Saturday, December 8, 2012


Love Papa.

Whatchya got?
Trade ya?
Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine?
You know things!
Valuable things!
Things that others could really use!
And you want things that they have!
You want their knowledge and their stories.
But mostly you want their experience!
You want to know what has happened to them.
Because through the experience of others, we can also see our own desires.
You can learn about what you do want through your own life experience.
But you can also learn through the observation of others.
Barter with those who have had the experience you seek!
Seek out a mentor!
Trade what you know for what you don’t know!
You need not labour at what you hate, to make money, to buy what you want!
You have value now!
Barter for what you want!
Not for “stuff” but for experience!
Life is not the acquisition of stuff!
Nor is it about finding yourself!
We are here to “experience” ourselves!
So barter what you have, for what you want!
C’ ya?
Love Papa.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Precious Cargo!

Precious Cargo!
Love Papa.

Contained within you is the entire evolution of human history!
Along with the destiny of mankind!
Further, you possess the power to alter the future of this planet!
And to re-align the structure of the universe.
Perhaps you should treat yourself with a little more respect?
Maybe some recognition for what you have become.
And possibly some humility for the gifts you possess!
You are the embodiment of the most precious cargo ever created.
And you deserve every bit of it!
Do you honestly believe that if you were not worthy of such a gift
That you would have been charged with the responsibility of protecting it?
Of course not!
You accepted the challenge because you knew you were up for it!
And you have done a marvelous job!
You have navigated through the most difficult of situations and that precious cargo is still safe within you!
And it always will be!
For you were well chosen and most deserving!
Love Papa.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Step in Line!

Step in Line!
Love Papa.

With you at all times
Is the ability to step in line
Awareness surrounds you constantly.
Every bird in the sky
Each animal in the forest
And every insect you see
Are in complete alignment at all times.
Likewise every plant, rock, tree and body of water
Remain in complete alignment.
For you to allow yourself to step in line
Requires only that you observe and allow.
Indeed you are never out of alignment
Rather we become out of awareness.
Seek to see that which surrounds you
For it is guiding you to what you desire.
Pursuit of human material gain is fully attainable
Through awareness of the nature that surrounds us.
Love Papa.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Threshold of Destiny!

Threshold of Destiny!
Love Papa

In this moment you stand at the Threshold of Destiny!
You possess the power to change the world!
You are a direct source of creation!
Your mere presence alters this planet!
Step forth with Confidence, Purpose and Love.
Eternity is Ready for YOU!
Love Papa
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Love Papa.

Some race ahead calling others to follow!
Others lag behind wandering aimlessly!
There are those who claim to know the way!
And other who seem perpetually lost!
But there is no grand design to confuse and confound
And there is no destination to conquer.
The journey is what is placed before you each day.
Life is the answer, not the question.
And what you may see as a labyrinth is just the next turn in the path.
For you are not separate from what you see and do and think.
Rather you are from it and it from you.
You are creating all that you encounter.
And it is only a reflection of that creation which is placed before you!
Love Papa.

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