Saturday, November 17, 2012

Now and Then

Now and Then
Love Papa.

Like it or not we live in the Now!
Life is happening at this very moment.
Then, is past never to be regained.
Or yet to come but never assured.
Now is forever and Then is imaginary.
You can alter Then, but never experience it.
Now, on the other hand is filled with choice!
How you interpret Now, changes everything.
Focus your attention on Now!
Follow it closely.
Experience every moment of Now.
And Then, becomes no more than a beautiful dream.
Love, Papa.        

Friday, November 16, 2012


Love, Papa.

They are out there!
Watching you, waiting for you!
In every crowd.
Among those you know and those you’ve never met!
The co-conspirators of our lives are constantly in our presence.
It could be a chance encounter
Or a lifetime relationship.
But they are out there.
Your job is to exercise discernment!
Know that they exist!
Their purpose is to serve you!
Perhaps in kindness.
Maybe in opposition or pain!
But they are your guides.
Directing you toward your dreams!
Assisting in your journey!
You’ve been given many methods to discern.
But none greater than your heart!
Love, Papa.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sitting Still

Sitting Still!
Love Papa.

Stillness allows us to focus.
Quiet brings us to the present.
Breathing centers and grounds us.
Feel your presence, be aware of the silence and remain still.
There is much more going on than what you think!
Love Papa.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Love Papa.

What a letdown!
That didn’t meet my expectations!
I had such great hopes.
I was counting on that.
I needed it to happen.
Now what do I do?
Experience teaches us many things.
But none so great as the measurement of hope!
The vacancy left behind from broken dreams.
Is but a cavity waiting to be filled!
Fill yours with love!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Love Papa.

“Angels appear, whenever you’re near
Along with fairies and spirits and sprites
For you’re always preceded
Wherever your needed
By those who hold you so dear!”

You are never alone.
Rather you’re constantly being guided
By those who would see you succeed
Helping you fulfill every dream
Complete every task
You travel with an entourage of many.
Whose only purpose is to guide you
Toward whatever you seek!
Feel their presence.
Listen to their guidance.
Believe that you are safe.
They speak through your heart!
With kind and gentle words of service!
Love Papa.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Dark Corners!

Dark Corners!
Love Papa.

Light emanates from you constantly!
Every moment of every day you shine!
As your light is cast it shines into a dark corners
Sometime lighting those not ready to see!
The harder you try to enlighten them
The more they recede into the dark!
But your light is still there, when the time comes.
Perhaps it is you in the dark?
Not ready to see!
But just knowing there is a light,
Is enough!
You are the light!
You are the source!
You are the ONE!
Step into your light!
Love Papa.