Saturday, October 23, 2010


Look at the word.............”Re-Vision”
Is there some part of you that requires Revision?
What is your vision for your life? Is it time for a Revsion?
When was the last time that you looked at your vision?
Maybe it is time for a look at your vision from another perspective.
Revision requires grounding, focus, careful thought and sometimes many attempts.
Perhaps you have been trying several options but have not found the right one yet. Do you need to do another Revision?
I like Revisions, they give me choices and much to consider.
Revisions are exciting, they propel you in a new direction.
Go ahead make some Revisions in your life!
You deserve them.

Love Papa

Friday, October 22, 2010


Everyone has a brilliance!
Brilliance is that little light that shines so brightly from within you.
Brilliance is your inner beauty displayed!
Brilliance is the gleam in your eyes.
Brilliance is the bounce in your step.
Brilliance is the sound of your heart singing.
Sharing your brilliance exposes the real you and allows others to experience the magnificence of who you really are.
Accept your brilliance, embrace your brilliance, project your brilliance!
See the brilliance in everyone around you.
Tell them how brilliant they are.
Release your brilliance upon the world and watch the results.
Everyone one deserves to see what shines so brightly from within you!
I love the brilliance within you.

Love Papa

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tell someone that you love them!

Tell someone that you love them!
Today make an extra effort to show and tell someone that you love them.
The words coming out of your mouth combined with the feeling in your heart will transform your day...and theirs.
Words are intentions verbalized.
What you say is an expansion of your thoughts.
The more you say anything with passion and intent the more you attract to yourself!
Do you want more Love in your life? Then say so!!
I certainly do Love You!

Love Papa

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


What have you imagined today?
What dreams, what goals, what possibilities exist for you right now?
Have you taken time to imagine what could be?
Allow yourself the privilege of imagination!
Picture clearly in our mind what you truly want for your day.
Remember to imagine what you “do” want.
If today is the best day of your life, so far, what would it look like?
As you imagine good things coming into your life you improve every aspect of your day and you spread the good feeling to everyone you meet.
Imagination created everything in your world so far and Imagination will create every tomorrow!
What have you imagined today?

Love Papa

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Isn’t it amazing that you were given this rather animated toy when you arrived here!
It is made up of a number of moving parts assembled in a loosely connected fashion tied together with a bunch of stretchy material and covered with a flexible layer of waterproof, breathable stuff that heals itself if you cut it!
Inside contains a controlling mechanism that allows you to operate this toy in a never ending array of different methods.
When you first receive your toy you are aware that it is just a toy and that YOU are separate from the toy but it is lots of fun to play with.
Along the way some of us begin to think that WE ARE THE TOY! And start to forget that we are part of something much greater and our toy is just a physical expression of that greater part of us.
We tend to forget how much fun it is to just play and enjoy our toy.
Sometimes we abuse our toy or don’t treat it very well and it starts to fail us.
Occasionally we damage our toy and it won’t do all the things it used to do for us.
And eventually we all allow our toys to disintegrate to the point where it stops and we come to the great realization that:
We always were separate from our toy and ALL OF THIS WAS JUST A GAME.
I hope you are enjoying your toy!

Love Papa

Monday, October 18, 2010

Step Forth!

As you make your way along the pathway of your life remember that the journey is the objective.
You purpose is not striving to reach the end, rather it is to experience each twist and turn of the pathway.
We often seek to be somewhere further down the path than where we now stand, however with that further view we fail to see the place where we now stand.
Take a moment to look around yourself today.
You are at the culmination of your entire journey so far, and the next step you take can carry you to a new vista with an entirely new and amazing view.
Step around the corner before you and a whole new world can open up.
You are an amazing being and you possess the power to direct your pathway toward anything that you can imagine.
Open yourself to the possibilities that abound and step forth with purpose, confidence and pride!
Love Papa

Sunday, October 17, 2010


What are you committed to?
Can you make a commitment? And Keep it!!
To whom are you committed?
What or whom have you committed to in the past? Are you still committed?
To what or whom should you make a commitment to now?
Are all your commitments to someone else?
Are you committed to YOU!
Are you committed to your mental self?
Are you committed to your physical self?
Are you committed to your emotional self?
Are you committed to your spiritual self?
What does commitment mean to you?
One of my commitments is writing little notes to you each day...............should I be committed to the funny farm???...... LOL

Love Papa