Saturday, October 20, 2012


Love Papa.

When I can’t see what you can envision
But I can envision that you can see
Then if you can envision that I could see
Maybe I could become your vision, you see!
For if what you see became my vision
And we could share the vision you see
Then everyone could begin to envision
That what you see could really be
Perhaps then we could all live happy and free!
Love Papa.

Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Coming!

It’s Coming!
Love Papa.

Life comes at you in a hurry!
The never ending flow of new activity rushes toward us in a constant wave of energy.
We are bombarded with information, visual stimulus, sounds and feelings.
Take a moment to identify where you are in relation to all of it.
You don’t possess the power to maneuver everything into the positions that you think are correct.
In fact you don’t even possess the awareness to be able to imagine all the positions!
But you can control the one and only part that matters......YOU!
Step into the flow with confidence!
Be proud of who you are!
Act in accordance with your heart!
Feel the energy flowing!
Release your expectations of what you think “should” be!
And allow what is to become your reality.
Get ready!
Because today is a new day and it’s coming fast!
Love Papa.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

You Chose This!

You Chose This!
Love Papa.

You chose this!
It was all your doing!
No one else had anything to do with it!
You may try to blame others or circumstances if you like.
But the truth is YOU chose this!
Look around you!
Take a real good look!
You and you alone created your world.
Every decision and every choice was yours.
But! But! But! You say.
No But’ was you!
If you are happy, congratulate yourself!
If you are disappointed, choose again!
Be grateful that you will always have the choice!
Re-post #512

Love Papa.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rise Up!

Rise Up!
Love Papa.

Take up our challenge!,
Support the cause!
Fight the fight!
Create a law!
We are often called upon to rise up against that which we see as wrong.
Create new rules or change old rules.
Confine the oppressors and prevent others from following in their path.
But the lessons are often lost in the remedy.
Seek not to change the world to prevent it from occurring.
Rather seek only to change yourself and become the example.
When you see oppression, show kindness!
When you see violence, develop peace.
When you encounter poverty, learn compassion.
Where you find anger, show patience.
Your challenge is never to change another.
It is only to become who YOU truly are.
Rise up from within and show your inner truth.
Become a kinder, more peaceful, compassionate and patient YOU!
For it is only from within YOU that change occurs!
Rise Up!
Love Papa.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Eye for an Eye!

Eye for an Eye!
Love Papa.

Retribution satisfies a human reaction.
But leaves the result intact.
The eye given and the eye taken bring balance only to those who cannot see.
Their eyes are not open.
An eye for an eye satisfies not!
Rather, perpetuates pain.
Forcing others to see, is liken to pushing the ocean.
Allowing others to see, is the reason that the eye was given.
The gift of the original pain is lost when we choose to pursue.
We are to observe and align and become.
Not to teach and preach and judge.
When the eye of the victim is seen through the eye of the beholder.
One becomes the other!
Love Papa.