Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Shell.

Something’s shell often hides its true value
But without the shell the value could not be realized.
A shell may be hard and ridged or soft and pliable.
Some are brightly painted, some rough and crusty.
Many are shiny and bright, others dull and drab.
But within each shell lies the potential for greatness.
Each shell surrounds the total DNA necessary for whatever is inside it to perpetuate!
What would your body be like without skin?
How would an orange grow without the peel?
Your shell contains YOU.
And you possess all the value in the universe!
All the power, the beauty, the grace and the majesty is housed within the shell that is you.
Once used up the shells may be discarded but the value of its purpose can never be denied.
Without the shell what is contained within would not exist.
What is the value of your shell?
Love Papa.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Use It!

You have the knowledge...........use it!
You have the training...........use it!
You have the opportunity...........use it!
You have the compassion........use it!
You have the desire.........use it!
The gifts you have received in your life did not come by chance.
You possess the power to change everything that comes your way.
Use It!
Don’t sit idly by and let the game go on without you!
Engage, participate and utilize the skills, training and goals that you have!
You influence everything and everyone you come in contact with anyway, so why not do so with intent!
Use what you have been given!
Love Papa.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bet the Farm!

Taking a gamble!
Doubling down!
Risking it all!
Are you willing to Bet the Farm?
Do your trust yourself enough to risk everything on a single roll of the dice?
Sometimes it feels like we have everything out there at once.
All our chips are on the table and if things go wrong!.............well, they really go wrong!
But if you are right.............then, you look brilliant!
Assessment of risk is calculated by each of us in every situation.
Sometimes the desire to risk something is minimal and sometimes we are really scared to lose!
But sometimes we have to be willing to risk more than we are comfortable with losing!
And sometimes we have to bet the farm, cross your fingers, close your eyes and just go for it!
Is everything worth risking, when the stakes are right?
Are you holding on too tight?
Afraid to take a chance?
Only YOU know for sure!
Happy farming!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I’m tempted.........really tempted!
But a voice in my head says no!
Who said that? mother?? Hahaha!
No it’s something else.
I’m really, really, really tempted!
But I am being guided away........or am I?
My head is screaming “YES”
While my heart is saying “Relax, this isn’t it!..............but it’s on its way!!”
But I am so tempted!
Doesn’t life present us with wonderful decisions?
Love Papa.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Is your Mind perfectly clear on everything in your life?
Do you have a perfect Body?
Are you in perfect control of your Emotions?
Do you maintain a perfect connection with your Spiritual awareness?
Are you a work in progress?
Or are you already perfect?
Perhaps the answer is both!
You arrived here as a perfect spiritual being cloaked in a magnificent physical body complete with a marvellous creative mind and all the emotion that you required to propel you through this experience called life.
How much more perfection could there be?
No matter how much you mess up your experience or shut down parts of your life you retain the ability to continue on and seek new challenges.
Your Body, Your Mind, Your Emotions and Your Spirit never leave you and they are constantly striving to move you toward your next step.
Sounds like a Perfect Work in Progress to me.
Love Papa
Re-post# 150

Monday, January 30, 2012

How Fast?

How fast are you running?
How hard are you trying?
How much are you pushing?
How much are you doing?
The more you concentrate on your own action to obtain the results you want, the more you eliminate other possibilities from your experience.
You cannot possibly know all the scenarios that could play out to help you achieve what you desire so why force yourself to use the few that you can!
You are a mystical creature of spirit, in a physical form.
You need not compel your physical self to achieve anything!
Allow yourself to follow your spirit, not your body and mind.
There you will find the answers to the questions you seek!
Love Papa.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Have you found your calling?
Why are you here?
What moves you?
Is it a bigger pile of money?.... perhaps.
Is it more stuff?......possibly.
Is it some conquest over others?.....maybe.
Is it poor health?....could be.
Self punishment? Whining and complaining?.....duh.
Maybe it is trying to alter the path of another?......well?
The journey created by seeking our calling seems to follow a rather winding path?
But one thing remains!
Funny that wherever I go.........there I am!
Love Papa.