Saturday, May 5, 2012

You Never Know!

You never know what is around the next corner.
Or who you are sitting beside on a bus or a train.
We encounter only those who cause us to reflect upon ourselves and grow.
You cannot “not” be in the right place at the right time.
You are always where you are supposed to be.
The person sitting next to you is exactly who is supposed to be there at that time.
Everyone you encounter is prearranged, there are no coincidences in the Universe.
Open yourself up to what and who is around you and use the experience to learn more about yourself.
You are the key to the unfolding of your world.
And each moment brings forth a new awakening.
Be ready for whatever or whomever you come in contact with. never know when your dreams will come true!
Love Papa.

Friday, May 4, 2012

No Explanation!

I don’t have to explain my actions to you!
Providing an explanation for something that you think or do is not necessary.
Explanations defend or justify excuses.
And excuses don’t serve you in any way.
Following your own truth requires no explanation.
When you act with integrity and honour no explanation is required.
Perhaps not everyone will understand at first glance what your actions imply.
But the need to explain yourself is unnecessary.
You are part of a greater picture and what you do and say matters.
By following your heart you create the masterpiece that is YOU!
Which needs no explanation!
Love Papa.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


That point of complete alignment.
The state of bliss.
The joy of true peace.
Awareness of self creation.
Total responsibility.
Full immersion in the one consciousness.
It is always there!
It is always a choice you can make!
It is always your right to choose!
Choose wisely!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Floating through the soup of humanity.
Passing by, but not quite touching.
Drifting like pieces of wood at the shoreline.
We are always within something.
Our very presence affects everything else.
As we move through our existence we change everything that we encounter.
Some to a greater degree than others, but nothing is excluded.
You affect everything!
Therefore choice is critical.
What you choose determines your direction through the soup!
As you choose with intent whatever and whoever you encounter respond in kind.
Choose aggressive or forceful movement and guess what you receive?
Choose kindness and cooperation and you will receive it back ten fold.
Love elevates your vibration and all things flow into alignment on your path.
Your progress becomes one of peace and tranquility even in a busy world!
Your mother always said soup was good for enjoy!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Darker the Night the Whiter the Ghost!

The Darker the night the whiter the ghost!
Sometimes it takes darkness in our lives to reveal the ghosts of what is truly bothering us.
Clarity comes from contrast.
Our darkest moments may reflect our clearest thought.
Within those moments of pain, frustration, anger and depression exist the answers we seek.
Against the backdrop of darkness the reflection of truth is shown.
Take pause during times of great strife to seek the answers to your sorrow.
For within that darkness lies the answer.
Allow your heart to be open and feel the presence of the truth.
You can never be abandoned by source for you are always within its presence.
You are always connected and can never be separated.
You are of the one..............indeed you are the ONE!
Love Papa.

Monday, April 30, 2012


Know when something is over.
Feel the sense of completion.
Allow yourself to be aware when something in your life has been completed.
Often we carry on doing things that we know we have finished but habit causes us to continue.
Listen to your heart for it always knows the truth.
Don’t overstay your visit.
Lingering in a comfort zone often causes us to become complacent, lazy or not effective.
Excite yourself by moving on to whatever life has to offer next.
Move on from that relationship, job or mind set and begin a new chapter.
Lingering may cause us to become stale and frustrated.
Get excited about what`s next!
Challenge yourself to move to the next level.
Become who you came here to be!
You were born to be in motion, lingering slows the process.
Move into the real you.
Love Papa.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Our lives are filled with many blessings.
They surround us at every turn.
Recognizing the blessings in your life takes very little time or practice but it is sometimes the last thing we notice.
Be grateful for all the blessings in your day.
The sun shining through a window.
The rain freshening the air.
The grass growing beneath your feet.
The shelter over your head.
The food in your belly.
And all the beings that you share with this world, for we are all one.
The blessings of your life become the blessings of all!
YOU are truly the blessing of the ONE.
Love Papa.