Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Real Thing!

Every now and then there comes a moment in time.
An epiphany!
An “Aha!”
An awareness!
That maybe, just maybe!
This is all really happening!
And that you actually caused it to happen!
Look around, take it all in!
You created everything you encounter!’re the real thing!
It’s you baby!
And I am so glad that you know!
Don’t worry about telling everyone!
Let them find out on their own!
Love Papa.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Dot!

There is a spot, a dot if you will!
A place in space, where NOthing exists!
Time and all physical realm is irrelevant!
Words cannot describe what it contains.
History has created many myths surrounding the dot.
But it has yet to be fully described.
Yet all beings know the dot exists.
Indeed many make it their life’s work to understand and describe what the dot contains.
While there are many ways to attempt to explain the dot to the unaware, only knowing from within allows any level of understanding.
But we all know when we find it.
Ahh Yes!............and the search continues!
.......... a small hint!
The dot is inside YOU!
Love Papa.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Separate Outcome from Action!

I know you want it!
You have said so enough times.
However the words you use often betray your intention.
The moment you say what you want, you begin to tell yourself all the ways it could happen.
Or worse, you tell yourself all the reasons why it cannot happen!
Either way you preclude a multitude of ways possible for your dream to come true!
Separate the outcome, your dream, from any action on your part!
Ask for “what” you want in clearly defined terms.
Do not describe “how” you expect to receive it!
Be open to receiving “whatever” comes your way knowing with absolute certainty that what you asked for is coming as long as you maintain focus on your dream, and whatever is now before you is part of that plan.
What you “do” does not create what you get!
What you “visualize” creates it!
Focus on the dream not the doing!
I know it doesn’t make sense, but it works!
Most of what you already have in your life you achieved using this process!
Think about it!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Painted Dramas!

Our egos wander around all day.
Strutting and ducking, sometimes hiding, others times boasting!
Some are very forward while others are very meek.
We paint ourselves into numerous scenarios.
Most of which never happen outside our minds.
We dance in and out of awareness, often forgetting that who we are is not exclusively our physical bodies.
In those moments of great drama which exist within our minds, take time to remember that YOU are not your ego!
Pause and be grateful.
Absorb the beauty that surrounds you.
Reflect on who you truly are.
Become aware that the drama is an aspect that you have created but it is not who you are.
You can repaint the scene any time you wish.
Perhaps a fresh coat of paint will brighten things up?
Love Papa.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Within the Labyrinth of your life, know that you are not the first to pass this way!
It has been seen and done before!
You are tracing the footsteps of your ancestors!
And it has all been chronicled in the past!
Because we re-learn what we already know, we repeat what we have already done.
Sometimes over and over!
The labyrinth exists within us but is reflected in what we do.
Some may see this as a burden.
While others see only beauty!
Either way, becomes YOU!
Love Papa.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Remain Curious, for within curiosity lies the answers you are seeking!
Remain Peaceful, for within Peace lies the difference in humanity!
Remain Humble, for humility is the pathway to divinity!
Remain Silent, for silence is the presence of God!
Remain as you were the moment you arrived and you shall return knowing all that is!
Love Papa.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Want To Be Happy!

Intention is the basis of your result!
What you intend to be, is what becomes!
Choose anger and observe your results!
Choose Peace and Peace becomes!
Make your first choice happiness, for within happiness lies the secret to all success.
Become happy and all things become a source of happiness.
For happiness does exists in all things!
And it is your responsibility to see it in your experience!
Happiness is not hiding from you!
It is in front of you at all times!
You need only ask for it to be in your presence and you will become happy!
But you must choose to be happy by asking!
Let “I want to be happy!” become your mantra!
It’s a good place to begin!
Love Papa.