And it happened every time you asked.
What if the answer you received contained the answer you desired?
What if all your dreams were unfolding right in front of you right now?
And all you ever had to do was accept it and be grateful.
That would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?
Of course!
Love Papa.

Please share Papa with those you love.
Jim McKillop
Notes From Papa

Thursday, January 24, 2013

To Be Continued...

To Be Continued...
Love Papa.

You’ve reached the cliff hanger in the story and you’re excited to turn the page and see what is coming!
Or you’ve finished the first book in the trilogy and you can’t wait to open the next edition!
The season finale has just concluded and everyone wants to know “Who shot JR?”
We want so much to know what is coming.
What twists and turns the plot will take.
Where life will take us.
Who will come and go.
And who will stick around for the entire story line.
Well, just before the curtain rises on the next scene, pause and look around you!
You are the set designer, the director, the producer, the cast and the crew of your life!
And tonight is opening night!
There is a buzz in the air!
There are bums in the seats!
And the orchestra is warming up!
Everyone is anticipating an exciting new season!
And no one will be left hanging!
You are so loved and adored!
And it is such a privilege to be part of your story!
Shhhh......the opening credits are rolling!
The title is: To Be Continued...!
Love Papa.

Please share Papa with those you love.
Jim McKillop
Notes From Papa

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Be Nice!

Be Nice!
Love Papa.

Be nice to yourself!
You’re a good person.
You try hard.
You always make a great effort.
You’re kind to other people.
You like animals.
You appreciate nature.
You help whenever you can.
So be nice to yourself.
You don’t always get it right.
But you keep going.
Sometimes you forget to exercise.
But you get back to it.
Maybe you over indulge from time to time.
But you make corrections and recover.
You smile most of the time.
So be nice to yourself.
Happy is not that far away.
Healthy is just around the corner.
Abundance is close at hand.
You haven’t done anything to NOT deserve it!
You might just need to let it in?
So be nice to yourself!
Love Papa.

Please share Papa with those you love.
Jim McKillop
Notes From Papa

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Talking & Walking!

Talking & Walking!
Love Papa.

Why, why, why?
Why am I not there yet?
Why is it not manifest in my life?
Why isn’t it happening?
Why won’t the money come?
Why does my body hurt?
Why am I lonely?
Why does my life suck?
When will you follow through?
What are you waiting for?
You know what you want!
You’ve said it enough times!
But you’re dragging your feet!
Well it’s time for change!
You can talk the talk!
So it’s time to walk the walk!
You’ve waited long enough.
And so has the Universe!
Stop talking and start walking!
Let’s Go!
Love Papa.

Please share Papa with those you love.
Jim McKillop
Notes From Papa