Saturday, January 22, 2011

Looking for change?

It’s not your problem!
Mind your own business!
Don’t poke your nose where it doesn’t belong!
Stop trying to fix everyone else!

Looking for change?
You can’t change what you don’t own!
All you can change is YOU!
Love Papa.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eternity Lies Within a Blink of an Eye!

In the blink of an eye!
Within the beat of your heart!
On the point of a pin!
In the flash of an atom!
By the measurement of the Universe we are only here but a moment.
But within that moment lies your Eternity!
You are ultimately wise beyond any measure.
Use that wisdom, enjoy your visit, make an impression!
YOUR Eternity lies within the blink of an eye! 
Love Papa.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


What will be the Outcome?
Outcomes are important!......... or are they?
You don’t know what the outcome will be until it happens!
If you knew the outcome before you began you might miss the journey!
Sometimes we presume to know the outcome and therefore discount the path to it, only to find out that the outcome was different than we expected!
Only 2 outcomes are absolute: You arrived here on this planet and You will leave this planet!
Everything else is variable, repeatable, undoable, changeable, flexible, forgettable OR Acceptable .
While you may not be able to choose the outcome in every situation, you can choose how you feel about everything! 
You can accept the outcome or you can fight it.
You can believe the outcome or you can deny it.
You can see the outcome or you can close your eyes.
The Choice is yours...............after all it is your outcome!
Remember....... YOU ARE THE OUTCOME of what you think!!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Did you “Catch” the latest bug going around?
Perhaps you caught a cold, maybe the flu, or a virus.
Catching something implies separation, division or lack of connection!
If we are all part of one energy how can we catch something that we already are?
Look within yourself when you catch something.
What is really happening?
Are you avoiding something/someone else?
Do you need time off from your life?
Is there something that you are unwilling to face right now? 
Why do you need to catch this?
If you presume that you are separate and that you can catch something, then don’t be surprised when you get caught.
But if you presume you are connected to everything and that YOU are in control, then you must Choose to bring such dis-ease into your life.
By the way, you can also choose Health, Happiness and Prosperity if you like!
Love Papa.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hang On!

What do you Hang On to?
And what Hangs On to you?
Do you Hang On to old baggage?
How about a relationship?
Maybe some beliefs? Do they still serve you?
Perhaps an identity, past job, title, accomplishment?
What about a few extra pounds?
Are you hanging on TO the past, or are you hanging on FOR the future?
What you Hang On to becomes part of you! Is that what you want?
If what you Hang On to, is the past and what you are hanging on for, is the future, then what are you doing right now!
Because your life is RIGHT NOW!
Don’t Hang On..............Let Go!
It is all about Letting Go!
Love Papa.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Accept the Challenge!

Accept the Challenge that today brings and welcome the obstacles that are placed in your path.
Leap over the hurdles that are between you and your goals.
You have been blessed with the ability to overcome ANY adversity that you may encounter!
You have the power!
You have the strength!
You have the talent!
You cannot be stopped by anything other than YOU!
Accept the Challenge!
Love Papa.