Saturday, August 27, 2011

See What Can Be!

Often we just look at what is and describe it as good or bad.
The trick to life is to see what can be!
To feel the result before it occurs.
Picture “what is” in advance of actually seeing it in the physical.
All things in life originate in thought.
And everything that is created is because of sustained focus on that thought.
If you want something in your life, focus on it.
Maintain that focus and never waiver.
You are a result of what you think.
Now bring it into the present tense and accept that you already have what you desire!
Want Money?
Picture your life with money!
Want Love?
Picture your loving relationship!
Want Fame?
Picture your life with fame!
You are SO entitled!
Love Papa.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Picture yourself at the center of a Kaleidoscope.
You are the source of all that is beautiful!
Your contribution to the Universe is perfect!
You add magnificence to that which is already spectacular.
And you balance all that is.
You can also be pretty bright and colourful too!
Love Papa.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


When you stare in the face of the present.
And hesitate for even an moment.
You may be delaying an inevitable result,
Or perhaps missing an opportunity that may only pass by but once.
Tomorrow is an illusion, just as yesterday cannot be recovered.
Take hold of your today.
Feel it in your heart.
Go to sleep knowing that you felt each minute.
And dream only of the beauty of now!
You are worthy of so much!
But nothing of greater value than the present moment!
Seize it!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Sometimes I am pretending.
I allow my imagination to wander into areas that are unknown to me.
I pretend that I am in a different life.
Perhaps in a different place and time.
Occasionally I am a different person.
But when I look into your eyes and I see the real you.........sometimes pretending as well!
Know that I truly love you with all my heart and at that moment there is no pretending!
That love we share is eternal, never ending and real.
We share a love that neither of us can pretend.
Love Papa.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Exercise Your Heart!

Many of us exercise our bodies to maintain them and hope for a long life filled with many great experiences.
Others spend time in fear and worry about if or when their body might let them down.
Sometimes we push beyond our limits and experience a break down which requires repair and recovery.
Although we see our bodies as physical structures we often have difficulty viewing our spiritual selves in a similar fashion.
Through our hearts we can project love to any living thing and by so doing receive love in return.
But all too often we attempt to harbour the love in our hearts and reserve it for those special few who are close in our lives.
And some fear sharing their heart will cause them pain and suffering.
If we all made the same effort to exercise our hearts that we do to exercise our physical bodies then not only would our bodies heal but so would our planet and all of human kind.
Exercise your heart.....project your love upon all that you see and observe and feel the change that you create!
Contained within the heart of one person enough energy to change the world!
And that one person is YOU!
Love Papa.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Unleash Your Love!

Unleash your love upon the world!
There is no time like now to allow your love to expand and encircle those you encounter.
See the beauty in everyone you meet.
Feel the warmth of their presence.
Absorb the special attributes that each one of us bring to this life.
For as much as you project love so shall you receive love.
Recognize that everything is a reflection of you.
And you deserve all the love that there is!
Love Papa.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Spread your wings.
Reach for the sky.
The world is waiting for your energy.
You are such an intricate part of all that is.
You complete the picture.
You solve the puzzle.
You are everything!
Because you are YOU!
So Fly.................and Be Free!
Peace and Love Papa.