Saturday, October 1, 2011

Within the Fear!

I know you’re frightened, 
I've been there too!
Can’t find your way, 
All seems lost!
Fear overwhelms reason!
But know that you are always where you are supposed to be!
Look within the fear,
Find the smouldering ember of hope!
Nurse the flame back to life!
Feel your way back to your strength!
You always possess the power to recover.
Even in your darkest spot..................
Love lives within the fear!
Love Papa.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Nothing More!

The Universe asks no more from you than, that you observe the magnificence of all creation.
And that you acknowledge that the source of all that is, originates within YOU!
Nothing more is expected or demanded!
You are completely worthy of all that is!
Love Papa.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Forever Grateful!

Look at everything in your life!
Look at the people, the possessions, where you live, what you do!
How many of them make you forever grateful?
Do you consider these things each day when you get up and say “Thank you!”
It can be difficult to express or show your gratitude sometimes, but taking a moment to say thanks for what you already have, makes all the difference.
The things that you are forever grateful for may pass of go away with time, but they never have to leave your heart!
You are an amazingly powerful being with connections far beyond your physical realm.
And gratitude is the fuel that propels you through this adventure!
Consider everything in your life that you are forever grateful for and acknowledge it today!
I am forever grateful that you take a moment of your day to read my messages!
Thank you!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


You could have heard it, read it or watched it!
You may have smelled it, tasted it or swallowed it!
Or maybe you’ve smoked it, drank it or eaten it!
Perhaps you have even swam in it, showered with it or worn it!
At some point during your search for answers you may have tried all of these and more.
In our attempts to feel better we often search through as many physical experiences as we can,
to find the relief from our pain and answers to our questions!
The answers lie much closer and are much simpler than we expect.
Look inside your heart!
Peace lies within you!
Pain is an illusion
Relief comes from within!
You are connected directly to your Source.
And you are very worthy!
Love Papa.

Monday, September 26, 2011


First it was a thought.
Then you imagined the possibility of it.
Eventually you dreamed of what you could become because of it.
It began to appear.
It started to materialize.
But there were issues!
And delays!
Some hurdles got in the way!
A few problems arose!
The process ground to a halt!
Now what?
Persevere! Persevere! Persevere!
If your mind had the where with all to create it,
And if it warranted your imagination’s time,
And it was powerful enough to control your dreams!
Then it is worth your effort to see it through.
It may never develop into all that you dreamt,
But you owe it to yourself to follow through and Persevere!
The lesson is in the living of the dream not the result!
Love Papa.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Words are limited!
Gifts are a nice gesture!
Wine and chocolate is great!
But nothing replaces the power of Touch!
Touch the ones you love!
Hold their hands, feel their skin, sense their warmth.
Never underestimate the power of Touch!
Love Papa