Saturday, October 29, 2011


We often use the word How to describe ways for us to solve our problems or overcome issues or adversity!
How can I get more money?
How can I find the right relationship?
How can I get a better job?
But How, is not your choice, when asking on behalf of yourself.
It is the responsibility of the Universe to provide the How when answering your prayers!
You may however, play a large part in the How of another!
By being the provider of the answer or part of the puzzle to someone else’s How.
“But How you ask?”
The answer is a simple one...............just ask:
“How May I Serve YOU!”
Use it daily and your own HOW will be answered!
Love Papa.

Friday, October 28, 2011

What's Your View?

Do you watch from the sidelines or run with the team?
Do you warm the bench or are you in the huddle?
Do you scream from the nosebleed seats or take a bow on the field?
Are you cheering from the stands or belting it out on the stage?
Are you listening with headphones or in front of the microphone?
Are you reading the book or writing the story?
We all have talents.
Are you using yours to the best of your ability?
If you can see yourself in the opposite position then you can do it!
So what is YOUR view like, right now?
Love Papa.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Why presume that you are correct?
On the other hand why presume that the other person is correct?
We often make presumptions based on facts or data that we have not corroborated.
Sometimes these presumptions don’t hurt us and sometimes they do!
What are you presuming right now?
Do you presume what you read and hear is true?
What about listening to the voices in your head and presuming they are correct?
There is only one presumption that you can make and believe!
“Your heart knows the way!”
Listening to your heart is like feeling the guiding hand of your spirit walking you through the world.
Presume that when it feels “right” it is right!
Presume that you are loved deeply!
Presume that you are never alone!
Presume that there is a reason why you are here!
Presume that you fulfill the mystery of life!
YOU are the greatest presumption of all!
And you are most deserving of the honour!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


What happens today becomes the unfolding of the rest of your life.
You become what you think about, so what you focus on today becomes your tomorrow.
And the unfolding of this day is the result of what you have already thought.
If you want to know what tomorrow will bring, begin to focus on what you are now thinking about.
To observe the unfolding of your new world begins with your thoughts of today.
You have power beyond measure and ability beyond all expectation.
Watch what you think and allow the unfolding of tomorrow to be the miracle you imagine.
Love Papa.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Treasure Hunt!

When your amazement at watching the Universe fulfill your every intention,
Becomes greater than the fear that it won’t happen!
Miracles occur!
And your life becomes one great big Treasure Hunt!
Happy Hunting!
Love Papa.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shine Through!

Like an uncut diamond.
Or a lump of clay in a potters hand.
YOU shine through your current exterior!
We can see your possibilities.
The potential that exists within each of us is just below the surface.
And all that is required to expose, Your Diamond, is allowance!
What you allow to shine though, completes you!
Let me see you shine!
Love Papa.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Worry? I Doubt It!

Like two little creatures scurrying around.
Never stopping for long.
Popping up here and there, without any reason.
Following you everywhere you go.
But always just out of reach.
Worry and Doubt never seem far away.
Creeping into your thoughts.
Probing everything that you do.
Nosing into your daily life.
And despite all your efforts to ignore them.
They remain in at the edge of your peripheral vision.
But don’t despair!
Think of them as the guardians of danger!
Keeping you from falling into a dangerous abyss!
By avoiding them you can stay on your pathway,
and away from the darkness!
You may constantly try to avoid them.
But I doubt you will succeed!
Love Papa.