Saturday, January 28, 2012


You were born knowing.
You learned to un-know what you knew.
You are not wrong although you may be different.
You are also not right, so don’t attempt to prove it.
You did not come here to conform.
You came to explore your diversity.
You can’t fix me so stop trying.
You are always responsible for you.
You are who you are for a reason.........celebrate it!
Love Papa.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Be Amazed!

Look around you right now!
Are you not amazed by what you see?
The colour of the sky, the beauty of nature (no matter how much or how little)?
The plants, animals, landscapes, cities and towns.
The technology, diversity, the politics and the development.
We are truly blessed to be here NOW.
To be part of this unfolding!
We are at the forefront of History!
You can I say “I was there!”
This is your life!
All that has come before has brought you to NOW!
And you have been chosen to be here when it all happens!
Not only are you an integral part of this process.
YOU are the one leaning over the front of the ship screaming into the wind!
Be amazed by who you are, where you are and why you are here!
For you truly are standing at the threshold of magnificence and you deserve to be at the front of the line!
Love Papa.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Only Joy!

You are the one!
The only one!
All things revolve around you!
There is no other way!
And your to find joy!
Joy, only for you!
You need not create joy in another.
Although that may and will result when you find joy in your life.
You may find joy in the smallest or the greatest of your surroundings.
Know that it always exists in everything that you do, see or have.
But only you have the power to determine what brings you joy.
Understand that joy is only available NOW, so you need never delay your joy!
Directing your life from one place of joy to the next reveals the power of the universe.
Life is not about making a bigger pile of stuff!
It is about seeing joy in everything at each moment.
What you accumulate you eventually leave behind.
What brings you joy stays with you for eternity!
Only You have the power to choose!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Break Free!

Just as the dawn breaks free from the darkness each morning, so are the opportunities for you to reawaken and bring forth change in your life that proves to yourself that you are connected to all that is!
Each morning brings a new day and with it the possibilities of greatness.
Focus on the great things in your life and ............Break Free!
You possess the power to alter life on this planet within you right now........... Break Free!
Break Free of the bonds you have tied yourself up with!
Break Free of the beliefs, that you have created, which hold you back!
Break Free of the burdens that you carry for others!
Your life belongs to you! Break Free and bask in the glory of YOU!
Love Papa
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's YOUR Bliss!

You imagined it,
Dreamt about it,
And realized it!
It’s YOUR Bliss!

You searched and searched,
Studied and listened,
Followed and worshiped,
It’s YOUR Bliss!

You compromised,
Settled, gave in
And surrendered
It’s still YOUR Bliss!

Your bliss is not at the end of a long tunnel or the bottom of a deep hole or even just beyond your finger tips.
YOUR bliss lives within your heart.
Seek your Bliss only within yourself!
Understand that it exists!
Trust that it is yours and yours alone!
You need not share, unless you desire so.
You cannot give it away or force it upon another.
Likewise you cannot obtain it from an outside source.
Close your eyes, slip into that place of quiet and relax!
No one and nothing can touch you here!
It’s YOUR Bliss!
Love Papa.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Remember to Forget!

Remember that while you are here you will spend most of your time relearning what you already know?
Then once you have learned it again you can forget that you knew it!
What we remember reminds us of who we are!
But those reminders reveal that, what we do while we are here, is largely unnecessary to explain who we really are.
Rather, they detail the great extent that we will go to hide from our true selves.
Therefore most of what you remember is just a slow peeling away of the layers that cover who you really are.
Once you recognize the layers as disposable, you begin to discard each one on your way to the core,
You realize that your journey is really one of remembering and then forgetting!
The journey is endless and boundless.
Don’t discount your life by thinking that you are at the end because of who you are today!
Keeping remembering and subsequently forgetting who you are!
Enjoy the journey!
Reveal another layer!
Remember to forget!
Love Papa.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


You are absolutely entitled to partake in all the pleasures and wonders that this planet has to offer.
When you chose to come here you understood that all things that were available in this existence were yours to explore.
You did not enter this world feeling limitation and denial. You arrived with the built in knowledge that anything is possible.
Regardless of the conditions or manner in which you were born, you were unlimited.
All limitation that you feel in your life now you have learned since you arrived. Much of it from those who came before you.
Things learned can be changed and new lessons can replace old habits.
Reawaken to your Birthright.
You are beyond magnificent!
Love Papa