Saturday, July 28, 2012

Of Gratitude and Service!

Of Gratitude and Service
Love Papa.

Life revolves around gratitude and service.
Pain revolves around fear and resentment.
That which you accept in gratitude, no matter how small, expands!
And whomsoever you serve will cause service to be returned upon you over and over again.
But that which you fear can smolder and burn within you only to rise up at any time.
And resentment tastes the bitterness of bile.
Seek only to serve and give thanks.
For the blessings of this world are reflected in the eyes of the grateful servant.
Where peace and love abound
And fear and resentment cast no shadow!
Love Papa.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Give Your Head A Shake!

Give Your Head A Shake!
Love Papa.

Your mind is like a magnet.
What you think about you attract to yourself.
When you continually think about unwanted stuff it can gradually build up around you like a shell or a crust.
Then when you finally focus on the good stuff it has to penetrate all that build up.
When you figuratively Give Your Head A Shake, you can release all the unwanted stuff and make way for what you really want.
Give Your Head A Shake and start filling yourself up with positive reinforcing information and content that will move you to where you want to go.
Read an inspirational book, listen to motivational tapes, go to the gym, meditate, take a walk with your dog or sign up for a class! Shake up your head and release all those old unwanted thoughts.
Move yourself from where you are to where you want to be.
Go ahead............Give Your Head A Shake! 
Love Papa
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Earthly Possessions!

Earthly Possessions!
Love Papa.

Like collecting raindrops or counting blades of grass
The value of what you possess remains only in your mind
For what can transfer with you when you leave this plane
Equals the that which you grasped in your hand when you arrived
Earthly possessions will always remain
Collections of dreams scattered near the departure gate
Measurement is not a guideline for success
Only the indication of the pathway of the collector.

Love Papa.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Love Papa.

Lying in wait
Buried within
Below the surface
Never departing
Always there
Waiting for the moment
When you choose to awaken
And discover the beauty
You were placed here to share
Finally released upon the world
No less than the birth of a star
The transformation of a butterfly
Or the blossoming of a rose
The magnificence of YOU!
In all your glory
Of course.

Love Papa.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Love Papa.

Moving with the flow of life
Yet having no reflection
The shadow is constantly present
But never really attainable
Placed within the presence of light
Becomes evident to all
And attached to nothing
Following, leading or hiding
The shadow never leaves
But remains a shadow!

Love Papa.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Inside Out!

Inside Out!
Love Papa.

Through whose eyes do you see?
And through whose ears do you hear?
Then who is watching and who is listening?
Awareness perceives the world through you!
You are but the vessel through which all is experienced.
You are the mirror reflecting upon itself the picture of what is seen.
At first it seems confusing............
But soon clarity reveals that the complications of our mind are overshadowed by the simplicity of what really is.
View life from the inside out and the outside in will become clear!

Love Papa.        

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