Friday, September 28, 2012

In or Out

In or Out?
Love Papa.

Like a cat standing at an open door on a chilly day,
Are you in or out?
Indecision delays the inevitable,
Prolongs the pain,
And creates unwanted stress.
Deciding to do something doesn’t mean you cannot change your mind later.
But just make up your mind!
And when your mind is it often can be!
Let your heart decide!
Just Do Something!
Remember indecision is the major cause of road kill!
Are you IN or OUT?
Love Papa.                         
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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Love Papa

Floating, drifting, soaring
Bank, climb, turn
Listening and watching
Held up my unseen forces
Trusting in only the wind
The feel of your wings reaching
Your tail guiding
Effortless upon the sky!
Feel the wind lift you
The sun warm you
And the earth is your playground!
But I cannot fly, say you!
Of course you can!
Close your eyes!
And lift off!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Love Papa.

Of course you want it........
But how badly?
Can you taste it?
Can you smell it?
At what cost?
How far will you go?
Beliefs are strong motivators!
They capture our minds.
Compel us to action.
Challenge us to take a position, pick a side!
They propel us to glory!
And sacrifice us to misery!
Observe what you believe.
And perhaps ask.....
Do you own it or does it own you?
Does it move you forward or hold you back?
Both, will be the answer.
Though choice remains the challenge!
Be at peace with your beliefs but motivate them to change.
For within change lies the root of the journey!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Love Papa.

Like a river
Continually winding its way toward the sea.
Gathering experiences along the way
Occasionally swirling in a back eddy for a period
Or languishing in a lake for awhile
Before moving on again
Always seeking new ground
The destination is not the end
The pathway taken not the point
The journey becomes YOU and You become the journey!
Flow over, under, through and around!
Observe your journey from within!
You are an amazing beautiful vision!
Nothing is out of bounds!
Flow on my beauty, flow on!
Love Papa.


Love Papa.

Bursting from within!
Dangling from the branch!
Brilliant splendor!
Ripe, juicy and sweet!
From a tiny seed,
Grows a mighty tree,
And from within that tree
Comes the fruit so beautiful.
We are but observers
Of the power
That is contained
Within a tiny seed.
The desire to recreate
Surrounds our every moment.
Yet we often pass by never noticing.
See the brilliance!
Taste the sweetness!
Complete the cycle!
Become one with all that is!
The seed sprouts within!
Love Papa.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Love Papa.

Between each moment in time
There is a pause.
A flicker, a second, a momentary lapse.
During that pause, connection is made.
And divinity is touched.
Alignment is complete.
Allow the pauses into your life.
Savour their presence.
Feel that connection.
Link yourself to what is.
That pause is your portal.
Enter through it.
Pauses are granted, both large and small, to us every day.
Use the pauses in your life to expand who you are and why you are here.
Pause to consider what is.........You!
Love Papa.