Saturday, March 26, 2011


Life is filled with crossroads and intersections.
Each one requires a decision from you.
How can you make the right choices?
How can you decide which way to turn?
Who to follow?
When to lead? 
Drive straight through?
Go left, right, back up?
What if you change your mind?
You were born with a road map!
It is imbedded in your heart!
And it contains the directions for every crossroad and every turn in the road!
Illuminate your heart map and you will never lose your way!
Indeed, others may follow!
Love Papa.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sitting Still.

Stillness allows us to focus.
Quiet brings us to the present.
Breathing centers and grounds us.
Feel your presence, be aware of the silence and remain still.
There is much more going on than what you think!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sit Up Straight!

Sit up straight, pay attention, listen to what is being said!
Stop fiddling around and just sit still!
Get your work done and then you can go play!
Alright now that`s better.
Someone needed to hear that today.......................was it you
Wow, I think my Mom just dropped by!!!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Place for Quiet!

Peace, Quiet, Solitude and Tranquility.
All things required by each of us to maintain our balance in life.
The importance of these cannot be overstated.
We spend the majority of our time on this earth alone in our own heads, but we often do not use that time to our best interest.
Find a place for quiet!
Each of us need to have a place to go, either physically or metaphorically, that is our quiet place.
A place where we center and ground ourselves back to balance.
A place that feels good, where the pain goes away or the noise stops or the race is put on hold.
Create such a place for yourself and go there often.
There is no priority on the physical plane that supersedes your own well being!
And quiet peacefulness is what will get you there.
You have amazing talents and qualities, not the least of which is your ability to sit quietly in a corner and relax!
Seek a Place for Quiet!
Love Papa.

Monday, March 21, 2011

In Service of Life!

What service can you bring to life today?
When you approach your life from the point of view that you can be of service to it, rather that what is there to serve you, you create a shift in your thinking.
What can you do to be of service to your life?
Does cleaning your house, making your bed, washing your car or doing your laundry really make a difference?
Being of service to yourself prepares you to be of service to others.
Being of service to life gives you responsibility to the earth and to everything that creates your world.
To be in Service of Life is a wonderful gift we have been given.
Recognize it as a gift and bring Service to your life today.
Love Papa.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

You are closer than you think!

What do you see when your eyes are closed?
Can you see it?
The unseen part of you is greater than your physical self.
You are connected to something much bigger but you cannot see it.
Unless you close your eyes!
Often we wonder where our spirit lies, how do we connect to our spiritual self, where does it go while you are busily going about your day?
We search through life seeking the wisdom of the world.
We follow our beliefs and those of others in a vain attempt to find the answers to life’s eternal questions.
But in the end we return to our spirit each time we close our eyes.
You are closer than you think!
Love Papa.