Saturday, April 27, 2013

Silver Lining!

Silver Lining!
Love Papa.

Life hurts!
We experience pain, suffering, anxiety and stress.
We endure much during our time on this plane.
Much of it is not pleasant!
Most of us endure.
And life continues.
On and on, it goes.
Constantly seeking.
Moments of happiness interspersed with moments of pain.
Yet we continue.
We possess that drive, that momentum
That something, which propels us on and on!
The belief that tomorrow can be better.
That the bucket of gold really exists at the end of the rainbow.
That there is a silver lining!
Eventually we come to realize, that this is it!
And that You are the silver lining!
That everything else has been waiting for!
Love Papa.

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Friday, April 26, 2013


Love Papa.

Never stopping
Peaceful, yet strong
Silent or noisy
Aggressive or subtle
Always seeking the lowest spot
Continuously moving
Focused only on the goal
Overcoming all obstacles
Relentless yet gentle
Infinitely patient
Life giving
Always flowing
...Be like water
And all will flow to you!
Love Papa.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Can't vs How Can I!

I Can't vs How Can I
Love Papa

When you say I CAN’T you are telling the Universe that you are not willing to do something.
I CAN’T comes from your imbedded belief patterns which are saying that you either don’t understand or you are afraid.
Either way you are shutting down your natural creative abilities and denying yourself the opportunity to expand.
HOW CAN I ,on the other hand, fully engages your creative powers and draws on the collective knowledge and power of the entire Universe and you can literally move mountains.
HOW CAN I transfers you into the I AM state of awareness and you immediately become empowered to do anything that you want.
I love it when you turn on your power!
Love Papa
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Love Papa.

You feel the pain when the injuries occur!
Your heart goes out to the victims and their beloved.
Those who step up and become heroes are hailed.
The human-ness of each of us is laid bare.
But to those whose perpetrate we scorn.
Casting them aside in disgust.
Always probing and questioning.
To find the reason why?
Remember, they as well, come from within us.
From the pain lurking in the heart of each.
From the lost eyes seeking relief.
Lest we forget the power we possess.
Love not one without the other.
For that which you forsake is you!
Separation is the cause of pain.
Inclusion, it’s brother in love.
Show empathy for all you encounter.
And let love lead your life into fulfillment.
Love Papa.

Jim McKillop
Notes From Papa

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Love Papa.

From within the silence comes the message!
You’ve been waiting for the word.
Seeking that which fulfills, completes, explains.
But in each corner you look
You find more questions than answers.
For the answer lies not in questions waiting to be asked.
Rather in silence, patiently enduring.
Knowledge provides foundation and framework.
Where silence provides peace and tranquility.
Seek not the words that provide closure,
But the pause between those words that answers all questions.
Your experience is one of seeking and quest.
But your journey is one of silence!
Love Papa.

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