Saturday, February 18, 2012

Greatest Strength!

Your greatest pain exposes your greatest strength!
From that point of agony or despair comes the strength to move on and the power to rebuild.
Sometimes we have to go to the greatest extremes to discover who we really are.
We have buried our strength beneath layers upon layers of bandages and protective coverings.
But when those bandages are removed and the source of our pain is revealed.
And we see our weakness for what it truly is.
Only then do we begin to really live from our truth.
At that point we become our destiny and we shift from weakness to strength.
That terrified, angry, blubbering, babbling moment when we can no longer accept who we have become.
Becomes the point of shifting from weakness to strength.
And the source of our passion to take the next step.
Expose your pain, dig into your weakness, reveal your strength!
You are an amazing creature, with power beyond words.
Seek to utilize that power and become who you came here to be.
Begin with your weakness and you will culminate with your greatest strength!
Love Papa.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air!

We are what we breathe!
With each breath you take you connect yourself to all that is.
The air that we breathe and the action of breathing connect us to spirit with each breath.
Therefore we can literally reinvent ourselves into whatever we want by the mere function of breathing!
As you consciously focus your attention on your breathing, all other awareness disappears.
You naturally align with your spiritual source and you relax.
By allowing yourself to align with spirit your clarity increases!
With increased clarity and alignment your problems disappear!!
Now isn’t that............ A Breath of Fresh Air!
Love Papa
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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Just because you are heading that direction does not mean that is where you are going!
Sometimes where you have just come from is where you will end up.
When we arrive at our destination we don’t always recognize it.
It may be clouded or disguised and we may pass by without noticing.
Or we suspect that we are continuing on because our focus is on the journey rather than any particular destination.
Pause for just a moment and look at where you are.
Is this where you intended to be?
Are you where you expected?
What if this was a stopping point?
Would that be ok?
What if you turned around and went back to where you came from?
If you reversed your steps would things look different?
Our pathways are winding, don’t discount reversing your direction to go have another look!
Odds are you have already been to where you are going!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I see her every day at my child’s school!
Today we actually spoke and I was surprised we had so much in common!
We were there, right at sunset and saw the whole thing, it was amazing!
I watched the whale leap out of the water not 20 feet from our boat!
Just as I was about to give up, help arrived!
These and millions of other things that occur each day of our lives, appear from nowhere and become part of who we are.
Although they may appear random or unscripted, they truly are not!
We have the ability to coordinate ourselves into ANY scenario that we choose!
That is why we have imagination!
If you can visualize yourself in a scene in which miracles occur, then you shall receive miracles!
Choose not to see the coincidence as the exception, but rather the rule and you may then orchestrate miracles effortlessly!
See yourself as the creator, as well as the creation and you begin to see possibilities untold!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fight! Fight! Fight!

The chant of many!
Becomes the downfall of all!
If you see any part of your life as a fight or battle.
Indeed if you see obstacles in your life which you must overcome at the expense of others.
Or opponents which you must defeat or surpass.
Then failure becomes the most likely result.
That which you fight against, increases!
It is only when you realize that working with your opposition, in alignment with source, that true success begins.
If you find yourself fighting for your life, struggling to succeed, battling your way through your workday!
Or any other of a host of fights you may be challenged with.
Remember the fighting chant of righteousness is the path to failure.
And the silence of retreat is in the direction of calmness!
You cannot defeat what you oppose!
You can only draw it nearer to you.
Talk to your opponents!
Converse with your enemies!
Speak to the cancer cells!
Tell them you seek alignment with your source.
Show them you desire coexistence in peace.
Work together, not in opposition.
And you will win all battles, overcome all enemies and succeed beyond any imaginable level!
All things become possible.
Love Papa.

Monday, February 13, 2012


For everything to exist there must also be its equal and opposite.
Up / Down, Left / Right, Hot / Cold.
In other words all things in your life have a polar opposite, otherwise they could not exist.
In fact you could not conceive of something without having its exact opposite existing as well.
Therefore what you truly want in your life is totally available to you, especially if you are now living the opposite of what you really want.
The more visibly obvious the lack of something in your life is, becomes your confirmation that the opposite abundance!
And the more passionately you complain about what is not in your life, or about what is in your life that you do not want, is your indicator of how powerful you are at attracting what you ask for.
Those who are describing with great passion what they do not want in their lives actually have the most ability to create what they do want!
If you are so powerful as to attract what you do not want into your life then you are at least that powerful in attracting what you do want into your life!
When you feel strongly about what you do not want........pause and ask yourself “What do I really want?”
You will find the answer at the polar opposite of what you now have.......................
Love Papa
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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Cross your T’s.
Dot your I’s.
Check and recheck!
Cover off the details.
Most stress created in our lives occurs from our own omissions or mistakes!
Sometimes our minds are moving faster than our common sense can keep up with.
Take your time to complete the details.
Slow down and don’t blame others for your haste.
Observe yourself and review the details!
You already know, so use your knowledge to improve your awareness!
Watch those details!
Love Papa.