Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lessons Learned!

Lessons Learned!
Love Papa.

I know you oppose it.
And it makes you angry.
You think it is wrong.
It should not have happened.
They deserved better.
But without the example revealed to you.
The lesson would be lost.
The point would be missed.
The experience would be wasted.
You are here to learn and to experience.
Fear not the tragedies in life.
Rather, honour those who choose the pain.
Who take the plunge so others can see.
For they are the brave heroes.
Willing to sacrifice.
So that you may learn.
From the lesson they show.
Without your awareness the lesson is lost.
So acknowledge their pain, but do not despair.
For the story they have told will never be in vain.
If the lesson is learned.
Love Papa.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Evidence Remains!

Evidence Remains!
Love Papa.

You were here,
I can tell,
Evidence remains.
Everywhere you have ever been or ever will be shows evidence of your presence.
We do not walk alone!
Each moment and each movement is marked.
A footstep.         
A fragrance.
A shadow cast.
A word spoken.
You were here.
And we need only to observe
To see the evidence
And know, that there is but one
And we are part of that one
That can never be separated or divided.
Because evidence always remains.
Love Papa.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hi from Papa,

Notes From Papa is coming out in a book format (finally!)

Sub-titled “If Life Was Supposed To Be Complicated It Would Have Come With Instructions!” this book will be a compilation of several of my notes and it will be available for shipping before Christmas this year.
Over the years I have received numerous compliments and comments about my messages for which I am eternally grateful. As such I would like to provide any readers with the opportunity to have a testimonial printed in the book.

If Notes From Papa has ever touched you in a way that would prompt you to write a brief comment or testimonial please feel free to send me something and I will endeavour to include as many as possible in this first edition.
I have always respected and appreciated the incredible support that so many people have shown in sharing the message Papa brings. This journey has been an amazing one for me and I look forward to what is around the next turn in the road.

I will be self publishing this book as well as doing the distribution so if you are interested in purchasing a copy please indicate so to me and I will make sure to have one available for you. Further details will be available once the process is completed.

Thanks so much for taking a moment of your time to read Notes From Papa.

Love Papa.

Who Gets Paid?

Who gets paid?
Love Papa

When you get paid, who gets paid?
When you receive money for your services, what do you do with it?
Does much of it get paid out to others for services that you have received?
So when you make those payments, who benefits?
If you did not pay your phone bill, for example, what would happen?
You say they would cut off my service, right?
But what else happens when you make your payment?
The phone company stays in business because customers pay for their service!
The employees of the company continue to work, get paid and subsequently pay their own bills!
The service people who maintain the phone service to the customers, get paid and subsequently pay their own bills!
The lights and heat stay on in the buildings, so the gas and power companies get paid and subsequently pay their own bills! .
The providers of equipment to create the phone service get paid and subsequently pay their own bills!........ and on and on.
If you view your bill payments as just a cost to you rather than a benefit to others you will continue to live in a perspective of “Lack”
However if you view the payments that you make as providing a multitude of benefits to numerous others, you begin to see your money from a perspective of “Abundance”
Well being originates in Abundance!
Gratitude originates in Abundance!
Love originates in Abundance!
YOU originate in Abundance!
When you pay your money out, share it with WELL BEING, GRATITUDE AND LOVE!
I like having my about you?
Love Papa
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Love Papa.

What you seek exists!
What you desire awaits you.
Your search will end.
And begin again.
At the end of a rainbow.
In the first light of sunrise.
Or the stars shining bright.
It is there.
Waiting for you to ask.
Actions of the day, pale in comparison to the gratitude of the universe
For when you seek, you create.
And when you create
You are One!
Love Papa.