Saturday, January 12, 2013


Love Papa.

Life begins with the discovery that we are all that is, was and ever will be!
And each of us will find our own way to that divinity!
Understand that you are on the path!
And that this is the direction you have chosen.
You are not lost, as many may contend!
You are not wrong, as you may have been taught!
You are not forsaken, as you may feel in the dark!
You just are!
You are the one that was chosen to walk your path!
You have taken all the right turns, that have led you to NOW!
This is where you are supposed to be!
You are not lost, you have just been found!
Love Papa.

Notes From Papa

Friday, January 11, 2013

Details Are Irrelevant!

Details Are Irrelevant!
Love Papa.

The alarm has rung!
Your day begins!
Filled with struggle, confusion, debt, anger, frustration and pain!
Or perhaps ease, clarity, prosperity, peace, tranquility and harmony!
Each is a choice, available to all!
Details are irrelevant.
Perception is everything.
It is simply a choice!
Be grateful for each feeling, for within lies the answer you seek!
Love Papa.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Love Papa

Do you believe that you are part of a power greater that you?
And do you believe that such power is unlimited?
Indeed, undeniable!
Then why presume that such power requires anything more from you than your desire!
The power that can create a grain of sand, a snowflake or a blade of grass is the same power that creates your daily life.
The miracle of a bird flying, a fish swimming or your body moving far exceeds the creation of a few dollars or a new relationship!
You emanate from pure love, exist within pure beauty and gravitate towards pure energy.
If you desire change then see the wonder in what surrounds you!
Step into the flow of all that is and see the miracles that radiate from within.
Those among us who achieve greatness, see that wonder and allow it the flow through them.
Each of us possess the same capability!
We are all connected to the power!
It is undeniable!
Try to imagine how long and hard you would have to work to create one perfect grain of sand, or snowflake, or blade of grass!
Ask, and it is yours!
You are completely........undeniable!
Love Papa.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Strength of Silence!

Strength of Silence!
Love Papa.

Most of us spend our days in fractured noise!
Background music playing.
People talking.
Television, radio, traffic, sirens!
Constant noise!
Noise we often hear and sometimes even listen to.
But beneath all that racket there is silence.
Occasionally we allow that silence to override.
Maybe alone in the forest.
Or perhaps late at night.
Find your silent spot.
And listen!
Absorb that strength!
Feel the power!
Let yourself slide into the silence.
And become one with your power.
You are completely part of the greater unseen, unheard and unbelievable!
Silence is your entrance into that realm!
Find your silence, and you will find your strength!
Love Papa.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chatting With the Universe!

Chatting With the Universe!
Love Papa

Where is it?
It’s right there!
Where, I can’t see it?
Right in front of you!
Nope, I looked, it’s not there!
Yes it is!
Well I must be blind then!!
It’s right where you left it!
It’s gone, I tell you!...... Oh wait a minute, here it is!
Where was it?
Right in front of me.......sigh!
LOL! Told ya!
Chatting with the Universe!
Don’t you love it!
Love Papa!

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