Friday, September 23, 2011

Hang On!

What do you Hang On to?
And what Hangs On to you?
Do you Hang On to old bagage?
How about a relationship?
Maybe some beliefs? Do they still serve you?
Perhaps and identity, past job, title, accomplishment?
What about a few extra pounds?
Are you Hanging on TO the past or are you hanging on FOR the future?
 What you Hand On to becomes part of you! Is that what you want?
 If what you Hang On to is the past and what you are Hanging of For is the future, then what are you doing Right Now?
 Because your life is RIGHT NOW!
Don't Hang On..........Let Go!
Life is all about Letting Go!  Love Papa.       

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Presence of Mind!

No matter where you go or what you do,
You are always in the presence of your mind.
It is hard to avoid.
And its insistence about always going first,
being “right” all the time,
mouthing off,
and telling you what to do, or where to go,
can be really annoying sometimes.
Then there is the tendency of the mind to:
berate you when you have made a mistake,
try to pick your friends for you,
make questionable decisions about your diet
and lack any decent career planning ability!
Fortunately you are also always in the presence of your heart,
Which generally likes to remain present, listen patiently, keep quiet, guide you gently and always comfort you when you need it.
It also helps that your heart always can actually read a road map and Does know where you are going!
Love Papa.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where is YOUR Head Today?

Your level of awareness is reduced
The further you bury your head in the sand!
And your visibility is clearly limited
When your head is stuck in the clouds!
And walking can be quite awkward
When your head is stuck up your as#$^&!
So maintaining good balance in your life appears to relate...........
To where your head is at!
Also, sleepy heads, fat heads, bed heads, dead heads, boring heads, angry heads, swelled heads, and many other heads can take you out of the game from time to time!
Where is your head today?
Really???’re goin with that!!!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Show Me!

I see your lips moving!
I hear words coming from your mouth!
The sound you make seems logical!
Your ideas make sense!
I understand what you are saying!
My curiosity is peaked!
I can imagine what you are telling me!
But............ none of it matters!
Until you Show Me!
All your dreams, goals, aspirations and words mean nothing to me until I see your ACTION!
So go ahead........Show Me!
I am ready!
Love Papa.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Be Patient!

It’s not just you doing the work!
You might think that your actions cause the eventual outcome of your intention.
But nothing in the Universe happens in a vacuum!
All results occur because of the correspondence between you and your Source.
And Source may utilize numerous other energies to effect the result you see.
Therefore you may require patience while those energies are assembled.
Do not rush Source!
Everything will happen as it is supposed to!
Your result may not be exactly as you originally intended but.....
It will be exactly what you asked for!!!
Love Papa.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Beyond YOU!

Beyond today.
Beyond this year.
Beyond where you live.
Beyond who you know.
Beyond what you do.
Your thoughts create energy that extends................beyond YOU!
They become part of the consciousness of humanity.
Part of the makeup of our being.
Your thoughts are the origination of energy that begins like a wave on the ocean.
You are powerful beyond your knowing!
Use your power with wisdom and peace, for what you produce you also receive!
Think kind thoughts!
Be at Peace with your fellow man!
Treat your body and your soul with care!
Cherish the earth and all that abounds upon it!
For beyond YOU there is rapture!
And you are so deserving!
Love Papa.