Saturday, January 5, 2013


Love Papa.

Benefits are not doled out from some great provider in the sky!
And gifts are not given to those most deserving!
People are not lucky or unlucky!
We are creators, not recipients!
If you want more of something, then you must step into the flow of that which you desire.
All things are energy, just as you are.
The alignment of your energy with that of your desire is simply a choice.
A choice that you alone have the ability to make!
You don’t need planning, hard work or luck, although you may choose them!
You need desire!
Simply put, if you want more, allow that “more” into your life!
When it feels right, you are there!
More Please!
Love Papa.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

You Asked For It!

You Asked For It!
Love Papa.

Are you happy with everything in your life right now?
You should be, you asked for it!
Do you think you deserve what you don’t ask for?
Should there be an overriding Source that just arbitrarily gives you what IT thinks you deserve?
Or should you just be a victim of what you see and only receive the leftovers of someone else’s asking?
If you ask for what you don’t want should you receive any less than what you have asked for?
Are you not entitled to be heard?
Are you not as worthy as those who ask for what they truly want?
Well, You Asked For It and you got it!
Don’t just be aware!
Fortunately you are allowed to keep asking....and asking.....and asking!
Love Papa.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Love Papa.

When you stand in your power, and direct your focus upon that which you desire, you are like a magnifying glass directing sunlight!
You compress the power of the Universe to pass through you and bring the light upon that which you most desire.
Few of us can consistently maintain the focus long enough to truly enlighten the object of our focus.
But know, that if and when you do, it becomes helpless to resist.
Indeed, the object of your focus ultimately joins with your power to intensify even more!
Bringing both to an even higher level of awareness!
Resistance to such intense focus is futile, though often strongly resisted.
Know also, that what you focus upon with such intensity, is destined to bring you your greatest gifts!
Though perhaps not wrapped in the package you expected?
Magnify with care, my love!
Magnify with care!
Love Papa.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Love Papa.

It is not necessarily willpower or determination!
Nor does it have to be hard work and sweat!
What is necessary to achieve your goals may be nothing more than consistency.
The ability to continually refocus your intention on what you desire!
That unwillingness to waiver.
The need to continue.
The curiosity about what is around the next bend.
Keep going!
Put one foot forward!
Don’t stop!
Before you know it that goal will be in your rear view mirror!
Those hailed as heroes among us will often reflect:
“I just kept going!”
You’ve come a great distance.
But the journey is far from over.
Indeed, the best is yet to come!
Love Papa.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Love Papa.

As the first glimpse of light pierces the morning sky
Rebirth is plucked from the swallow of darkness.
Dawn returns!
You awaken!
Life begins anew!
Renewal is inevitable!
You are not who you were yesterday.
Nor who you may become tomorrow.
For there is only now, this very moment!
Another dawn is not assured!
But this one blazes in glory.
For the exclusive pleasure of YOU!
You are so worthy!
Delight in the experience of life!
For that is the true purpose of being!
Love Papa.

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