Saturday, May 12, 2012

Enough For All!

Enough For All!
Love Papa.

There are no shortages in the world!
There is no limit on what you create.
And the portion you create does not limit anyone else’s choices.
Abundance is available to everyone, without exception!
Our thoughts are the only thing that limit what we can receive.
There is no shortage or scarcity other than by our belief.
What someone else has cannot reduce your opportunity to have the same thing.
Scarcity, separation and exclusivity are situations created by human minds to appease their egos.
Abundance, oneness and generosity are situations created by human hearts to enhance community with all.
There is always enough love to share with another.
A warm smile, a helping hand or a simple thank you can change someone’s world.
Be generous with all that you have because there is no shortage of more!
You are always entitled to more!
To those who see not enough, enough will always be just out of reach!
But to those who see enough for all, enough will always be provided!
Love Papa.

Friday, May 11, 2012


You can always tell when you are out of alignment because resistance is like constipation!
That bloated uncomfortable feeling.
Blocking the flow, refusing or unable to release.
Things back up and more pressure ensues.
Life slows down and you may be dragging yourself around.
You begin to feel really shi@#$ty!
Shifting into alignment is like adding fibre to your diet!
Everything begins to flow easily.
You develop a lightness to your step.
The sun seems brighter, the air is fresher and everything becomes easy!
So get with the program and add a little spiritual awareness fibre to your diet!
Not only will your body will thank you but all other aspects of your life will move into the flow as well!
Ahhhhh.........that feels better!

Love Papa.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Become open to the possibilities.
Open yourself up to change.
Open your heart to the world.
As you let down your guard and become open, you change the dynamics of your world.
You become aware of many things that currently surround you which become allies in your quest.
Things you previously feared no longer concern you.
And many things that you never noticed before appear relevant for the first time.
Things that held you captive are released and new opportunities appear within existing situations.
Open your mind and allow whatever is in your life right now to be ok with you.
Realize that you have created everything in your life just the way it is!
All that you see is your design!
Accepting it allows you to change it.
Opening is expanding, expanding is creating and creating is your purpose!
Become Open!

Love Papa.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We arrive on this plane with the awareness that we are connected to source.
In fact we are unaware that we can be disconnected from our source.
Once we arrive, those who have come before us begin the process of sharing their beliefs with us.
Those beliefs and others that follow create our experience, which forms our perspective about  life.
Before too long we lose sight of the fact that we were ever connected to our source and begin to live the dream we are taught.
But along the way questions arise and we wonder about the beliefs we have developed.
Eventually we seek a pathway back to our source.
We desire the simplicity of the innocence we began with.
Know that the innocence has never left you.
Contained within you is the absolute source of the universe, that pivotal point from which all is created.
Awakening to your innocence is always a choice.
Begin to see the world through the eyes of a child!
Marvel at the beauty of where you live.
Be amazed by what you have created.
You truly are a child of the Universe.
And your innocence is always present!
It is not a detriment, rather it is the objective!
Become innocent!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Harmonious Flow!

Go this way!
No.....that way!
Turn here, hurry up, slow down, go go go!
Do you ever feel like you’re being pushed?
Or perhaps you are the one doing the pushing?
Pushing can be a sign of misalignment.
When we push another they often resist.
But when we lead by our example many will follow.
Become the leader of what you desire!
There is no need to push when you are in the front of the line.
You need only go with the flow and become that which you truly are.......the leading edge of all creation!
For what you think about, manifests in your life.
Therefore focus your attention of directing your own life and leave the job of pushing behind.
Life without pushing or being pushed has a harmonious flow.......hmmmm, harmonious flow that has a nice ring to it!
Love Papa.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Reach down inside yourself and find the fire that burns!
Add rich fuel to your fire!
Stoke it and tend to it constantly!
Feel the warmth of your fire!
Share it with those you love!
Reap from it the desire you seek!
And show the world that it burns brightly!
Fires burn within each of us.
Many are left untended and burn out.
Let yours brighten all that comes in contact with you!
Love Papa.
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Nugget!

Somewhere in the conversation or situation lies the nugget.
That little point of wisdom that you have been seeking.
The challenge is to be open to hearing or seeing it.
When you remain present in the now moment the nugget will appear.
But when you are thinking ahead or daydreaming of the past you often miss the nugget.
You need not hunt for it necessarily for it is always within your grasp.
But you must remain receptive and observant as it may be very subtle.
The nugget contains an answer that you have been searching for.
To a question you have asked of the Universe.
You are always asking new questions and the Universe is always answering.
So you are always within reach of the answer, you need only watch for the nugget to appear.
Within that nugget lies the answer to your dreams.
And you are most deserving of all your dreams.
Love Papa.