Saturday, August 11, 2012


Love Papa.

You’re going to be late!
We will miss the ride, the show, the meeting, the plane or.............LIFE!
C’mon!! Let’s go!
Life is a rush, we go so fast, scurry around, buzzing like insects!
Your life is something you came here to enjoy.
There is no need to rush (all the time)!
Take in your surroundings!
Feel the energy in your life!
Take the pulse of your world!
Breathe in the power!
Explore, with patience, the life being presented to you.
There is nothing to win here!
You must leave it all behind you when you go!
None of it really belongs to you anyway!
Relax..........there is no need to be in such a Hurry!
Love Papa.
Re-post #303

Friday, August 10, 2012


Love Papa.

Everything that you are today you carry with you.
You have accumulated a myriad of experiences along the way.
Which you bring with you to every encounter.
A virtual backpack of life!
For every person you meet there is something in your backpack that will serve them!
You just don’t know what they need yet!
But you have something for them.......or else you wouldn’t meet them!!
It’s as simple as that.
If they do not require anything you have, you would never meet them!
It is not your job to change the world.
It is only your job to serve the person before you right now!
Open up your backpack and share!
Love Papa.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beyond Hope!

Beyond Hope!
Love Papa.

You have laid the groundwork.
Prepared your foundation.
Outlined your program.
Developed your strategy
And then you hope and you hope and you hope, that you are correct!
Slowly but steadily the path opens up.
Your vision moves into focus.
Clarity improves.
Traction is gained.
Momentum begins.
Progress accelerates.
And you move ever so gracefully..........Beyond Hope!
Into sweetness!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Choose!

I Choose!

Love Papa.

If I were to choose to serve you in a way that most benefited you.
And you observed my doing so and thereby decided to follow my example.
And those that you then served were to observe you and also follow as well.
And others who benefited from such service were to follow suit.
Soon everyone would be extending service to each person they met.
Further, what if I chose to be grateful for the service that I, in turn, had received and I expressed that gratitude openly to you.
And you observed me doing so and thereby decided to follow my example and be grateful as well!
And further still, what if I chose to express my love to all living beings?
And you observed me doing so and thereby decided to follow my example!
And what if I decided to focus on Peace? Joy? Happiness? Harmony? Prosperity?
And you observed me doing so and thereby decided to follow my example!
Well........., I so choose!
How may I serve you?
Love Papa.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nothing I Can Do About That!

Nothing I Can Do About That!
Love Papa.

My dreams were dashed!
Promises have been broken!
Someone is to blame for this!
Who is going to pay?
Solving another’s pain by taking it on yourself does not change anything!
Sometimes the most blunt statement is the truth.
Telling someone there is nothing you can do for their pain shifts the responsibility on to them.
We cannot remove all suffering from another but we can soften it with the truth.
Although they may not want to hear it, it may be the only way for them to see.
Pain, anger and frustration are but steps along the pathway to fulfillment.
Lingering too long in one spot just prolongs the agony.
Move along now........there is nothing I can do about that!
Love Papa.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Love Papa.

When the air stirs!
And the clouds move across the sky!
When a bird sings!
And a raindrop falls!
The intricacy with which you blend into this existence, is reflected upon you by your willingness to awaken to its presence.
Without your awareness.......... none of this exists!
For the choreography of your own personal symphony is created only through your awakening.
Be at one with all you encounter!
See the connection that binds you!
Every face, every experience and every moment is orchestrated by you!
And as you rise to the crescendo, smile and know that you are awake!
Love Papa.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Skill Testing Questions

Skill Testing Questions?
Love Papa.

Below is a short skill testing questionnaire.
Take as long as you like to answer the questions (multiple lifetimes are allowed, but not necessarily recommended).
You may use additional pages if necessary!
Once you have answered all the questions please review your answers and make any changes you feel might be required.
You can use as much help as you feel is necessary from anyone or anything that you require!
Your answers will not be graded by ANYONE other than YOU!

Begin Now.................

1.       Happiness is___________?
2.       I am_________________?
3.       The Universe/God is________?
4.       Love is_______________?

By the way there are no wrong answers and you all get 100% A+++.
Good Job!