Friday, January 20, 2012

Face Value

“It’s written all over your face!”
“Let’s sit down and have a face to face!”
“Put your game face on!”
What does your face say about you?
What stories are told in reading the lines, wrinkles, expressions, frowns and smiles on a person’s face.
Each of us “put on” a different face every day.
Not only do the cells of your body change every day but your personality changes a little bit with everyone one you meet.
Life’s journey causes us to see things just a little different with each passing moment and along with that, every hill, valley, curve and pause are expressed on our face.
Regardless of one’s ability to hide behind the various masks that we put on, the story of YOU is literally written all over your face!
And you thought you were such a “Poker Face!”
Love Papa. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Where did that come from?
Suddenly my world is upside down.
Nothing feels right!
I am angry and frustrated!
Or maybe sad and lonely!
Observations of our mood changes give view to our soul!
Awareness of your feelings are indications of expansion.
Allowance of feelings is moving toward the flow.
Letting go of the old to make way for the new.
Remain in awareness and observe the expansion of YOU!
Why may not be instantly obvious but it is never without reason!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Take Your Ego for a Walk!

Ego’s can be like a boisterous puppy!
They want to run and play and get into trouble.
They like to dig in your yard, chew your shoes, run around with muddy feet and generally create chaos.
But they are cute!
They require regular exercise but you can’t take them too seriously.
Just because they are pulling at the end of a lease and trying to drag you along doesn’t make them right.
Sometimes (more often than not) the quiet reflective part of who we are is the part we should listen to.
Our ego’s represent that outgoing part of us whereas our feelings represent the inner part of us.
Finding the balance is a constant game.
Sometimes you have to let it run while remaining aware of how it feels.
Take your Ego for a walk but don’t let it break free and leave you behind!!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Upside Down!

Upside down, backwards, opposite & reverse!
Life comes at you from all angles.
Just because you have always seen things from a certain perspective doesn’t make it right!
In order for something to be considered right or correct, its equal and opposite must also be believed.
Otherwise your perspective is impossible!
Nothing exists in a vacuum.
Left cannot exist without right, nor up without down, etc.
When you adopt a belief about anything be aware that its equal and opposite perspective also exists!
Rules and laws exist to allow us to manoeuvre within our society but it doesn’t make them right!
Remain open to the perspective of others.
Listen to how strongly you defend your views.
And remember you can only be “right” by your own definition!
Sometimes things look better upside down!!
Love Papa.

Monday, January 16, 2012


There is an overflow of well being that surrounds you at all times.
Good intentions are always the order of the day.
It is your ability to block and resist them that determines how you view things.
We are always surrounded by wonder and amazement.
You need only allow it to be so, in your life, and it is!
Good things happening to you is not the exception it is the rule, other than by your own choice!
Your allowance of the overflow of well being determines your destiny.
You may allow in anything that you can imagine, for you are always worthy of the overflow.
Love Papa.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

While You are Here!

You enter this realm with nothing and you will eventually leave with nothing.
What you accumulate in between those two events therefore only has meaning to you, while you are here.
If you accumulate material objects then they should be ones that please you, while you are here.
If you accumulate relationships then they should be ones that have meaning to you, while you are here.
If you attract illness and suffering then it only has meaning, while you are here.
If you are greedy, angry, fearful and dispassionate, while you are here, then you might want to take another run at it.
If you fill your life with LOVE, while you are here, you will face what life has to offer with ease and grace.
You will enjoy your time and become a beacon to others both in this physical realm and beyond.
You are being observed, but not judged.
Therefore the score card only matters to you.......WHILE YOU ARE HERE!

Love Papa
Re-post #120