Saturday, May 7, 2011


You RECEIVE back in direct proportion to what you GIVE.
If you would like to have more of ANYTHING (money, love, vacations, happiness, sex....whatever!!) in your life you must start by first giving more.
If you are not getting what you want in life start by giving more service to everyone in your life and watch your entire world change.
Start with simple things like walking your dog or petting your cat then try it with people and just watch the reaction. Use it with your partner or your friends and then try it with everyone and everything. Expand your Service and you expand what you receive.
Love Papa

Friday, May 6, 2011

Simple words, simple intention.

"How Can I Help?"
Simple words, simple intention.
They take your focus away from all the worries in your head and direct your attention towards those you serve.
The words move you into the present moment and send you into immediate action.
You become an extension of your Source.
You become the action part of the Universe’s plan to assist the other person to fulfill their desire.
You are literally a part of the creation of the desire of the Universe!
Simple words, simple intention............amazing results!
"How Can I Help YOU?"
Love Papa.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Show Up!

It all begins with just showing up!
When you take the time and make the effort to show up you have achieved the majority of the benefit already.
Often failure is directly related to whether or not you completely showed up or not.
Showing up means playing full on, 110% effort, completely involved.
It is your life............did you show up to watch or to play?
Because you can’t play if you don’t show up and you can’t win if you don’t play!
Thanks for showing up in my life.
Love Papa.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Open your eyes!
Open your ears!
Open your arms!
Open your mind!
But most importantly
Open your Heart!
Love Papa. 


Silently contemplate stillness.
Quietly observe your breathing.
Allow your thoughts to leave you.
Become one with the silence!
Let the silence embrace you!
Take time each day to enjoy silence!
Your body will thank you.
Love Papa. 

Pace Yourself.

Do you race ahead to see what is around the next corner?
Do you straggle behind, dawdling along?
Impatience & boredom are signs of resistance, complacency, lack of focus or clarity.
Find your own pace and maintain a steady gait.
You will get there either way but pacing yourself makes the journey more pleasant.
Love Papa.

Humbling Isn't It!

Humbling Isn't It!
Look up at the stars on a clear night!
Stare at the mountains!
Get up early and watch the sun rise!
See the blossoms on the tree!

Watch the look of wonder in the eyes of a child!
Smell the fragrance of the garden!
See an eagle soar on the wind!
Feel the spray of the waves as they reach the land!

Know that you are part of something so magnificent and amazing and that your mere presence enhances every moment that you spend in awareness!
Humbling Isn't It?
Love Papa!

Only You!

In a sea of billions of faces there is Only You!
Only You can say the words you came here to say.
Only You can see the things you see.
Only You can feel the love you feel.
Only You can deliver Your message!
Although we are collectively one energy, we each have a perspective that we add to the picture.
Our personal view matters greatly and can change everything.
You really matter! Not just to yourself or your close personal connections but to the entire universe!
Only You can bring forth Your message!
Only You!..............Only You!
Love Papa.