Saturday, October 9, 2010

Be Something!

Choose to Be Something!

Often we allow our lives to happen by default rather than choice, by mishap instead of decision.

How many times have you found yourself in a situation that was not by choice but by a lack of choice?

Did you actually choose to be unhappy, unhealthy, broke or angry?

Probably not directly, but by not making a choice you allowed yourself into those places.

By choosing to Be Something you are not necessarily going to be right every time but merely making the decision moves you in a direction of your own choice.

Being Something propels you to the next decision.

Being Something creates the expression of who you are.

I don’t mean be your job title or your education level, or some position you hold.........

I mean Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Wealthy!

Be Authentic, Be Real, Be YOU!

Be Something!

Love Papa

Friday, October 8, 2010

Take a Walk!

Take yourself for a walk!

Walk off your fear, walk off your worries, walk off your anger!

Walk into your love, walk into peace, walk with nature..

Walk your Talk???

Walk, walk, walk, walk walk.............

I am going for a walk!

Love Papa

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Home is a feeling!

Home warms you from within.

Home bonds your physical self with your spiritual self.

Home is that place within you that feels ``All is well``.

Home smells good!

Home is when you are in alignment with the Universe.

Home keeps you warm on a chilly day.

Home is your heart shining through the darkness!

Seek the safety and comfort of your Home.

Find peace in your Home.

Love Papa

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Present - Presence

Remain Present in your life and you shall be in the Presence of your God!

Love Papa

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Point Your Finger!

When you point your finger are you doing so in an accusing manner or in a desiring manner?

When you point at something or someone are you feeling good or not so good?

Follow the line of site of your finger when you point it.

Are you directing it forcefully or just casually waving it around?

What you point toward, you direct your Attention toward.

And your Intention follows your Attention.

It is perfectly ok to point your finger but be aware of the fact that you are directing your Intention toward what your finger is pointing at!

Test yourself..........point only at what you want to come into your life!

Point at the people you want to associate with!

Point at the material things you want to attract!

Point at things that make you feel really good!

Point at what you desire and focus your Intention toward your desire.........

Love Papa

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Simple really!

All of the complex and complicated issues in your life boil down to one simple truth:


You and all the things that surround you are a physical manifestation of the thoughts you think.

Happy with the results? Then keep thinking them!

Not happy with the results? Think about something that makes you happy!

It’s Simple really!

Ha Ha Ha................

Love Papa

Sunday, October 3, 2010

While you are here!

You enter this realm with nothing and you will eventually leave with nothing.

What you accumulate in between those two events therefore only has meaning to you, while you are here.

If you accumulate material objects then they should be ones that please you, while you are here.

If you accumulate relationships then they should be ones that have meaning to you, while you are here.

If you attract illness and suffering then it only has meaning, while you are here.

If you are greedy, angry, fearful and dispassionate, while you are here, then you might want to take another run at it.

If you fill your life with LOVE, while you are here, you will face what life has to offer with ease and grace.

You will enjoy your time and become a beacon to others both in this physical realm and beyond.

You are being observed, but not judged.

Therefore the score card only matters to you.......WHILE YOU ARE HERE!

Love Papa