Saturday, October 12, 2013

Not Me

Not Me
Love, Papa.

That which you choose strongly not to become, may become who you are!
When saying “ Not Me! I'll never be like that!"
Be aware that you may be choosing to keep that reflection in your life!
Knowing what you do not want is good,
Only when it allows you to choose what you do want!
Many become stuck in focusing only on not becoming that which they resist!
Thereby trapping themselves in resistance to what they despise!
Are you who you want to be?
Or still fighting with who you never want to be!
Love, Papa

Jim McKillop
Notes From Papa

Friday, October 11, 2013

Harm's Way

Harm’s Way
Love, Papa.

You cannot be removed
From that which you fear,
Lest the strength from within overcomes.
You are not placed in harm’s way
By another’s ill intent
Rather you attract what you must face.
What you feel as weakness
Becomes your greatest strength
When addressed head on with courage.
Each possess all the necessary tools to overcome,
When personal power is activated.
You cannot hide from the awareness
That the answer lies within you!
And circumstance will always return
Until you do!

Love, Papa.

Jim McKillop
Notes From Papa

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Love, Papa.

Now is but a shutter click
In a lifetime of moments
Frozen in memory.
As you are carried one more step
Down the roadway of life
By the dream that pushes
And the belief that binds.
Snapshots of yesterday’s beliefs
Scattered randomly at your feet.
Love, Papa.

Jim McKillop
Notes From Papa

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bee and a Flower

Bee and a Flower
Love, Papa.

“But?”, you question ,
“How could something so simple possibly be the answer to something so complex!”
“Hmmm” I answer, “Lets observe a bee and a flower!”
Love, Papa.

Jim McKillop
Notes From Papa

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Love, Papa.

When every ounce of being
And every breath of air
Would willingly be given
To change the suffering
Of one so close.
Yet the pain of knowing
That gifts so dear
Cannot alter anothers path,
Render you helpless!
Gold and wisdom
Mean so little
When you cannot fix the broken parts.
And only inner strength
Can pull you through.
Guidance gained through
The reflection seen
In knowing eyes recalls,
That each must travel their path alone
While strolling hand in hand
Toward the brilliance.
Love, Papa.

Jim McKillop
Notes From Papa

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Love Papa.

One time,
One place,
One thought,
One people,
One earth,
One universe,
One source,
One energy,
Only one,
............Just One!
Love Papa.

Jim McKillop
Notes From Papa