Saturday, March 9, 2013

You Might Be Right!

You Might Be Right?
Love Papa.

Perhaps your theory about life is correct.
What if you were right?
And no one knew it!
Would you tell them?
Or keep it to yourself?
What would change?
Would they follow?
What if they had an opinion?
What if you changed your mind?
What if you kept it a secret!
You might be right?
Contained with each of us is the answer!
If you choose to seek it, then it will be revealed.
For you do not possess the are the answer!
So should there really be a question?
Love Papa

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Friday, March 8, 2013


Love Papa

What labels do you wear?
Mother, father, sister brother, parent, child.
Perhaps it is your vocation.
Or maybe your accreditation?
A label is a method by which we can relate to the world.
Without description, our minds fall short of explaining who we are.
Indeed we need no explanation, however most of us cannot relate without a label.
Were we to rely solely upon our feelings to relate, rather than take the label as truth, we would inherently know exactly who we were in contact with all the time.
We would connect deeply with some and not at all with others, just as we do now!
However we might avoid misconception by only listening to our feelings and not our thoughts related to the label.
Your label does not give you authority over others!
Indeed a label describes your level of service to others!
The greatest among us bear the least of all labels.
That of humble servant!
“How may I serve you’ is the chant they hail!
For they need not be concerned with any label you bear,
Only with the opportunity to assist you along your way.
My greatest goal is to achieve such a label!
The day when all are seen as equal and deserving in my eyes!
To this label I aspire!
Love Papa.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Look Around!

Look Around!
Love Papa.

Look around you!
To your left and your right!
In front and behind!
The smiles and the frowns!
The hands reaching out to pull you along or to hold you back!
Items scattered about you!
The good and the bad!
Old and the new!
This is your life!
You made each choice of your own free will.
Nothing has come into your world lest you have asked.
Therefore nothing but gratitude should be shown!
Each is completely worthy of your praise.
For experience is the only teacher that will move you!
To become....?
Be grateful for this day, for the lessons of life are contained in each moment!
Each far to precious to forsake!
Love Papa.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Deep Seeded!

Deep Seeded!
Love Papa.

Deep within
Far below
The seed was planted
Years ago
Never seen
But always present
Buried deep
Yet surface worn
Your belief is revealed
With each new morn
You are the composite
Of all your beliefs
Each is exposed with every breath
You can change the ones you choose
But only with the release of the bindings you have created
For they truly do not belong to you
But long ago you took up the burden
And each day you continue you pass that burden along to those you love.
See them for what they are!
The beliefs of those who came before
Passed on with loving care
To each new generation
The choice to continue lies with you
And only you!
Love Papa.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Love Papa.

What moves you?
What is important?
What is your cause?
We’re not here with a reason.
Unless you add one of your own!
You can choose the cause that suits you!
And be the cause that is you!
You become what you think about, whether by mishap or intent!
So what you be, causes your world.
Therefore be the cause that serves!
Rather than be the cause that takes.
Be the cause of happiness!
Rather than be the cause of loneliness.
Be the cause of peace!
Rather than be the cause of strife.
Be the cause of generosity!
Rather than be the cause of greed.
Because you are here, you’ve been granted the greatest of all gifts....choice!
Choose wisely!
Because you can!
Love Papa.

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