Saturday, July 24, 2010



Follow your curiosity constantly and keep learning from every experience you have. Observe yourself as you go through each learning process. Even when it feels like nothing is changing, you continue to grow. When it feels great, look at what you have learned. When it hurts really bad, look at what you have learned.

Learning is a lifelong game we play with ourselves. At times we think we want to slow down the game and other times we cannot learn fast enough. Become good at learning and seek to expand your knowledge at every opportunity. Ask questions, read books, study the great masters.

You have an endless capacity to learn……….use it!

Love Papa

Friday, July 23, 2010



Too often we just make an appearance in the things that we do in our lives.

Everyone deserves to see the real YOU. When you come to the game……come to play full on…….give fully engaged.

You deserve to receive the very best from every experience in your life. Don’t deny yourself anything.

When you show up for ANYTHING “Bring Your A Game”.

Love Papa

Thursday, July 22, 2010



It is not your job to repair someone or something you see as broken!

One of the reasons there is so much conflict in the world and sometimes in our daily life is that many of us are trying to repair something that we see as broken. Our perception of some conflict, dilemma, issue or event is just that: it is our perception. Adding our passionate energy to the equation further inflames the occurrence and takes us away from our peaceful alignment with our source. In other words when we get too involved in “fixing” someone else’s stuff we lose track of our own mission. It is not your job to fix someone else! You cannot give them YOUR health if they are sick, no amount of YOUR money will make them rich if they are poor, no amount of YOUR happiness can make them happy.

On the contrary if YOU are happy, rich and healthy and it obviously comes from within YOU then you set the example to others that they too can become that from within them.

Your job is to find the ways that make yourself the example that you want others to become. Fix yourself first and you can then, just through your mere presence, provide others with what they need.

YOU have the power to change the world….. I know YOU do because I see it in YOU every day!

Love Papa

Wednesday, July 21, 2010



We live in a constant state of well being that flows through us and around us continually.

But because of the belief systems that we inherited from our families and others we resist the SIMPLICITY of just allowing ourselves to go with that flow. We make our lives far too complicated by resisting the good feelings that we experience and focusing on the bad feelings that we feel.

Resistance is any feeling of negativity that we experience. If you just follow what feels good in your life you will attain a sense of peace and your life will become SIMPLE.

Listen to the birds sing, watch the sun set, smell the flowers, breathe deeply and LOVE your life.

Become good at enjoying SIMPLICITY.

Love Papa

Tuesday, July 20, 2010



There is an infinite supply of abundance available to everyone. All the things in your life can come to you in whatever amount that you desire. And your portion does not change or reduce anyone else’s share. There is no limit to what is a available. Scarcity and short supply are fear based creations.

You cannot take too much and leave someone else without any.

If you have good health you would not think ”I will get sick” so that someone else can have my share of good health?

If you have good eyesight you would not think “ I will give away my eyes” so that someone else can see?

You are absolutely entitled to all the abundance that you can conceive and remember there is an INFINITE SUPPLY available to you.

Love Papa

Monday, July 19, 2010



Our greatest lessons are always found in the things that irritate or bother us the most in our lives. This could be people places or events.

What is bothering you? Look at it closely and see if you can find the lesson.

Because there are no coincidences in this life, the Universe puts before us the things that we focus on. These things show us a reflection of who we are and what we think.

Therefore what you see before you, that troubles you the most in someone or something else, contains the lesson that YOU need to address in your own life.

If someone cuts you off in traffic and it bothers you……..look at your own driving!

If someone continually complains to you about their relationships and you feel yourself drawn to their problem…………….listen to what you are saying about your relationships!

If someone complains to you about too little money in their life, and you agree with them………… much money are you allowing into your life?

Love Papa.

Sunday, July 18, 2010



When you say “I CAN’T” you are telling the Universe that you are not willing to do something. I CAN’T comes from your imbedded belief patterns which are saying that you either don’t understand something or are too lazy to do something. Either way you are shutting down your natural creative abilities and denying yourself the opportunity to expand.

“HOW CAN I” on the other hand fully engages your creative powers and draws on the collective knowledge and power of the entire Universe and you can literally move mountains if you choose to. HOW CAN I transfers you into the I AM state of awareness and you become immediately empowered to do anything that you want.

I love it when you turn on your power!!

Love Papa