Saturday, April 9, 2011

Don't Believe It!

“They” say do this or do that!
Don’t believe it!
You are taught....this is how it is done!
Don’t believe it!
The master's words tell the way!
Don’t believe it!
Millions of books offer advice!
Don’t believe it!
Television, smart phones, Internet connect you to everything and everyone!
Don’t believe it!
Whether is originates in your head or it flows through your head from ANY other source!
Don’t believe it!
Believe only what is in your heart!
It is your direct connection to all that is!
Love Papa.

Friday, April 8, 2011


You’re going to be late!
We will miss the ride, the show, the meeting, the plane or.............LIFE!
C’mon!! Let’s go!

Life is a rush, we go so fast, scurry around, buzzing like insects!
Your life is something you came here to enjoy.
There is no need to rush (all the time)!
Take in your surroundings! 
Feel the energy in your life!
Take the pulse of your world!
Breathe in the power!
Explore with patience the life being presented to you.
There is nothing to win here!
You must leave it all behind you when you go!
None of it really belongs to you anyway!
Relax, there is no need to be in such a Hurry!
Love Papa.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

All Together Now!

Ok, get into a comfortable position.
Feet flat on the floor,
Hands resting comfortably in your lap,
Eyes closed!
Relax your whole body,
Take a deep breath and All Together Now, begin!
I AM GRATEFUL FOR:___________and_____________and_____________
Keep breathing, feel the gratitude, let the love flow!
Good Job!
Now, that is a good way to start or end your day!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reserve Tank!

Most vehicles come with a “reserve tank”, a small amount of fuel designed to get you to your next fill up, when your regular tank is empty.
Just enough to make it over the last hill and coast down to the filling station!
You, also have a reserve tank!
It is that last bit of energy needed to step up to the plate and take one more swing, finish that project or face another demon!
The final boost of energy required to get you to the finish line!
We all possess a reserve tank but often we don’t use it!
Many fall by the wayside and just run out of gas.................
Use your reserve tank whenever you can!
Take responsibility for your life! Run Hard! Push yourself toward your goals!
Use every last drop in your reserve tank to get what you want out of this life!
Focus on what is best for YOU!
You have a reserve tank for a reason.....use it!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And Suddenly YOU Appear!

When you least expect it, YOU show up!
Your body/mind is heading one way and abruptly changes and goes the other way?
Following the crowd doesn’t seem like the right thing to do!
Blindly conforming to the rules doesn’t make sense any more.
You are moving in one direction but YOU decide to step in and go another!
Life was rolling merrily along and suddenly YOU appear!
Who is directing this life anyway?
Who is really in charge?
And the debate continues..................LOL!
Love Papa.

Monday, April 4, 2011


It begins as a Spark!
Then it smoulders into life, with a tiny puff of smoke!
Suddenly is crackles and appears!
Before long a flame is shining brightly!
Then it gathers strength from everything around it!
Faster and faster it grows!
Suddenly it surrounds you!
Then it consumes You!
You are completely taken into its power!
It becomes the focus of your life!
You spread it everywhere you go!
And to everyone you encounter!
It becomes a raging torrent!
Finally it consumes everything!
It is YOUR “Belief”!
Have great caution with that which you believe, for the spark which starts within one of us has the power to engulf all of us!
Fuel your Spark with Love! 
Love Papa.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Missed the Boat?

Ever have the feeling that your ship has sailed and you didn’t make it on?
Worry that you are too late or in the wrong place and the wrong time?
There is no right or wrong answer!
You cannot be in the wrong place!
You are always where you are supposed to be!
Otherwise how could you tell?
Your next idea, thought, dream or vision will move you from that place of not wanting to be!
Where will you be next?
A door cannot close but that another will open!
You are perpetual!
You cannot arrive without departing somewhere else!
You are continuous! 
There is no end to your changing!
Your ship will sail many times with and without you.
But YOU will never be in the wrong place!
Love Papa.