Saturday, July 3, 2010

Who's Dream Are You Living?

Who’s DREAM are YOU living? If it is not yours then it is someone else's. Take your pick.
Love Papa

If you are not living, in this very moment, YOUR dream for YOUR life then you have chosen to give your dream over to someone else!!

Life has a wonderful way of showing us when this is happening. When something feels good to us then we are in alignment with our dreams, when something feels off or we feel resistance, we are not in alignment with our dreams.

These are not all selfish feelings; it may feel great to give service to others.

Step into alignment with YOUR DREAMS and live!!

Love Papa

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dance Your Heart Song

Leave your past in the past and Dance the song of your heart. TODAY.
Love Papa

Your heart has a cognitive capacity that is greater than the one in your head. Your heart does not lie it always leads you toward your true purpose. Follow your heart is not just a statement, it why you are here! When you follow your heart the Universe conspires to bring you everything that you want.

You are entirely worthy of everything that your heart brings to you.

Love Papa

Thursday, July 1, 2010


When you combine BELIEF and FAITH together you must put PATIENCE before them. Love Papa*

To fulfill any dream in your life, big or small, you must first BELIEVE in your dream and you must have FAITH that your God or the Universe will provide it for you and finally you must have PATIENCE that your vision is coming.

It is not your decision to determine how your dream will come, it is only your job to ask and to receive. Be open to all possibilities.

You are absolutely worthy of your wildest dreams!!

Love Papa

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


If you were given 86400 gifts each and every day of your life how beautiful and abundant would your life be? *

You already receive these gifts in the form of SECONDS of time. Every second is precious and every one that passes is gone forever. You cannot get it back and the next one passes while you are trying!! You only have NOW to use them whether you like it or not.

They are only YOURS, not anyone else’s. You cannot lend, borrow, take or give them, they only belong to YOU. Each of us get the same amount every day, and the ones we waste or don’t use are lost to us forever when that day is done.

How do you want to spend yours?

Love Papa

Do the Things!

DO the things that others won’t DO to HAVE the things that others don’t HAVE.*

If you want to HAVE the special things in life that most people do not have, then you must be willing to DO the exceptional things that most people won’t do!

Many people are only willing to do enough to get by each day and their results reflect their actions. But some people see opportunity everywhere and reap great reward for their actions.

If you want to have special things in life that you desire you must see the world from a different perspective. Don’t study those who have little; study those who have abundance and follow their lead. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Live, Love, Laugh

Live, Love, Laugh

Live your Life with Passion.
Love Yourself in the Mirror.
Laugh every day till it hurts.

Love Papa*

Sunday, June 27, 2010



There are no coincidences in the universe. Everything has meaning. Be aware of your place in the grand scheme.*

You are not an accident; you chose your life in this time and space. Let Love and Fear be your guides through the journey of your life. The things that you face everyday are choices you make with God and the Universe.

Choose Love………….it feels better!!

Love Papa